Pokemon Go: Don’t need any other reason to travel !

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It stated with a Charmander at a supermarket. Then the flood started: Ratata’s on a steering wheel. Rhyhorn at the office. Magikarp on a frying pan. They’re all Pokémon to catch, part of a new game called Pokémon Go. The craze for this game is so much that, these days whether you are reading a newspaper, surfing the web, going through your FB timeline, without fail you will come across a Pokémon Go post. You are also likely to see many people with their noses buried in their phones, more than the usual, trying to catch a mythical creature.

Millions of downloads of Pokémon Go since its release a couple of months ago has made it into a digital and a cultural phenomenon. Even before it was officially launched world over, the fans found out ways to download the app and go on a Pokémon catching spree.

Domestic tour packagesMore than just a game, Pokémon Go is a city guide and exploration tool ripe for local, authentic experiences. Even though this experience is through a digital platform, but it’s a nice excuse to immerse yourself in a great adventure. Pokémon Go enthusiasts organize city meet-ups and embark on a community quest to catch these Pocket Monsters. Not only do players catch Pokémon, but they are also meeting new people and visiting new places. This game has been a boon for cultural and heritage sites as many Poke stops and gyms are located at these places.

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These four destinations are most popular for the travel-loving Pokémon trainer to catch ‘em all

New Zealand: Kiwis are so keen for Pokémon Go that they set up a national, live Snapchat account at PokémonGoNZ. Players can send snaps of themselves to PokémonGoNZ for a chance to be featured on the country’s story.

Australia: In the land down under, catching Pokémon doesn’t involve being on land at all. Fun ways to play this game include kayaking around some of Sydney’s sparkling harbors and chasing after the game’s water characters. Find out awesome pokemon during your Australia tour.

United States: In US Pokémon Go meet-ups are a new way to socialize. In USA Packages you’ll find all places, like Pokémon pub crawls, hunts at university stadiums, or lures for voter registration.

Netherlands: Zuiderpark in The Hague is one of the best places to play in Holland. Normally the sweetest summer spot for live music, this park picked up a new nickname: Pikachu Park.


Can’t Travel Far? Play at home. Pokémon Go can make one’s hometown, neighborhood, or even street seem like a new world thanks to Poke stops. Located at landmarks, statues, or heritage sites, Poke stops are real-world spots users must stop at to pick up some items necessary to keep playing. This game offers the chance to get off the beaten path, whether at home or abroad, and learn something new along the way.

Things to do and Islands that can be clubbed with Singapore

Singapore seems to be on the top travel destinations which serve all the purpose of how a perfect get-away should be and why spending your vacation in Singapore just gets better and better. It has been described as a playground for the rich, and it’s true. From a long time, this diverse place has been home to so many national and international tourists and still it has not lost its essence. As Singapore Packages gives you an edge over others. It is the easiest and most comfortable countries to navigate in Southeast Asia, plus if you take any Singapore tour it will be at your leisure and for your absolute convenience.

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Travelling made easy & unforgettable with www.flamingotravels.co.in

Going on a fabulous holiday no longer remains a complex mission. Embarking on a terrific trip no longer remains a love’s labour. Flamingo cuts the chase short for you and how! Keeping the pace up with the modern times, Flamingo takes its trademark expertise, personalization and excellence on to the internet and turns itself in to your quick-to-refer-to and easy-to-trust online travel agent through its wonderfully built website – www.flamingotravels.co.in. Real life or virtual, we remain by your side with all our zest.

1. Unique feature – trip themes & tour types!

 So let’s say, you are in a mood for an adventure travel. But, you don’t have time to do research around it. Or, you have no idea about the destinations where you can have an adventurous trip at. No worries! Flamingo website brings you the new age searching features that facilitate your travel dreams in no time. Go on to our website, type ‘adventure’ for example in the search bar and voilà! Presented to you on a platter will be a list of our packages that include adventures in the itinerary. Yes, now you can explore your idea of holidays not just with the names of the places and tours but also with themes and tour types!

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2. A destination on mind? Explore the ways of experiencing it!

If you already have a destination in my mind, Flamingo can give you the best of package options and a variety of ways in which you can explore your desired destination. Type the name of that destination in our search bar and we will shower you with a heap of options to choose from. Choose as per your will and wander lust!

