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35 Leisure Beaches In South Goa!

By Mangalika Shukla on Aug 8, 2020
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Goa is the most desirable location for us Indians as soon as we think about getting away from the monotony of life and looking for some fun. There is literally some magic in the air as soon as you step into Goa. The moisture that hits your face, the excitement of witnessing the lively vibe of this place, great food, good liquor, and beautiful beaches. What is there not to love Goa tour? The vast beaches, colorful homes, luxurious hotels, friendly people, water sports, happening nightlife, there is so much and more to explore in this tropical land.

If you really want to make the most of your trip to the ultimate beach destination in India, then South Goa is the place worth staying at. All of Goa is great but the South of Goa is more happening from the perspective of a tourist. And when it comes to Goa tourism, we are all aware that it is the ultimate beach destination in India. Taking all of this into consideration, we have put together a list of the best South Goa Beaches that are worth visiting on your excursion to this tropical land.

1.Agonda Beach
2.Colva Beach
3.Benaulim Beach
4.Betalbatim Beach
5.Bogmalo Beach
6.Cavelossim Beach
7.Varca Beach
8.Majorda Beach
9.Palolem Beach
10.Mobor Beach
11.Cola Beach
12.Arossim Beach
13.Velsao Beach
14.Utorda Beach
15.Betul Beach
16.Sernabatim Beach
17.Carmona Beach
18.Patnem Beach
19.Issorcim Beach
20.Gonsua Beach
21.Cabo de Rama beach
22.Butterfly Beach
23.Galgibaga Beach
24.Polem Beach
25.Talpona Beach
26.Hollant Beach
27.Kakolem Beach
28.Madgaon Beach
29.Lover’s Beach
30.Hansa Beach
31.Baina Beach
32.Zalor Beach
33.Trinity Beach
34.Fatrade Beach
35.Siridao Beach

1. Agonda Beach

Goa Holiday Packages

Image Source: cdn.thegoavilla.com

Location: This beach can be found in the Agonda village in the Canacona region of the South Goa district. It is 43 kilometers away from Marago and 76 kilometers afar from the main city of Panjim.

Known for: Agonda is a good option is you want to simply do nothing. Yes it does have basic commercialization like almost all beaches in Goa like eateries and shops selling trinkets, but in general this beach is known for simply chilling at or swimming in. If you love animals, then do pay a visit to the animal shelter in Agonda which looks after mistreated and injured animals.

Where to stay: If you want the complete Goan experience, then you can choose a coco hut o the Agonda Beach. There are various levels of accommodation levels which you can choose from depending on the kind of facilities you wish to have. Along with this, there is another unique accommodation facility you can opt for. ‘The Tribe Goa’ is a group of individuals who came together and built a forest village to give people a platform to come together and live in a natural habitat.

Beach sports: This beach doesn’t really master in terms of extreme aquatic activities but offers boating services which can take you to various beaches around.

2. Colva Beach

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Image Source: www.visittnt.com

Location: Colva beach can be located around 6 kilometers away from Margao. The white sands of this beach stretch out Bogmalo to the area of Cabo de Rama parallel to the coastline of South Goa.

Known for: Colva beach is considered to be one of the largest and yet most striking beaches one can find here. The unique aspect of this beach is that it has a stream flowing through it. One can find numerous shacks over here to snack from or simply grab a beer at while enjoying the view. As the sun sets, drink stands and various shopping stalls appear at this beach under the moonlight making it an ideal beach destination for honeymoon.

Where to stay: The accommodation facilities available at this beach add to the charm of the place. A tourist can choose from traditional colonial style villas or concrete hotels, whatever suits your taste.

Beach sports: Apart from the usual leisure activities such as sunbathing, dipping into the sea, or simply enjoying the view while taking a walk, this beach has adventure sports to offer. You can try your hand on motorboat rides, banana boat rides, jet skiing, etc.

