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Flamingo Transworld has achieved one more milestone in its journey of Travel. The nominations, voting and the results had been an exciting phase for each and every team member. Without the help and support of each one of them it would not have been possible and that is why the biggest supporting star is Our Team.

Also, the support and wishes of our customers is valued by us the most. Along with the 8 awards our most precious award has been the trust and belief shown in us by our customers. Have a glimpse of this journey below-

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Advantages of a Self-Drive Honeymoon!

Honeymoons are the memories of a Lifetime! It’s the time we spend with our loved one at its best. One of the ideal ways to enjoy your honeymoon Tour is to drive through few of the most beautiful routes and experience the beauty with all the peace of mind and leisure. All you need is a car suitable to the terrain and you are guaranteed to get a vacation that you will never forget with your loved one.

Honeymoon tour packages

1. You can be your own guide!

Why to take a self-drive honeymoon? Well, there are several advantages to it. One of these advantages is you can be your own guide! If you are looking forward to take a route less trodden, you can do that and enjoy the serene views and the majestic beauty.

2. Privacy at all times:

The mess of being amongst so many people in a guided tour is also removed in a self-drive honeymoon and you can only focus spending time on each other. It also helps you make choices according to your comfort level. The best part is that self-drive tours are not binding and you can make your own choices.

Honeymoon tour packages from Mumbai

3. Click moments of lifetime whenever you want:

Imagine you and your better-half traveling by the sea route of Australia and you come across a picturesque scene, one that you would want to capture in your camera, you can stop at any point of time and capture the moment for a lifetime! You would want to thank the decision of being on a self-drive vacation then.

Honeymoon holiday tours

4. Visit as many relatives as you want:

A self-drive vacation always allows you to take a detour and visit your beloved ‘masi’ who lives in Australia has been longing to meet you. Only in a self-drive vacation, you get the chance to change the plan at the last moment and decide to take a detour anytime. One of the other best parts of a self-drive tour is that you can make spontaneous plans whenever you want. If you like a place and want to spend some more time there, you can do that.

5. Comfortable:

Self-driven honeymoons are always relaxing and comfortable. A sedan or a MUV/SUV can serve the purpose of comfort and you will not face any major disturbances throughout the trip.

6. Adventure on the way:

If you are an adventurous couple, you will love the flexibility that comes along, in a self drive honeymoon. The best part is that you can stop at anytime and take a hypothetical plunge in a river that is flowing by the road. And even if you do not want adventure on your honeymoon, you can just sit by a scenic view and wait for the sky to turn dark and just sit and gaze at the skyline or the beautiful sky.

Honeymoon packages

7. Cost effective:

Booking on the right time can also make your trip really cost effective. You have to make sure that your trip is well planned and you have a broad idea about the detours too. Once you have selected the route in the map, you can make the plan extremely cost effective and affordable Honeymoon tour packages.9=-

Getting married, go start the Happily Ever After life with your very own self-drive honeymoon Tour!


Explore Macao with Sheraton’s Special Touch!

Explore Macao with Sheraton’s Special Touch!

MACAO! Also known as the city of Casinos, Magnificent Towers and Amazing Malls, it has truly earned its nickname as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’. Its Cotai Strip joins the islands of Taipa and Coloane, known for swanky properties and lavish hotels. Macau’s most majestic landmark is the ‘Macao Tower’ which is 338-m high giving magnific city views.

Macau tour packages

Now, who won’t love to enjoy this amazing city in the most lavish way possible! And that is where Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel adds its essence to your splendid Macao visit. Sheraton is located at Sands Cotai Central which is at the center of Cotai Strip. Sheraton Grand Macao offers various facilities like outdoor swimming pools, club lounge, spas, fitness facilities and much more.

Macau holiday Packages

Planning a family visit to Macao? Sheraton Grand Macao understands that your kid’s entertainment is equally important and which is why it has its special kids activities, where from juniors to toddlers; kids can also feel the VIP effect.

Macau holiday tours

The most amazing special touch Sheraton Grand Macao has is its DreamWorks Experience. The most exciting packages for kids; where stars from their favourite DreamWorks movies come alive to have a blast with them.

Macau tours

Meeting their favourite characters like Shrek, Fiona and Puss In Boots, Po the cutest Panda, Alex the Lions along with his Penguin friends from Madagascar; is truly an adventure and a Dream experience.

This holiday becomes even more memorable when your dining experience is upgraded to the Kung Fu Feast of Po along with breakfast with their favourite characters.