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3. Transparency is the best policy!

Click on the option you choose to explore and you will see that Flamingo is one of the rare travel agencies that reveal the names of the hotel too where you will be staying on your trip along with the other tour details. This way, you will know what exactly you are getting in to before you do the bookings with us. Isn’t that what you would always need to know before you give a green signal to a travel plan?

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4. Your wish is our command!

Leaving the readymade travel packages aside, are you wishing for something exclusively tailor made according your preferences, budget and requirements? Think of us as the Magic Travel Lamp in that case as we have got that covered for you too! Let’s customize a trip of your wishes. Go to our home page, click on ‘Advanced Search’ and tell us how you want it. As simple as that!

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5. Make most out of our micro customization!

Taking the customization of your dream trip even further, the Flamingo website offers you the high end ‘Advance Filters’ option once you select the destination. Along with everything else, it lets you hand pick the sightseeing options, adventure, nightlife etc of your precise choices too! Here is how we get closest to your travel tastes and wishes as we set out to craft a trip of a lifetime for you.

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6. Are you an NRI?

We are blessed to have earned the love and trust of not only our Pan India clients but also of the NRIs. Flamingo has tour packages exclusive crafted for its much valued NRI clients keeping their unique and specific requirements in mind. Click on the ‘NRI Tours’ tab on our home page and start exploring!

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7. Current trending trips

Our home page also has a special tab of ‘Tour Deals’ showcasing our freshly brewed and upcoming seasonal holiday packages. Choose from a variety of options that are tailored to suit the time of the year, weather and available deals at the respective destinations.

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8. Chat with us quick & live for help and guidance.

Eager to serve you at our very best, we have our Customer Support Executive constantly available for a chat. Spot the chat window on the lower right corner of our home page and feel to free to ask any of your travel queries. We will be happy to guide you. You can also ‘Request a Callback’ on our home page from the top right corner and we will return your call in one working day.

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It has been a pleasure to serve you for all these years and our website enables us to serve you with even more finesse now. Don’t miss out on making the most out of it for an easy and unforgettable travel experience.

7 Historical cities that changed India’s Independence movement

The struggle of India independence is one of the longest that is nearly about 90 years to persuade British out of India. In this long period many historical and unforgettable incidents happened that will always remained in our heart. We are sharing with you some of the historical places associated with our independence without which the story of Indian Independence Movement is incomplete.


Christopher Columbus – Man Who Discovered United States Of America

Columbus was born on 31st October 1451 in Italy (The Republic of Genoa), to the son of Domenico Colombo a middle class wool weaver. His mother name was Susanna Fontanarossa. He was having 3 brothers & 1 sister. On 1479, he got married with the beautiful lady Dona Felipa, unfortunate he lost his wife after his son’s birth. His son’s name was Diego. He was born in 1480.  When Columbus was teenager he got his first job on merchant ship, in 1470s some French privateers’ attack on his ship when it was sailing on north. The whole ship was sunk, but the young man Columbus floated on some wooden scrap on the way of Lisbon. Who knew that the boy will change the world forever?

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Columbus started taking interest for westward voyages. He learned of the Atlantic Ocean voyages and sailors’ were reported of land to the west of the Madeira Islands and the Azores. Columbus accepted that Marco Polo’s erroneous location for Japan was 2,400 km east of China. Also he accepted that Ptolemy’s underestimation of the circumference of the Earth & the size of the Eurasian landmass. He started believing that Japan was about 4,800 km from west of Portugal & distance that marked sailed in existing vessels. Furthered by his suggestion of the Florentine cosmographer Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli. Columbus sought in 1484, support for an exploratory voyage from King John 2 of Portugal, but he got refusal and the Portuguese also underestimated the distance.

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Soon in 1485, Columbus went to Spain with his son there he spent seven years of his life to get support from Isabella I of Castile. Soon he was granted for that and he received from court, by giving a small annuity, and they gained both friends and enemies too. Again he got final refusal in 1492 made, then Columbus decided to go @ France, and he got his final call to Isabella proved successful. And then an agreement made between the crown and Columbus set the terms for the expedition.