3. Benaulim Beach

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Image Source: www.goa.gov.in

Location: Approximately 30 kilometers south from the capital of Goa, Panjim.

Known for: If you wish to try your hands at some authentic Goan sea food, then the Benaulim beach offers delicious as well as high quality options for the same. The shacks are open here at all times, but the view at night is way better. A very major attraction of this beach is that you can go dolphin spotting over here. You can either book a boat ride to spot them or travel to a nearby island to swim with them.

Where to stay: Due to its immense popularity, Benaulim beach has some of the most luxurious resorts in its vicinity. The finest example of the same is the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa.

Beach sports: Be it snorkelling, windsurfing or parasailing, you can plenty of adventure sports here or maybe even try new ones.

4. Betalbatim Beach

Goa Places to Visit

Image Source: www.worldbeachguide.com

Location: This beach tentatively stretches out at an expanse of just one kilometer somewhere in between Colva and Majorda Beach in South Goa. It is 32 kilometers away from Panjim in case you want to travel from there.

Known for: This beach is mainly known for being one of the rare places in Goa which come across as a comparatively untouched beach with golden sand. It is also really popular for dolphin spotting. All you have to do is ask the local fishermen to take you a little deep into the sea in their boat and witness dolphins for yourself. Also, try to experience a sunrise or a sunset over here. There are also a few beautiful gardens in the vicinity. The nightlife on this beach is quite affordable in comparison to the fancy clubs. Fishka Bar & Restaurant is popular among party hoppers.

Where to stay: Despite not being a very commercial beach, it does offer good services such as luxurious spas, resorts, and also villas. If you don’t wish to live in a typical hotel, you can book yourself a personal villa and enjoy the serenity of the place.

Beach sports: Be it parasailing, windsurfing, or simply going for a swim, you can do them all at peace here.

 5. Bogmalo Beach

Goa Things To Do

Image Source: q-cf.bstatic.com

Location: Bogmalo is a mile-long beach which is located in a small bay in a curving fashion. This beach is 4 kilometers away from the airport of Dabolim and 9 kilometers from the famous port of Vasco Da Gama.

Known for: Bogmalo beach is known as the beach that offers numerous leisure as well as adventurous activities. It is a perfect amalgamation of serenity one expects from a beach along with commercialization. Bogmalo is particularly proud of the wide range of shack restaurants which instantly draws tourists over here to try out the authentic Goan cuisine. Do take a peep at the high-end handicraft shops here.

Where to stay: This beach is dominated by five-star hotel accommodations right at its border.

Beach sports: Along with the usual water sports which Goa tourism offers, Bogmalo also arranges for short trips around the sea to explore the little islands.

6. Cavelossim Beach

Places to Visit in Goa

Image Source: lh3.googleusercontent.com

Location: Cavelossim beach lies at an approximate distance of 12 kilometers from Benaulim that too in between the Arabian Sea and the Sal River.

Known for: This beach is unique in its own manner as it has black lava rocks and a paddy field in the background. You can find the usual shacks by the beach and if you go across the road, market stalls await you. Don’t miss out on the Holy Cross church will you will spot in cream and yellow color.

Where to stay: As this beach consists of large rocks and sand dunes, the accommodation facilities over here offer a camp-like experience to the tourists.

Beach sports: Cavelossim beach offers beach sports such as kayaking and catamaran sailing along with the usual ones.

7. Varca Beach

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Image source: www.royalorchidhotels.com

Location: Just 2 kilometers away from Benaulim.

Known for: The problem with Indian holiday destinations is that we tend to pollute them. But in the case of Varca beach, it is one of the cleanest shorelines you will find in all of Goa. It will be a sin to miss out on the local delicacies when here, your taste buds would absolutely regret it. This shoreline gives direct access to view the very rare Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin.

Where to stay: You will find all kinds of accommodation facilities here right budget properties to 5-star resorts.

Beach sports: Water sports are a good idea when the waters are clean which is why do try out jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, and banana boat rides here.