Macau tour packages from Ahmedabad


With lavish suits, unforgettable services, grand interiors, a posh location and the special touch of DreamWorks experience; Macao turns into a family holiday destination at Sheraton Grand Macao. Enjoy and explore the entertainment zones of Macao as your kids enjoy their DreamWorks experience, making your trip to Macao the most unforgettable and incredible holiday ever!

Top 10 Interesting And Free Things To Do At Changi Airport, Singapore

Airports and airport transits can be tiring especially when it is an airport as huge as the Changi Airport. It is a place where walking is the most tiresome job that you will have to do. But, fortunately, the Changi Airport does not allow you to get bored. Millions of tourists and travelers from across the world come on Singapore trip every year. The Changi airport is the right place to get relaxed, entertained, pampered and to add to it socialism. You can do so many amazing things to spend your time at the Changi Airport and the top 10 things to do are as below-

1. Take a dip-

The terminal 1 of the Changi Airport has an amazing rooftop pool, perfect for you to relax and enjoy your time. It also has a Jacuzzi where you can relax and look at the flight take off and land and feel the thrill. There is a nominal fee but the experience is of a lifetime.

Singapore tour packages

 2. Watch a movie-

The Changi Airport has the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment. It has two movie screens showcasing movies perfect to entertain you. One of these theaters releases the ongoing movies and the other one is known to release cult classics from various genres. The best part is, these movie theaters are open 24*7*365 and it’s totally free!

Singapore tour packages from Mumbai

3. Go shopping-

The duty-free zone in the Changi Airport is the place where you can get the best brands from across the world and awaken the hidden shopaholic in you. You can shop from various luxurious brands like Hermes, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Lacoste and much more. It is a heaven for people who love shopping and make sure you don’t drop while shopping!

Singapore tour packages from Mumbai

 4. Indulge yourself in the beautiful gardens-

Singapore has some of the best gardens in the world and there’s no doubt about it. Nature embraces the beauty of the Changi Airport. There are some various gardens located in the Changi Airport which is themed differently. To name some, they have the cactus garden, the sunflower garden, the orchid garden, the enchanted garden and the water lily garden. Apart from all these gardens, the butterfly garden is very famous. You might want to just relax and spend some good time at these gardens.

Singapore tours

5. Relax on a massage chair-

Walking wide distances at airports is a job that almost all of us hate even if it means just standing on the travelator. The Changi Airport gives you a chance to take a break from cutting long distances and relaxing at one of the massage chairs which are placed at regular intervals in all terminals. These massage chairs are specially made to massage your calf and feet, once you get this message you are good to go again. A massage before a long flight journey is also very soothing and will give you the energy all over again.

Singapore packages

 6. Feed the Koi fish-

The Koi fish is one of the most famous and prized fish in Asia. You can just sit by the pond and look at the fishes swim in their own world or if you are lucky to be there in the period from 9am to 4pm, you can also feed the fishes. Kids especially have a great time feeding these little creatures, so if you are traveling with you family, this is something you must do at the Changi airport.

Singapore holiday tours

 7. Ride the giant slide with your kids-

If you are at the Changi Airport with your kids, you might want to take a ride on the world’s tallest slide. It is a slide which stands 12 meters high and you come down at the speed of 6 meters per second. It is a thrilling experience for kids and elders as well. This slide is at terminal 3, and we would suggest you not to this!

 Singapore tours

8. Take a Free City tour-

The Changi Airport allows you to take a city tour and that too for free! If you have some 4 to 5 hours to spare at the Changi airport, you can take a free city tour and take a quick glance over some of the main attractions of Singapore. If you want to take the free tour, you must register before immigration and you will have 5 hours of fun and frolic in Singapore Tour.

 9. Have fun with the Social tree-

The huge Social Tree is a place for you to have an impression on the Changi Airport! It allows visitors to take their own pictures and upload them on the Social Tree as well as on Facebook. It is the perfect way to make a memory and carry it for a lifetime. Don’t forget to Click a pic at the Social Tree when you are at the Changi airport, Singapore!

Singapore holiday packages

 10. Get a fish spa-

If the massage chairs are not relaxing enough and if you have got time, then you must visit the fish spa at the terminal 1. It is a very soothing fish micro-massage or fish pedicure. It is an exciting experience as the fishes nibble and tickle your feet and leave a soothing effect. We are sure you will enjoy the fish spa.

Chuck the Cliche, Pick the Unique for your Honeymoon !!

Chuck the Cliche, Pick the Unique!

Make your honeymoon a trendsetter!

