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See the most beautiful lakes of the Canadian Rockies this Summer!

By Nikita Karia on Mar 28, 2022
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A trip to Canada is something that many of us would like to do at least once in our lives. When we say Canada, a thousand images flash through our minds. Canada is synonymous with picturesque landscapes, crystal-clear turquoise lakes, Canadian Rockies, glaciers, and the Canadians’ warm hospitality. Pick any visuals of Canada – and I am sure at least 8 out of 10 would be that of the gorgeous Canadian lakes.

There are myriads of activities and sights to see during your tour to Canada. Exploring the majestic Canadian Rockies means immersing yourself in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Amongst Canada’s snowy peaks, glaciers, and countless rivers are a plethora of spectacular lakes.

Today, I would like to draw your attention to the Canadian Rockies, specifically the most serene and beautiful lakes in the Rockies. There are a plethora of lakes in the Canadian Rockies. These lakes have a little bit of everything wildlife, stunning scenery, lakes ideal for canoeing, lakes with brilliant blue water, and alpine lakes accessible by hiking.

Especially during the summers, these lakes take on their signature turquoise blue and green tints.

From the globally renowned Lake Louise to the gorgeous Lake Emerald, I have presented ten of the most impressive lakes in the Canadian Rockies.

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1. Lake Moraine

Canada Tour PackagesImage Source : https://thebanffblog.com

Moraine Lake in the Banff National Park; is encircled by the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Moraine Lake seems like a wonder of nature wherein its splendid blue waters create a perfect reflection of the ten peaks surrounding it. As a result, this iconic lake has been immortalized in Canadian currency. The rugged mountain peaks and vivid turquoise waters create an unbelievable beautiful scene.

Walk up the rock pile or stroll along the lake shoreline to get an elevated view of Moraine Lake. Explore the spectacular surroundings of the lake while taking this easy trail. You can also enjoy the lake by canoeing and paddling around the lake.

2. Lake Maligne

Canada ToursImage Source : https://live.staticflickr.com

Maligne Lake is the second-largest glacier-fed lake in the world. It is also the longest natural lake in the Canadian Rockies, stretching roughly 23 kilometers through Jasper National Park.

The shimmering turquoise glacial waters of Maligne Lake aptly justifies its title as the crown jewel of the Jasper National Park.

Spirit Island, one of the most Instagrammed spots in the park, is also located on this lake. Not just as the most instaworthy location – but one can also enjoy a cruise on this island. Spirit Island is a boat-accessible island in the middle of the lake.

3. Lake Minnewanka

Canada Holiday PackagesImage Source : https://upload.wikimedia.org

A vast glacial lake fed by the Cascade River – Lake Minnewanka in the Banff National Park is regarded as the Water of the Spirits by the First Nations people. This 21 km long lake is famous for canoeing, hiking, biking and is also renowned as the lakeside picnic spot.

Here, you enjoy various activities such as renting a kayak, boat, or canoe, or you can also cruise around the lake. Lake Minnewanka is a popular destination for snowshoeing and other winter sports during winters.

Lake Minnewanka is less than 5 kilometers from Banff and is easily accessible by bike, car, or public transportation. The lake is renowned fishing and scuba diving destination.

4. Lake Louise

Canada Tour PackagesImage Source : https://cdn.kimkim.com

Lake Louise is one of the most stunning lakes in the Canadian Rockies, with a mesmerizing backdrop of soaring mountains and dazzling turquoise waters. Lake Louise in the Banff National park region has a height of 1750 meters. This lake generally thaws during June. As the glacier begins to melt, the rock flour mixes with the lake waters, thus rendering it an attractive turquoise color.

Do take a stroll along the lake shoreline to seep in the fantastic views of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise on the eastern side. You can also trek to Lake Agnes Teahouse. Alternatively, hire a canoe to take in the lake’s breathtaking landscape.

This legendary lake is globally renowned for its sheer beauty. A trip to Canada is incomplete without a visit to Lake Louise. Do not miss out on this chance to discover the authentic Canadian wilderness.

5. Vermillion Lakes

Canada ToursImage Source : https://live.staticflickr.com

Vermillion Lakes, located just three kilometers from Banff, is a network of vast lakes and marshlands in the Bow Valley. The views of Sulphur Mountain and Mount Rundle are spectacular from here. It is also famous as a sunrise and sunset viewing point.