8 . Majorda Beach

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Image Source: assets.serenity.co.uk

Location: This beach is just merely 5 kilometers away from the Colva beach.

Known for: Majorda beach boasts with pride as one of those beaches that are serene and offers its visitors a chance to be one with nature of the tropical land. The azure and clear waters lure you to take a dip into the cool while soaking in the sun. The Ancestral Goa Museum which is situated at the Loutolim village nearby is a must-visit. The cocktails here are some of the most popular ones.

Where to stay: You will find a number of averagely priced hotels along with a few fancy ones as well.

Beach sports: The usual jet skiing, surfing, banana boat rides, etc. are available here.

 9. Palolem Beach

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Image Source: www.bizevdeyokuz.com

Location: Situated right in the Canacona region.

Known for: If you are looking for a good party place, then your search ends with Palolem beach. Its nightlife is extremely popular as it has a silent disco wherein people wear headphones and party hard.

Where to stay: Whether you wish to live in a Goan style cottage or a hotel with fancy amenities, Palolem has them all to offer.

Beach sports: Paddling, paragliding, water scooter, dolphin sighting, banana ride, kayaking, windsurfing, the list is so long yet overwhelming!

 10. Mobor Beach

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Image source: assets.serenity.co.uk

Location: This beach strip is right at the delta of the river of Sal and a few minutes away from the Cavelossim beach on foot.

Known for: The nightlife here is exceptional as they come up with a casino night by the sea apart from the lively beach parties which will make you sway your body. The shacks here are cute in terms of ambiance accompanied with great food.

Where to stay: The hotels you will find here have been there for a while hence are really popular. Which is why it is advisable to make prior bookings to get a good room at a reasonable price.

Beach sports: Apart from the common water sports, this beach also offers a Ringo Ride where you can calmly sail and splash through the waters.

11. Cola Beach

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Image Source: r-cf.bstatic.com

Location: It is 12 kilometers away from the Canacona Railway Station, 60 kilometers away from the Dabolim airport, and 15 kilometers from the Palolem beach.

Known for: This beach has a natural marvel hidden which is a blue lagoon that has been created when some of the water of the Arabian Sea decided to flow in the other direction. As it is hidden by huge hills, it does not attract too many tourists which is a blessing in disguise.

Where to stay: Don’t expect too many accommodation options here as it is kept away from the crowds. Still you will find around three resorts that offer decent living standards.

Beach sports: The Cola Beach is known for its serenity, thus the best thing to do here is just enjoy the peace and beauty it offers.

12. Arossim Beach

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Image source: www.visittnt.com

Location: Hidden snugly between the Utorda and Velsao beach under the territory of the Cansaulim village.

Known for: The wide expanse of this beach is only interrupted with one or two shacks. If you are looking for a beach where you can hear the waves splashing and feel the wind blowing into your hair, then this is the place to be at.

Where to stay: As it is an untouched spot, you will only find 5-star resorts over here.

Beach sports: The only sport one should indulge in over here is to be one with yourself. Read a book, soak in some vitamin ‘sea’, or simply sip on your beer, this is the place you would wish to chill at.

13. Velsao Beach

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Image Source: imgstaticcontent.lbb.in

Location: Right beside Arossim beach, this also comes under the Cansaulim village.

Known for: The beach is lesser known among people which has helped retain its natural charm. You will hardly find any fancy shack here but the view is like that just out of a painting.

Where to stay: You will only find a handful of hotels here but all at affordable rates.

Beach sports: The only thing that comes close to a sport over here is that you can go sailing with the local fishermen on their boats.

14. Utorda Beach

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Image Source: lh3.googleusercontent.com

Location: Around more than 15 kilometers away from the popular town of Vasco da Gama.

Known for: As this beach is exactly at the north of the famous Majorda beach, you will find very few people here even during the peak season. There is also a small river which flows right through the white sands. Lie down on those sun beds and enjoy your drinks from some of the shacks available here.