More than just an external one, a honeymoon tour is also a beautiful internal journey that happens between two people who have become one, isn’t it? Isn’t its whole idea just too enriching and romantic? We can see you nod, dear reader!  And, that’s precisely the reason why your honeymoon has to be everything special, exclusive and unforgettable. Far from the clichéd, here’s Flamingo revealing to you a list of unique romantic getaways that will make your honeymoon a trendsetter. Read on and pick your favorite!



Honeymoon tour packages

So, this is where you enter the world that looks nothing short of a page from the fairytales. The poetic landscapes, sky, greenery, mountains, mist and more – the scenes that surround this hill station Sa Pa in north-west Vietnam are way more stunning than what you can imagine. Established by the French in the year 1922, this comparatively hidden gem is culturally rich too. A hot favorite amongst the trekkers and hikers, Sa Pa has some beautiful hotels to sweep you off your feet. Nestle in here for your honeymoon, devour the natural beauty, visit the valleys and waterfalls, try trekking if you wish to or explore the local culture; you two are sure to come back with a beautiful hangover.



Honeymoon tour packages from Mumbai

When the name itself means ‘the place of the Gods’, don’t be surprised if Lhasa feels like a place that’s beautifully otherworldly in person. Known as the ‘roof of the world’ and ‘the third pole of the earth’, Lhasa is utter visual magnificence gorgeously settled at the elevation of 4,000 meters. Throbbing with Buddhism, culture, heritage and options for adventure too, this Tibetan town can make a newly wedded couple bond beautifully over a number of things. Visit its ancient monasteries, palaces and temples, take up some adventurous activities, walk in the beautiful local market lanes, breathe in the soothing Buddhist vibes or just sit back and admire this majestic mountain kingdom – your bond with your sweetheart is guaranteed to find a deeper dimension here.



Honeymoon tour packages from Ahmedabad

Shining bright with lively nightlife and the rich Arctic wildlife, Tromso – a charming town in Northern Norway, has an unparalleled magical side to it too! Here’s where the miraculous natural phenomenon called ‘Northern Lights’ blooms in all its glory and leaves you feeling completely awestruck! Hold the hand of your sweetheart, watch the natural neon lights mysteriously dancing in the night sky and feel as if Mother Nature too is celebrating the union of you two beautiful souls. If you were to gift your lover an experience that he/she will forever remember you by, THIS is it! One of those times when mouths remain shut because the hearts are feeling overwhelmed.


Honeymoon tours
If a lavish, luxurious and classy honeymoon is what you are looking for, then Bodrum is definitely one of the best bets. A favorite amongst a number of celebrities for the right reasons, this chic and cosmopolitan Turkish town is an exceptional mix of extraordinary archaeological heritage, bright blue bays and a happening modern life. Serene and spectacular, Bodrum is where romance is just there in the air. Everything looks posh and love gets a dose of timeless elegance. This is where you spoil your partner with leisure, comforts, ocean, beaches, hotels, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, Turkish exuberance, adventures and what not! Let your togetherness begin on an opulent note.


Honeymoon packages

If there exists an island that can compete with your better-half over winning your love and undivided attention, it’s this little piece of heaven Bora Bora! It makes you fall in love with it head over heels quite rightfully. Crystal blue ocean, stunning beaches, gorgeous mountains covered with rain forests and amazing hotels – Bora Bora easily qualifies as a dream destination for honeymooners. Dive in to the magnificent ocean, have fun snorkelling, take up lagoon tours, bask in to water sports, go hiking or enjoy the buzzing nightlife – time actually stops when you can do all this in the company of your partner. The perfect mix of peace and pace, Bora Bora is where love blossoms to its fullest!

The honeymoon tours that the honey can’t have enough of!

So, are you ready with your pick now, or are you feeling spoilt with the choices after reading this? Nevermind! We are glad for you either way! Leave your partner love-struck all the more in the company of these distinct and dazzling destinations, and seal your love with flair – we say!

UAE beyond Imagination!! Where Dreams turn into Reality!!

An 11 day trip in Dubai! Is it Possible?!

Well, rather my question is- why not? Surely, you guys will be curious to know that How is it possible!! Along with Dubai, UAE has 6 other unexplored Emirates with amazing tourist destinations. It has so much to offer that I might not be wrong if I say that maybe even 11 days are less to cover all the major attractions of UAE. This desert destination is coming up with more and more adventures and attractions, thus developing more with each passing day. Definitely, it is turning out to be one of Middle-East’s most attractive destinations. We have planned an 11 day itinerary that includes all the amazing attractions of the four major Emirates in UAE. Let’s have a look at the below itinerary to see how you will be experiencing the best of UAE under one roof, in one package.

Day-1 Relax at Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai.

