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Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia

By Harshita Nagdev on Mar 23, 2021
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Did you know an interesting fact about Russia? Russia is proud to boast the most unique and natural heritage sights in the world. This country serves as a home to 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with 10 sites being the natural ones and the other 16 being the cultural sites. Also, Russia ranks at the 9th position in the world for the number of World Heritage Sites it holds. 

Russia Tourism is known for its huge size, in-depth history, and the World Heritage sites it holds. Many of us just end up planning our Russia tour package with Moscow and St. Petersburg and miss out on the famous tourist places in Russia. This country has its magic and boasts some of the most amazing natural and cultural sights – from engrossing museums to palatial sites and palaces, oldest lake bodies to some of the historical monasteries. We’ve done a review and jotted down the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia that should not be missed. You can make your bucket list of the Russian World Heritage Places and have the best of your time. 

1. Moscow Kremlin & Red Square

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The Red Square and Moscow Kremlin in Russia have startling appearances and are linked with the political and historical events of Russia. The Moscow Kremlin was constructed between 14th & 17th centuries by the known foreign and Russian architects. The role of the Moscow Kremlin has changed with the passing years- it served as a gathering place for functions, the religious center, and also the residence for the royals. 

Red Square is the largest and oldest square in Moscow, stretching along the eastern side of the Kremlin walls. The St Basil’s Basilica- one of the famous religious monuments and a true example of Russian historical architecture is also located here. 

Make sure to add these two famous spots to your Russia Holiday Tour Package. 

2. Saint Petersburg: Famous Russian City

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Also known as ‘Northern Venice’, St Petersburg city was founded by Peter the Great in the year 1703. And the most amazing fact is that the whole historical St Petersburg city in Russia is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city will surely leave you mesmerized with its architectural designs, bridges, canals, squares, gardens, and parks. The city has more than 400 bridges and canals and a true example of an urban design. The famous tourist sites to be visited during your Russia tour are the Marble Square, Hermitage Museum, Admiralty, and the Winter Palace

3. Golden Ring Gems

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The Golden Ring Gems is a historical tour of the three major historical towns of Russia. These towns are- Yaroslavl, Trinity Sergius Lavra, and Vladimir and Suzdal. A tour of these Scared sites in Russia will provide a piece of in-depth knowledge about the traditions, history of the towns, the lifestyle of the people, and the architecture. 

The town of Yaroslavl is one of the finest medieval period towns with open-air museums. This town lies on the banks of the Volga River and is attracting architects and tourists since the 11th century. Today the city is renovated with an urban touch and has beautiful parks, churches, and squares. 

The Trinity Sergius Layra is a fantasyland town with the golden and blue colored dome of the churches. This town was established in the 15th century and serves historical importance to date. You will find many spiritual places here, and today this town is the home to more than 400 monks. 

The towns of Suzdal and Vladimir have in total eight architectural historical monuments and both the towns were merged. The reason behind the merger was only one- all the buildings, monuments, and architectural sites had white stone architecture. Some of the famous sites are the Assumption Cathedral and the Golden Gates in Vladimir, the church of Boris and Gleb, the Kremlin is Suzdal, and The Saviour Monastery of Saint Euthymius. 

4. Lake Baikal: Deepest Lake in the world

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Lake Baikal is a popular site in Russia and can be enjoyed in the summer and winter seasons. This lake is located in the southern part of Siberia. Lake Baikal is said to be the largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world and has water more than all the North American Great Lakes combined. This lake is also the cleanest in the world. 

Some of the interesting facts about Lake Baikal are:

  • The lake was formed 30 million ago;
  • It is the cleanest, deepest, and the largest lake in the world;
  • You will find some of the exotic flora and fauna species such as nerpas, freshwater seals;
  • There is major inhabitation of indigenous Buryat people on the eastern and southern coasts of the lake;

Don’t miss this scenic beauty on your tour to Russia. 

5. Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye

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The Church of the Ascension was built in the year 1532 and situated in the royal property Kolomenskove in the southern downtown of Moscow city. The reason behind the construction of this church was the birth of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible. This church in Russia bestows the traditional tent architecture for wooden churches. 

6. Kizhi Pogost

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Kizhi Pogost was established in the 17th century located on Kizhi Island, Karelia. The ‘pogust’ area includes two wooden churches- the 9-dome Intercession Church and the 22-dome Transfiguration Church and the octagonal bell tower. The churches are 150 years old and you can get the most scenic views on Lake Onega. 

There are mainly two options to get here: board an overnight train from St Petersburg to Petrozavodsk to enjoy the Volga River Cruise from St Petersburg or Moscow. This is one of the best places to visit in Russia. 

7. Solovetsky Islands

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The Solovetsky Islands location is on the banks of the White Sea in northern Russia and is just 165km far from the Arctic Circle. Solovetsky Islands are a combination of six islands and were founded in the 15th century. The famous Russian monastery-Solovetsky Monastery is located here, there are many ancient churches too, and so this place is also one of the pilgrimage destinations of Russia. The top places to visit in Solovetsky islands are Sekirnaya Mountain, Labyrinths of Big Zayatskiy Island, Lake-Channel System of Bolshoye Solovetskoye Lake, Botanical Garden of Solovetsky Museum-Preserve, and many more. 

8. Ferapontov Monastery: Examples of Russian Medieval Art

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Ferapontov Monastery was built in the 15th-17th centuries and a classic example of Russian Medieval Art. The interior of the monastery is well-maintained and sets an example for many architectural sites. There are six structures of the monastic ensemble: The Church of the Annunciation and refectory, The Treasury Chamber, The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, The Gate Churches of the Epiphany, The Church of St Martinian, and the St Ferrapont, also can’t forget the bell tower. Truly this monastery is one of the best places to visit in Russia. 

9. Catherine Palace at Pushkin

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The Catherine Palace at Pushkin was known as the Great Tsarskoye Selo until 1910 and is a popular historical palatial park in Russia. The palace is just 30km away from St Petersburg and the Russian tsars used to come to stay here during the summer season. The palace is in the name of Catherine I- wife of Peter the Great. You can find the portrait of Elizabeth and Catherine in the Portrait Hall, one of the highlighting features of the Palace. The classic exterior and Catherine Palace roof are decorated with 100kg of gold. With bright colors and a huge area, this palace is one of the most-visited places in Russia. 

10. Wrangel Island: Island in Russia

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The Nature System of Wrangle Island Reserve was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2004 in Russia. This reserve is located above the Arctic circle and includes three main features: the mountainous Wrangel Island, Herald Island, and the surrounding water bodies of both islands. Wrangler Island in Russia was not glaciated during the ice age, and so it the best place for exotic animals. The Wrangel Island population comprises the highest number of polar bears and walruses on earth. You can also spot different types of migratory bird species here, and also suitable feeding water for the grey whales. You can visit this beautiful island in the summer season. 

Truly, this list can be an inspiration for us to plan a trip to this majestic country and add one more dramatic place to our bucket-list. And, to make the tour holiday a hassle-free and memorable one you can check the Russia tour packages on our website Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd., or contact our travel consultant for further assistance.


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