Where to stay: There are only two hotels right at the beach as it’s not a commercialized spot. There are other hotel options to the north of the beach.

Beach sports: In order to stay in sync with the serene nature of the beach, no sports are practiced here.

15. Betul Beach

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Image Source: fwt.asia

Location: More than 20 kilometers away from Margao, this coastline goes on from the Sal River to Vasco da Gama.

Known for: Technically a fishing port, this beach is known due to its prettiness. You can also find the Betul fort over here. This is not exactly a flat beach, you will come across some rocks as well. It is believed that the Sal River meets the sea over here. As it’s serene, not much commercialization has taken place.

Where to stay: There are no hotels or resorts right at the beach but there are a few hospitality properties across the river.

Beach sports: Exploring the fort on foot can be a sport.

16. Sernabatim Beach

Best Places to Visit in Goa

Image Source: i2.wp.com

Location: Hidden between the famous Benaulim and Colva beaches in South Goa, Serbatim is almost 11 kilometers away from Margao.

Known for: Being the best amalgamation of serenity with commercialization. You will find a long stretch of coastline with absolutely no disruption at all and then come the shacks and shops that add to the vibrancy of Goan beaches. This beach is quite safe to swim at.

Where to stay: You will find a handful of budget hotels and homestays over here.

Beach sports: Swimming is the best thing to do here as this side of the shoreline has an undercurrent.

17. Carmona Beach

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Image Source: free.info

Location: If you are coming from the Cavelossim – Mobor side, then you have to go straight for 2 kilometers and then take a turn towards the beach.

Known for: Carmona beach has a very Catholic vibe to it. You can see that through the presence of the church, local homes, and the bars as well. Another fishing spot, here you can see the Goan fishermen live in action. The bar here is open all year round and can be found right at the parking place.

Where to stay: There are various local villas over here which act as homestays and also have a pool.

Beach sports: Another serene beach which prefers keeping its peace instead of indulging in sports.

 18. Patnem Beach

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Image Source: media-cdn.com

Location: Just ten minutes away from the Palolem beach.

Known for: Being one of the quietest places in all of South Goa. Along with chilling at the hammock, you could get yourself the most exotic seafood of the land over here. There is a tiny market as well.

Where to stay: There is an array of beach huts, bungalows, villas to choose from with professional servicemen.

Beach sports: Get yourself an Ayurveda massage or go for a dolphin swim.

 19. Issorcim Beach

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Image Source: www.trawell.in

Location: Just 8 kilometers from the Vasco da Gama Railway Station.

Known for: If you want to enjoy the waves in the high tide, then this beach is apt for you. Small in size with clean white sands, this beach is the only other place where you can witness coral growing. There is just one restaurant here.

Where to stay: It is hard to find any accommodation on this secluded beach.

Beach sports: This beach is mainly known for its coral spotting and fishing facilities.

 20. Gonsua Beach

Goa Places to Visit

Image Source: www.traveldailynews.asia

Location: This beach stretches out starting from the Cansaulim beach to the Betul beach.

Known for: In order to retain the natural beauty of the beach, there are only three shacks over here. All these shacks offer free sun beds where you can just laze around and make the most of the beach.

Where to stay: There is a hotel a few minutes’ walk away following the nature trail.

Beach sports: It has all the usual water sports and other such bouncing inflatables.

21. Cabo de Rama beach

Goa Places to Visit

Image Source: www.peopleindia.in

Location: The southernmost beach in Goa, Cabo de Rama is around 55 kilometers away from the Goa airport and 28 kilometers from Margao city.

Known for: Very few people apart from the locals are aware about the existence of this beach. A rocky beach, you can also explore the Cabo de Rama fort once over here. When here, you will feel as if this is your own private beach. It is a must explore on Goa honeymoon tour packages assuring a memorable experience.

Where to stay: The luxurious yet romantic cottages available here are quite popular.