Arrive in Dubai and check in at the 5 star JW Marriot Marquis Hotel. In the evening you can enjoy and relax at the famous Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). You can enjoy an evening of relaxation at this waterfront with options like talking a walk along the beach, strolling around for shopping or simply enjoying food, drinks and sheesha at Pier 7- The 7 storeyed complex facing the Marina. Already imagining the view!! Scenic!!

Dubai tour packages

Day-2  Dubai city tour and Burj Khalifa.

Your second day includes a visit to the Burj Khalifa and a Dubai city tour. The journey begins from the historical part of Dubai i.e. Jumeirah Mosque with a guided tour of the city which ends at modern Dubai i.e. Palm Atlantis. Then we visit the Burj Khalifa where you can experience the feeling of being on top of the world (Literally!), having a glimpse of Dubai, Dubai Mall, Fountain and other amazing buildings from the observatory desk on 124th floor. To know more about Dubai-

Dubai holiday tours

Day-3  Four Epic Adventures, One Epic Location- IMG Park.

Today you will be visiting the most exciting, the most adventurous addition to Dubai’s attractions, where you get 4 epic adventures at 1 epic location. This park is divided into four zones – Cartoon Network, Marvel, The Lost Valley (Jurassic Park) and IMG Boulevard. It consists of various exciting roller coasters, 5D cinemas, themed restaurants and retail joints. Day three will be your most adventurous and adrenaline rush day at the world’s biggest indoor themed park – IMG Park. Check out IMG at –

Dubai Tour Packages from Ahmedabad

Day-4  Bollywood Park (31st October 2016).

Why to feel satisfied with only IMG Park when you can also visit the Bollywood Park at Dubai Parks and Resorts? (Opening on 31st October 2016). You will be enjoying your 4th day experiencing the feel of Bollywood at the Bollywood Park along with creating some filmy memories. You can also visit other parks and attractions like Motiongate, Legoland Park and Water Park, Riverland including themed hotels, rides, shows, theatres and much more. The Lapita at Dubai Parks and Resort offers a Polynesian themed stay. You can enjoy food at Mumbai Chowk, rides themed on Lagaan, Dabbang and Sholay, you can experience visual splendor at Rajmahal Theatre, learn how to create a blockbuster like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and meet your favorite Bollywood superheroes, such as Krrish and RA.One in the Bollywood Park at Dubai Parks and Resorts today. Check out Bollywood Park at-

Dubai tour packages from Mumbai

Day-5  Dubai safari park (2016 December) – Sharjah and check in at Ras al-Khaimah (RAK).

Today we check out from Dubai to explore the newest feather to its cap – the Dubai Safari Park (opening in December 2016). Its major attractions are- Children Zoo, Safari Village, Arabian Village, Asian Village, African Village, Al Wadi, etc. Surely, you would be one of the first ones visiting this latest addition. After spending time with the birds and animals at the zoo we move towards another city of UAE, Sharjah.

Experience and explore Sharjah as we pass through the city to reach the Northern most city of UAE, Ras al-Khaimah (RAK). Here you will check in at the one of the most premium hotels of Hilton Group- Astoria Waldorf, at night.

Dubai tours

Day-6  Relax and Enjoy the property and beach at RAK.

After an amazing schedule, you get to relax and enjoy the property and beach at RAK. Astoria Waldorf is a beachfront property including 7 restaurants (one on 17th floor), sheesha bars, outdoor pools, water sports and much more. You can also be experience the micro flight ride to get a bird’s-eye view of RAK’s rugged mountains, deserts, mangroves and coastal nature reserves.

Dubai Packages

Day-7  Overnight desert stay at RAK desert camp.

Check out in the afternoon from Astoria Waldorf today, to move towards one of the best desert camps of UAE. Experience your desert stay at the one of the best and less explored locations of UAE. You will have various activity options like camel rides, heena painting, sand boarding and off-road activities, barbeque, authentic Arabic cuisine, movies, campfires, etc. The overnight stay under the canopy of stars will be an experience you won’t ever forget.

Dubai holiday tours

Day-8  A luxurious evening at Abu Dhabi.

The next day we check out from the desert camp and travel to Abu Dhabi. Here we check in at the Yas Viceroy Hotel. It is set half on land and half on water and it directly overlooks the Formula 1 circuit. Formula 1 drivers check in here during their races. Well, have you ever imagined of luxury beyond 5 star? Imagine spending your time at one of the most lavish, royal and grand hotel of UAE!! Your imagination turns into reality today evening when you enjoy high tea at the Arabic cultured Emirates Palace hotel.

Already feeling Royal, eh? Are you ready to fulfill another dream today itself? Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit passes around the Yas Viceroy Hotel. So gear up and get ready to drive a Formula 1 on the same race track where the Formula 1 drivers race and make your biggest dream come true.

