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Free Things To Do In Singapore Malaysia Thailand On Your Trip!

By Sanya Lekhi on Oct 29, 2019

A holiday in Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand is one of the best things you can do. They are three of the top vacation spots in the world, explored by an unbelievable number of travelers from all over the world. These stunning locations boast white-sand beaches and numerous fun activities for visitors of all ages and travel preferences, many of which are free of charge.

Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand Tour Packages comprise three culturally vibrant countries. These tour packages offer a classic blend of tradition and modernity and feature everything from world-class shopping and tall skyscrapers to lush jungles, beautiful beaches, and ancient temples. You can soak up the sun on Phuket’s beaches, experience the flavors of street food, learn about Singapore’s contemporary city-state, and be amazed by Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant architecture.

With so many things to do in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, you are sure to leave with priceless memories, whether you choose to immerse yourself in the culture, savor the history, or simply rest on the stunning beaches.

Things to do in Singapore Malaysia Thailand

Although there are countless activities to do in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, sharing a handful of them as below:

  • Check out the Supertrees in Singapore
  • Explore Little India
  • Wander the caves in Malaysia
  • Roam through the flower market in Thailand

1. Check out the Supertrees in Singapore

Singapore Malaysia Thailand tour packages

The famous gardens in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, are home to futuristic Supertrees groves and Innovative space domes with the latest technology. Gardens by the Bay are well known for its mesmerizing Garden Rhapsody light and sound display and stunning modern architecture. The garden is a well-known symbol in the nation and is notable for its collection of Supertrees, tree-like structures with wireframes that give them an otherworldly aspect. While entrance to the OCBC Skyway and the conservatories at Gardens by the Bay is paid for, exploring the famous Supertree Grove is free. We strongly advise that with other places to visit on your Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand trip, visit the Supertrees twice. Once during the day for that Instagram-worthy photo and once more at night for the Garden Rhapsody Show.

2. Explore Little India

Southeast Asia Tour Packages

Little India is a district in Singapore – that is home to a sizable Indian population. With its vibrant cultures, buzzing nightlife, delicious street food, and world-class shopping, the historic center is known as Tekka. As you travel through Little India’s main street, discover the racial diversity found in the Chinese and Hindu temples next to mosques and churches. Take in the vibrant sights, sounds, and flavors of this market while dining on delicious Indian food at a variety of street food sellers. It is one of the free things in Singapore that you would not like to miss.

3. Wander the caves in Malaysia

Singapore Malaysia tour packages

The Batu Caves are one of the main features of Malaysia Tourism. The spectacular caves are open to both visitors and Tamil Hindus seeking pilgrimage sites. Visitors are welcome to enter the main caves at Batu Caves, also known as Temple Cave, for free. The limestone cliffs must be climbed 272 stairs to get to the main cave. One of the biggest Hindu temples in Malaysia is the Malaysia Murugan Temple, which is devoted to Lord Murugan and is situated close to the Batu Caves. Do add this visit to your list of things to do in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

4. Roam through the flower market in Thailand

Singapore Malaysia Thailand tour packages from Ahmedabad

When traveling to Thailand, if you like to explore a market but are worried by Chatuchak’s scale and crowds, think about visiting Pak Khlong Talat, the largest flower market in Bangkok. Pak Khlong Talat is a big wholesale market packed with various types of fresh flowers. Despite being the main tourist attraction in Bangkok, you rarely see many visitors wandering the streets. This is a big plus because you won’t be sidetracked by the typical tourist shops and can get into the daily life of the locals.

FAQs Regarding Singapore Malaysia Thailand Tour

Can we organize a trip to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand?

Yes! You can plan a trip to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. It’s a well-known Southeast Asian transport route.

What season is best for visiting Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand?

Between November and March, all three countries have the best weather, but this is also peak tourist season. March is perfect for the weather, prices, and fewer people.

What is the cost of traveling to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand?

Depending on your travel preferences, budget, and planned itinerary, the cost of visiting Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand might range from INR fifty thousand to INR One Lakh or more. To ensure a memorable and delightful experience, it’s critical to plan your vacation and set a budget that works for you.

How long should the tour to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand last?

The duration of a tour including these three countries may range anywhere, from seven to fifteen days or more, depending on your travel style and interests.

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