Beach sports: Plan a full-day picnic and take a hike to the fort. After tiring yourself, you can go for a refreshing swim.

 22. Butterfly Beach

Best places to visit in Goa

Image Source: media-cdn.com

Location: Situated at the north of the Palolem beach across a nature trail.

Known for: People often misinterpret this beach as an island because you need to take a boat ride to get here. But this is because the beach is tucked amidst nature between a sea and a nature trail which is difficult to hike. As the name suggests, you will be overwhelmed by the presence of butterflies seen here. You can also spot crabs and goldfishes if you are lucky enough to go during a low tide. Keep an ear open for secret parties which take place occasionally.

Where to stay: As it has hills on both sides, accommodation facilities are not possible at the exact beach.

Beach sports: Canoe riding, rock climbing, forest trekking, boat riding, and much more.

23. Galgibaga Beach

Things to Do in Goa

Image Source: im.whatshot.in

Location: 7 kilometers away from the Palolem beach.

Known for: Popularly known as the Turtle Beach, the beach earned this title as it is famous as the beach where Oliver Ridley turtles pay a visit for nesting. This is why forest authorities restrict movement at times to ensure natural habitat for nesting.

Where to stay: There are some really pretty properties here which add to the beauty of the beach.

Beach sports: Any kind of sports are avoided here to ensure natural habitat of the sea creatures.

24. Polem Beach

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Images Source: www.protraveloholic.com

Location: This beach is so down south in Goa that it almost touches the border of Karnataka and is more than 60 kilometers away from Margao.

Known for: This beach is not even a kilometer long but has a charm of its own as the sandy beach is accompanied with small hills at its north and south.

Where to stay: You won’t find any fancy hotel here, only some beach cottages and villas.

Beach sports: The only thing which comes closest to a sport are fishing activities.

25. Talpona Beach

Goa Holidays

Image Source: q-cf.bstatic.com

Location: Another beach in the Canacona region of South Goa, Talpona is the neigbour of the Galgibaga beach.

Known for: Having the most ideal water for people who wish to get a dip in the sea. Bordered with pine trees and pine shrubs and hardly has any structures. The water here is very warm and crystal clear.

Where to stay: You can opt for home stays in the cottages that are a part of the village or there is just one hotel at the Talpona River.

Beach sports: Unfortunately, there are no activities here.

26. Hollant Beach

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Image Source: travel-guide.com

Location: 2 kilometers away from the main part of South Goa.

Known for: An extremely popular beach among tourists, Hollant beach is said to be the only beach in Goa from where you can witness the sunrise. The restaurants here offer spectacular food.

Where to stay: Due to its immense popularity, you have all kinds of accommodation facilities to choose from.

Beach sports: Yes this beach does offer the usual water activities such as kayaking and floating around, but you can also scuba dive and watch the corals.

27. Kakolem Beach

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Image Source: www.scrolldroll.com

Location: Approximately 7 kilometers away from Cabo de Rama.

Known for: A wild beach in the truest sense, this beach is also known as the Tiger beach because locals often spot tigers here. It can be slightly dangerous to swim here due to the undercurrent waters and the lack of a rescue team. But there are natural bath tubs here formed by the rocks.

Where to stay: You won’t find any hotels or resorts here hence pay a visit only for a few hours.

Beach sports: This beach is mainly known to catch the sunset and chill by the shore.

28. Madgaon Beach

Goa Holiday Packages

Image Source: wp-content.com

Location: As the name makes it obvious, it’s closes to the Madgaon Railway Station.

Known for: Its lively atmosphere. The shacks here serve lip-smacking local cuisine along with some refreshing cocktails. This kind of vibe has made this beach extremely popular among tourists hence it’s crowded at all times of the day.

Where to stay: It has a number of hotels, resorts, and villas to choose from in all price ranges.

Beach sports: Whatever water sport you want to indulge in, this beach will definitely have locals offering the same.