Dubai tour packages

Day-9  Visit to the solar powered city: Masdar and Yas Water Park.

Today will be a visit to Masdar city. Masdar is a planned city in Abu Dhabi that relies on solar energy and other renewable energy sources. It focuses on eco-friendly town planning techniques. It is designed to be a hub for clean tech companies. The headquarters of the – International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is situated here. Masdar’s local transport system includes small, automated vehicles (referred to as Podcars), also known as the Public Rapid Transit (PRT) system.

Dubai holiday tours

Yas water world is UAE’s first mega water park located on Yas Island. It has 45 rides, slides and attractions – five of which are world-firsts, including Bubble’s Barrel- a flow barrel wave ride and Dawwama- a hydro magnetic-powered; tornado water slide.

Dubai Packages

Day-10 Grand Mosque and Ferrari World.

Time to feel religious today at the Grand mosque which was originally built in the 1900, demolished and built again in 1960, which then underwent a further rebuilding in 1998 (the present one) and now holds up to 1,200 worshipers. After offering prayers at the Grand Mosque, zip zap zoom your way to the Ferrari world to enjoy some exciting rides.

Dubai holiday tours

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is an amusement park located on the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. It is the first and only Ferrari theme park and holds the record for the largest space frame structure ever built. Some of its best attractions and roller coasters include Fiorano GT challenge, Flying Aces, Formula Rossa, Speed of Magic, Scuderia Challenge, etc. 

Day-11 Shop till you Drop!

We return to Dubai from Abu Dhabi today. And whenever you think of Dubai, how can you miss out on shopping?! That is why your 11th day is dedicated to shopping only. So that you can indulge yourselves in the guilty pleasures of roaming around, relaxing, enjoying delicious cuisine and shopping. You have options ranging from the Dubai Gold Souk (traditional shopping market) to world class malls like The Dubai Mall, Mall Of The Emirates, Burjuman Shopping Mall, Deira City Centre, Dubai Marina Mall, and many many more. In one whole day, you could literally shop; till you drop. After all, bringing souvenirs and goodies back home, is the best memory that you can have of an amazing trip.

Dubai holiday tours

So, Why Not!!

Four best cities out of 7 Emirates of the UAE, sumptuous food, lavish and royal hotels, everything above 3 star, adrenaline rush adventures, a religious feel, enjoyment for kids and living the royal dream; the royal way. Everything in ONE package, only with Flamingo Travels.

Why settle for mediocre, when you can get luxury according to your demand!!

Why settle for Dubai only, when you get the best of UAE!!

UAE Beyond Imagination!!

Dubai holiday tours

For more information on Dubai Tour Packages and Things to do in Dubai/UAE or Places to visit in Dubai/UAE, visit-—dubai-/single/uae-dubai-tour-packages.html


7 Gems of Experiences to Adorn Your South Africa Tour!

There’s so much to explore, experience and look forward to every single day when you are in South Africa! Be it your love for the wild life, craving for natural beauty, appetite for adventure or the craze for unique shopping – this country has got it all for you!  Check out this ten of the tons of super exciting experiences that are sure to leave you love struck! Getting over this majestic land of Nelson Mandela after terrific trip won’t be easy, we bet! Check out South Africa Holiday tours with Flamingo


Head to Boulders Bay and you will be stepping in to the natural habitat of African Penguins! Scoring high on cuteness quotient and adorability, they leave you smiling and marveling! Added to this joy are the surrounding majestic mountains and amazing ocean! All in all, this will be an experience that you will keep on revisiting in your mind for the rest of your life.

South Africa Tour Packages



Are you up for something baffling? Check this out! There’s more to South Africa than what you see on the surface; quite literally! Its iconic Cango Caves take you to the ancient and mysterious underground world of astonishing rock formations – amazing enough to spellbound the adults and children both alike! You have walked enough on the earth all this while. Time to walk underneath it for a change and experience the vibes of a different era! What do you say? South Africa tour packages from Mumbai



The world goes ga ga over South Africa’s jungle safaris but you can go even beyond that! Try the very thrilling kayaking time where the only thing that separates you from crocodiles and hippos beneath the water surface is a fiberglass bottom of your kayak! Now isn’t that something worth bragging about once you are back home and flaunting your South Africa experiences to your friends? South Africa Tour packages from Ahmedabad



If heaven really exists, here’s where you can look in to it from! Johannesburg Planetarium offers you house seats to gaze in the hypnotizing astronomical world of Africa! Enjoy the heavenly beauty up there, learn about the stellar world and feel being a part of the endless universe! While the regular tourists are busy checking out the places on the ground, how about going a step ahead and checking out the peculiar African sky too? South Africa holiday packages