Relax along the shores, check out the wildlife such as moose and elk grazing closeby, or explore the leisurely trails along the lake.

6. Pyramid Lake

Canada Holiday PackagesImage Source : https://c4.wallpaperflare.com

Just five km from the Jasper town – Pyramid Lake is a serene and calm lake in the Jasper National Park region. The lake is one of several small lakes left behind by retreating glaciers at the base of Pyramid Mountain. Pyramid Lake is a prominent fishing and paddling destination.

The park is also a well-renowned Dark Sky Preserve, so it’s a fantastic spot for stargazing. On a clear, cool night, you might be able to discover the aurora borealis.

7. Two Jack Lake

Canada Tour PackagesImage Source : https://coupletraveltheworld.com

The picturesque Two Jack Lake is located close to Lake Minnewanka. Although this lake is not as well-known as Lake Minnewanka, it is one of the most beautiful in Banff National Park. On a clear day, you may marvel at a perfect reflection of Mount Rundle in the crystal water of Two Jack Lake, which provides an excellent view of the famous Mount Rundle.

Swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and hiking are all popular summer activities. During the winter, go ice skating, photographing, or snowshoeing on the nearby paths.

Two Jack Lake is one of Banff National Park’s most picturesque sights, and it always makes for a great shot, especially during dawn and dusk.

8. Emerald Lake

Canada ToursImage Source : https://cf.bstatic.com

Emerald Lake is the finest lake in the Canadian Rockies and the largest one in Yoho National Park. The lake’s glacial waters refract light in vibrant colors, which is how; the lake got its name. You would be fascinated by its vivid colors and the surrounding landscape. The President Range Mountains, which encircle the lake, form a natural amphitheater with forested banks and towering peaks.

The lake can be enjoyed through a variety of activities. The two most popular ones are canoe rides and hiking along the lake shoreline. Emerald Lake is just twenty minutes from Lake Louise. It is a must-see spot while exploring the region of Banff and the Canadian Rockies.

9. Peyto Lake

Canada Holiday PackagesImage Source : https://travelwiththesmile.com

Peyto Lake is around 40 kilometers from Lake Louise and perhaps the most well-known lake in Banff National Park. This turquoise blue lake is fed by a glacier and is a renowned stop along the Icefields Parkway. Peyto Lake has an elevation of 1880 meters in the Canadian Rockies.

It’s one of the most popular stops for photographers visiting Banff National Park, with the expansive views of the valley, dramatic rock wall face of Caldron Peak, snow-capped mountains, and the glowing blue Peyto Lake. The viewpoint at Peyto Lake is one of the most beautiful in the region and a preferred photography location.

Visit Peyto Lake from June till September. You will be rewarded with a contrasting vision of vivid blue water and white snow if you arrive after the first snowfall but before the lake freezes.

10. Patricia Lake

Canada Tour PackagesImage Source : https://live.staticflickr.com

Patricia Lake is a popular recreation and historic place in the Jasper National Park. The lake is near Pyramid Lake, beneath the Pyramid Mountain slopes. The lake was named after Princess Patricia of Connaught, the governor general’s daughter. Here you can enjoy a picnic, rent a boat, hike, and do many other activities. Patricia Lake is a year-round recreation destination.

A few of the activities you can enjoy during the summer months are canoeing, bird watching, horseback riding, hiking, scuba diving, sightseeing, windsurfing, and fishing for whitefish and trout. Another popular activity at Patricia Lake is to explore ice ships – the remains of World War II.

During winters enjoy the snow-covered recreation trails, ice-skating, and cross country ski routes.

The Takeaway Message:

I am sure the lakes of the Canadian Rockies are a brilliant blue that you would have never seen before. Inspired? If you wish to check out these lakes in all their natural glory, a tour of Canada should be on the top of your bucket list of places to visit.

To see these stunning lakes for yourself is indeed a magical experience. Get your Canadian Rockies tour package from Flamingo Transworld to experience these lakes up, close, and personal.

The Canadian Rockies have become an Instagram sensation, but no photograph can truly capture the awe-inspiring experience of looking up at the surging mountains, down into unending canyons, sparkling glaciers, and into turquoise blue lakes so picturesque and beautiful that it’s difficult to believe they are real.

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