29. Lover’s Beach

Things to Do in Goa

Image Source: www.pace.com

Location: North of the Betalbatim beach and 6 kilometers from the Margao city.

Known for: This beach earned the name by the locals as one can only spot couples over here. Apart from them, the beach usually stays deserted.

Where to stay: There are no restaurants or hotels available here.

Beach sport: The only activity here is to take a long romantic stroll with your loved one which would be perfect for a honeymoon trip to Goa.

30. Hansa Beach

Places to Visit in Goa

Image Source: ak.jogurucdn.com

Location: 3 kilometers away from the city of Vasco.

Known for: This beach is controlled by the Indian Navy due to its close proximity to a number of major naval installations in the region. Which is why the Navy regulars cleans up to make sure the beach is spotless clean at all times. You need a Naval officer’s reference to pay a visit here.

Where to stay: Nobody can stay here due to strict protocols.

Beach sports: You can only go to this beach to enjoy the view as commercialization is not permitted here.

 31. Baina Beach

Places to visit in Goa

Image Source: goa-tourism.org.in

Location: Extremely close to Vasco da Gama.

Known for: Its eccentric nightlife. This beach has it all; great shacks, nightclubs, casinos, pubs, and of course the sea. You can also find Portuguese churches around.

Where to stay: Due to its immense popularity, there are a number of hotels and resorts to choose from that offer deluxe accommodation.

Beach sports: This is the first beach in Goa which offered underwater sea walking to the tourists. Along with this, you have snorkeling, dolphin safari, parasailing, etc. to choose from.

 32. Zalor Beach

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Image Source: i1.wp.com

Location: Margao is 14 kilometers away.

Known for: This beach majorly stays deserted but has a few shacks to entertain the tourists and sand dunes as well.

Where to stay: You can find good accommodation facilities near the Varca beach.

Beach sports: If you’re lucky, you might find water scooters or banana boat rides here.

33. Trinity Beach

Best Places to Visit

Image Source: magiclensphotographyin.files.wordpress.com

Location: Situated at the Varca road.

Known for: Quite close to the Benaulim beach, this beach is usually preferred by tourists who wish to get away from crowded places. If you wish to enjoy some peaceful and relaxing time on your Goa tour, this is the beach for you.

Where to stay: A number of hotels are place right at this beach with lavish facilities.

Beach sports: You can enjoy jet skiing here.

34. Fatrade Beach

Goa Tours

Image Source: magiclensphotographyin.files.wordpress.com

Location: This beach is a neighbor to the Carmona Beach.

Known for: The shacks and restaurants that are not very high in number are all placed in the same vicinity so that tourists can enjoy the white soft sands in its natural essence. Sundays can get a little crowded due to tourists.

Where to stay: Majority of the area of this beach is covered with private resorts hence accommodation here offers direct access to the beach.

Beach sports: The highlight of this beach is in its peace, it doesn’t need anything else.

35. Siridao Beach

Things to Do in Goa

Location: At a distance of 20 kilometers from the Vasco da Gama Railway Station.

Known for: This beach is majorly known as a paradise for people who wish to collect shells and nature enthusiasts. It is believed that the rocks on this shoreline are shaped in various animals which is a sight to watch. If you are lucky, you might also find shells with oysters or pearls in them. If you feel adventurous, this beach also has some mysterious hidden caves.

Where to stay: There aren’t really hotels on this beach itself but there is a splendid heritage resort nearby and other budget-friendly hotels at the Bambolim beach.

Beach sports: This beach is too rocky for water sports as that puts people at the risk of getting hurt.

Goa is a beautiful destination with warm and friendly people welcoming tourist with smiling faces. When are you planning your Goa tour package and heading to this surreal beaches?

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    Hello I am a native from the small village of Bethalbatim in South Goa who grew up in London England. I have to say you have done your homework well to find all these spots. I come from Goa and I didn’t know most if these beaches.

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