All you aqua fun fans, here’s where you will have a time of your life! Enter the Valley of Waves at the Sun City and you are guaranteed to go crazy with fun, thrill and laughter! A stunning and awe-inspiring theme park that is made to look like a tropical island, Valley of Waves offers a variety of water rides and a 1.2 metre high wave after every 90 seconds with a velocity of 35 km/h! Imagine the excitement! South Africa tours


Embraced by dense forests, river and mountains, Tsitsikamma National Park is all about Mother Nature’s sheer magnificence. Favourite amongst the tourists here is the Suspension Bridge at Storms River Mouth. It hangs just 7 metres above the river that’s about to merge with Indian Ocean this point on. Take up an adventure here or enjoy the walk that leads to the bridge, nature will blind you with its glory all the same. South Africa packages


Last but not the least; don’t forget to pick something up from this wonderful country that you will remember it by. What can be better than something artsy, colorful and ethnically African for that purpose? There are a number of authentic stores of genuine African arts and crafts pan South Africa. Bring back a bundle of artifact that you can rave about!

South Africa holiday packages

Leh-Ladakh on the roads. A journey described through feelings.

Leh… The most awaited journey began, we were 10 of us. But unfortunately 2 of them couldn’t be a part of this trip which we will always regret. We all were different from one another and perhaps did not share the level of friendship that makes you go for a holiday together for 13 days, but there was one thing in common between us and that was the urge, the passion and the dream to visit the most beautiful and scenic Leh-Ladakh. The road trip with simple things like waking up to an azure blue sky,  the sight of rocky brown and snow-capped mountains, biking to the most beautiful Leh Alchi road, enjoying the mesmerizing full moon night on Pangong Tso lake, visiting the most beautiful lake of Ladakh – Tsomoriri and the last village of India – the Turtuk village, has been a memorable experience.  It has been one of the most amazing and exciting trip with lots of unforgettable memories and life long friendships. We started our journey from Ahmedabad to Delhi and then from Delhi to Leh. Our original plan was to do an extensive road trip from Delhi covering Amritsar – Jammu Kashmir – Srinagar – Drass- Kargil – Zojila pass – Leh – Nubra Valley – Pangong Tso – Leh – Tsmoriri – Sarchu- Keylong – Manali – Delhi – Ahmedabad, but due to the tense situation in Kashmir Valley we had to cancel that plan.We reached Leh beholding some beautiful sights of Karakoram Mountains, Nubra valley and the Greater Himalayas from the flight.

Day 1:

Domestic tour packages

First day was a complete rest day so that we could acclimatize our bodies to the 11000 ft high altitude above the sea level.

Day 2:

Leh Ladakh tour packages

Here our actual journey began. We hired 4 Royal Enfields and began our drive to Alchi- the most beautiful and scenic drive with smooth curvy roads. Alchi is a village and monastery situated on the bank of Indus River which is 70 kms from Leh. We came across some beautiful sights of the Military area, the Magnetic hills,  the Nimmu village and the confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers. River rafting on the confluence is something that should not be missed. We also visited the Alchi Monastery which is home to some beautiful paintings and is renowned as the oldest Buddhist centre in Ladakh. For photography lovers this is one of the most scenic routes on NH1. We returned at the hotel by evening after visiting Shanti Stupa, the place from where you get a beautiful view of the entire Leh town. We rested afterwards as the next three days were going to be very hectic for us.

Day 3: 

Domestic tour packages from Ahmedabad

Third day was our journey to Nubra Valley via the second highest motor able road at Khardungla Pass which is at a height of 18380 ft; with breathtaking views, though the roads are a bit rough. And as the altitude increases you tend to get a feeling of dizziness and mild headache. There were a lot of foreigners on cycle expedition which should get a standing ovation to even think of attempting such a feat. The army recommends not to stay for more than 20 minutes at any high altitude passes whether it’s Khardungla, Changla or Tanglangla Pass. While descending from Khardungla; the roads are really bad till North Pullu. We had Maggi at our halt (the most common dish in this region) and later reached Nubra Valley. When you are en-route towards Diksit Monastery and Hunder village a stop over is a must for some beautiful photography. Later we drove to Diksit  Gompa, and the first thing that caught our attention was the 50 ft tall statue of Maitreyi (Future Buddha ) and the breathtaking view of a beautiful contrast background comprising of brown mountains, green fields, sand dunes and the beautiful Shayok river. We then visited the sand dunes and did camel safari on the two humped bactarian camel in hunder, found only at this place in India. We checked in the guest house at 7 in the evening. Aah!! What an amazing place it was. The guest house was surrounded by long trees with a view of the river and mountains from your room and on top of it; it was a full moon night and the beauty of the full moon was at its best and the sky was full of sparkling stars. Something which I just can’t put in words. It needs to be felt and we were lucky to feel that…

Day 4:

Domestic tour packages from Mumbai

Today we started for one of the most beautiful and the last village of India – Turtuk village. This place justifies the saying that ‘The journey is always more beautiful then the destination’. It was a long day but very scenic including rough roads, rocky mountains and the beautiful Shayok river flowing besides during the entire route. It was a full day excursion. On reaching Turtuk we visited a small but a very beautiful café. The ambiance was really very good and refreshing; we had maggi and fries, we spent some time in the village and then we returned back to Hunder.

Day 5:

Leh Ladakh tour packages from Ahmedabad

The most awaited day of the trip was here. Our visit to the famous and the most beautiful Pangong Tso lake. We drove from Nubra Valley to Pangong Tso with lots of rocky mountains and beautiful river flowing besides the road making the journey very scenic. We arrived at Pangong Tso in the evening and checked into the tented accommodation. We had our tea and got refreshed. Then we went to the point where the highly acclaimed movie 3 Idiots was shot on the Pangong Tso Lake. The water was very cold and we clicked a lot of pictures and it was an unforgettable experience. We came back and had our dinner. As the night was getting colder, we did a camp fire at the camp site. It was fun and one more wish of ours for this trip which got fulfilled was the beauty of the full moon on Pangong Tso lake. Though it was the next day after full moon but the sight which we got to see was simply amazing. Imagine the dark sky with lots of stars and a full moon shining right up there in the sky and its reflection in the water of the beautiful Pangong Tso. Breathtaking, isn’t it? Spending a night at 14500 ft high above the sea level was not an easy task. It was very windy and we were sleeping with 4 layers of clothes and 2 blankets. Awesome…!!

Day 6:

Leh Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai

We started around 9 in the morning from Pangong Tso lake for Leh. We thought it would be a simple journey towards Leh, but what we experienced was something which we had never thought of, never planned and was not the part of our itinerary. It was supposed to be a 5 hour journey but due to a road block we had to wait. We waited for around 2 hours and still it wasn’t sure when the road would get clear. So we took an off route of around 145 kms, which was through the entire stretch of Pangong Tso. On one side of the road Pangong Tso and on the other side the beautiful snow clad mountains. Wow !! After 4 hours of drive we finally reached the third highest motor able road – Changla Pass (17,590 ft). To our surprise the climate had become very cloudy and soon there was a snowfall. Due to high altitude it was not advisable to stay for more than 20 minutes. That is why after taking some pictures we started our journey again for Leh. We reached Leh around 9 pm. It was almost a 12 hour long drive which was totally worth it.

To be continued….


Amazing Facts and Things to know before you travel Bali

Bali is one of the most popular & exotic island of Indonesia. Balinese people are well known for their warm hospitality. Apart from pristine beaches, white water rafting, volcanoes etc, the island has much more to discover on bali tour. Let’s once have a glimpse at some of the undiscovered facts of the island:

1. The Bamboo Chocolate Factory:

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Bamboo Chocolate factory was opened in November 2011 is world’s largest Bamboo commercial building. It is just located near to Ubud area & offers tours to tourists where they can taste & buy varieties of chocolates.

2. Nyepi Day:

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Nyepi Day is celebrated as Bali’s New Year which falls in March (between 5th March- 15th March). On this day no one is allowed on street- i.e. no traveling, no working or so from morning 6 am to next morning 6am. So on that particular day the whole island is silent & this rule is applicable to each & every person on the island even the tourists.

3. Babies:

The infants at the island are considered as Angels & so they are not allowed to touch the ground or crawl on the ground for few months of their month. When they are cross that particular no of months, a grand ceremony is held for the same.

4. Bali’s Coffee- Kopi Luwak:

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Kopi Luwak is world’s most expensive coffee- 1 cup of coffee can go up to 60 dollars. You can taste this coffee during your Bali Holidays. This coffee is produced mainly on the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumatra & Sulawesi.

How is this coffee produced?

The coffee is produced from the excretion of Asian civets. They excrete the beans, which the farmers collect, wash it & brew it & process it into fine Kopi Luwak Coffee.

5. Economic Dependence on Tourism:

More than 80% of the economy depends on the Tourism as the island has everything to offer from leisure to restaurants to adventurous activities to nightlife which lures the young crowd.

6. Black Sand:

There are few beaches in Bali with Black Sands for egLovina Beach- the black sand comes from the cool lava of the MT Ayung Volcano.

7. Four Names:

The Balinese people only give 4 names to the born bay be it a girl or a boy- Ketut, Wayan, Made &Nyoman.

8. A Hindu Island:

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Even though the island being located in Indonesia & Indonesia being a Muslim country, Balinese people practice Hinduism to the core. Like India they also have caste system, they also offer flowers & sweets during their prayers.

9. Island has Dolphins:

In the northern part of the island, that is in Lovina you will find plenty of Dolphins.

10. 210 Calendar days:

The Balinese Calendar follows 210 days. It consists of 10 weeks with 10 days each week. The calendar got its origin from the Hindu religion.

From Las Vegas To Macau

Macau has become Special administrative region of China since 1999. With the passing of Portuguese rule and the border to Main land China wide open, Macau is practically sinking under the weight of tourists from neighboring Chinese provinces & other parts of the world. Last year there were 30.71 million arrival on Macau tour, and now they are expecting 28.81 million by this year end. They come here almost exclusively to gamble. Luck is the Central element of Chinese culture. And they are well-known as world most prolific gamblers, but it’s not legal in Mainland china, but Macau fills that Gap. And the amount of Chinese money flowing in Macau’s casino is staggering. Last year it was more than 28.33 billion US$.

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You can smell new money everywhere. Courtesy of economic boom in china, just as staggering is the amount of casino development underway. Long-time residents of Macau says, it all has have developed too quickly like a dream. Today Macau is almost unrecognized compared to recent previous years.

Some sections of the city are built of reclaimed land from the sea. A small patch that has changed the phase of Macau, just as Las Vegas rose from Nevada desert. Cotai strip rose from the sea. It was a multi million dollar development.

Thousands of suites, convention centers and themed casino are built on the strip, making it as a table for gamblers. The center piece of Cotai strip is The Venetian – Macau, same like in Las Vegas.

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The main developer of the massive Cotai Strip Project, is the 73 years old Las Vegas based billionaire Sheldon Adelson, 18th Richest Man on the planet (2015).  Bring Venetian is like Venice came to Macau. This attracted many of the Giants to start their casino on the Cotai Strip. Like City of Dreams, Crown, Grand Hyatt, Hard rock, Studio City, Ritz Carton, Hotel Okura ,Banyan tree, JW Marriott, Four Seasons, St. Regis , Holiday Inn, Conrad, Sheraton and recently Parisian are made on the theme of Paris with half size Eiffel tower at the entrance.

Many More projects like – Wynn Palace, Lisboa Palace, Hilton, Raffles / Fairmont, Jumeirah, and much more in coming years that can be visit on Macau tour from ahmedabad.

The Change of Macau came when Sheldon Adelson opened one of its 3 lucrative gaming concession & can open as many as gaming concession as he likes. Sands Macau returned its 265 million dollar investment in its 1st year. 14 years of Gambling Monopoly ended in 2002.

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The King of Gambling and Macau’s Most Powerful man was unhappy with the Invaders (Foreign investors). His answer to the foreign invaders “The Emperor is striking back.The Grand Lisboa another big project was inaugurated in 2008 year end. The Tallest Building in Macau, being the first Casino to start Texas hold’em poker rings in the game, which belongs to Stanley Ho. He made his fortune through his 40 years of monopoly in gambling. He owns much of the land in Macau & 19 of the 33 casinos’, making him one of the richest man in Hong Kong & World too. Stanley Ho started his career as a smuggler. Wining the people heart by feeding approx. 4, 00,000 refugees of the World War 2. He had enormous influence in Macau. Competition to rival the new American casinos’ Grand Lisboa was his new Flagship.

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Long Before the gaming industry, Macau was known as world’s largest Money Laundering place, and in China it’s a pure business.

Macau has total 33 casino, out of which Venetian is the Biggest. A More range of gaming options like roulette, boule, Fan Tan, Keno, Sic Bo, Blackjack & Slot Machines are available in most of them. Gambling in Macau were played in different ways.  Before western or *saying (omit this)traditional styles were introduced, they played Chinese games, and also Greyhound racing, betting & lotteries were famous source of Gambling.

In Macau, gambling has become the main source of revenue, above 50 % of the economy comes from it.  In 2007, Macau took over the crown from Las Vegas of highest casino revenue, which was possible after foreign Companies from Las Vegas & Australia came to Cotai Strip, Macau. People from Mainland China & Hong Kong are the majority visiting Macau for Gambling.