The First Voyage

Pinta, Niña, and Santa María were outfitted for the minor port of Palos. Two brothers —  Alonso Pinzón, who got the command on Pinta, and his younger brother Vicente, who commanded on the Niña. They left Palos on August 3, 1492; rerigged the Niña is called a Canary Islands; and sailed to the west. On October 12, 1492, Columbus named San Salvador and historians later identified in Island in the Bahamas as Witling Island. In 1986 a group  that the true landfall was Samana Cay, 105 km to the south.

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A  friendly population that Columbus called Indians. After some time the expedition floated on to Cuba, the delegation was went to seek the court of the Mongol emperor of China and gold. Then in December they sailed towards east in Hispaniola, where, at Christmas, the  María was wrecked near Cap-Haïtien. He found that an Indians seemed friendly, because of that 39 men were left on the island for the settlement of Navidad till Columbus trun back  to Spain. He had sailed on west from the Canaries; and after that sailed north before heading east and so again found favorable winds, Alonso, who had explored with the Pinta, rejoined Columbus, but till that time the ships were separated at sea. In 1493, in the month of march Columbus finally landed in Lisbon and was interviewed by John II. Later he went to Palos & across Spain to Barcelona, over there he was warmly welcomed by Isabella and her husband. Columbus claimed that he reached islands just off the coast of Asia and brought with him gold, Indians and artifacts.

The Second Voyage

In 1493 Portuguese claims to Columbus that he discoveries led Pope Alexander VI for issuing papal bulls. The world into areas opened to colonization by Portugal & Spain. Both the nations moved into line of demarcation by 370 leagues on the west of the Cape Verde Islands by the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) and undertook colonization.

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Ferdinand and Isabella found by, Columbus sailed from Cádiz on his 2nd  voyage on 25th September, 1493. At this movement he as having total 17 ships with 1,500 men around. Again they stopped in the Canaries and made landfall on 3rd November, 1493,. The expedition sailed through Lesser Antilles; islands were named and sighted, and some were landed on.

The Third Voyage

In 1497 Columbus got the finally authorization to made a third voyage after the Portuguese had sent Vasco daGama off to India. On July 31 he made landfall on Trinidad, 1498 Despite difficulties in a crew, Columbus stared Spain in May 1498. With six ship,. The next day he reached the mainland and thus encountered South America.

Founded pearls at islands near the coast, the expedition then sailed across the Caribbean to Santo Domingo. There were in revolt, and Columbus soon had to face a royal commissioner, Francisco de Bobadilla, who arrived from Spain of 1500 best powers. Columbus brothers were removed the Columbus brothers from the government and sent them back to Spain in chains. Although the ship’s captain was willing to remove the shackles, Christopher insisted on going before Ferdinand and Isabella bound.

Fourth Voyage

Royal command after arrival in Cádiz in November 1500, he mounted a fourth expedition. May 1502 he left Spain, made a landfall at sailed and Martinique to Santo Domingo. After many problems he finally rescued, and he reached Spain in 23rd November 1504.

May 20, 1506, he was pressing his claims at court. He was in believed that he had reached Asia. He no longer had the crown and royal support had, from 1495 onward

HUB ZERO – LIVE THE GAME Place where all feel young & energetic

A visit to one of the most amazing place on the earth. Recently I had visited a theme park named “HUB ZERO – LIVE THE GAME” during our Dubai tour. Now let me tell you from the beginning. It was our summer vacation, I and my friends were planning to do something thrilling and adventurous, so we came up to this new place in Dubai named HUB ZERO – LIVE THE GAME. As the title states that it has a totally different zone where you can actually live what you normally see in game. We went to the venue; it is located at City Walk in Dubai.

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We bought the passes and entered the virtual zone of the gaming world. It has different categories of games whether it is for a kid or an adult. Mainly there were games based on Warfare and some action movies like Resident Evil etc.

Starting from the very first game called the “VIRTUAL ARENA” which was a totally new experience where they give 3D glasses and a Gun to kill the zombies. Yes you heard it right KILLING THE ZOMBIES, it’s like once the game starts you felt the horror of the zombies and once they start coming out of the house you start shooting them with the virtual gun. You actually feel the scratch on your face when they hit you. Awesome sound effects and 3D experience where you live the actual experience of the game during dubai tour packages.

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Then moving to another game, we were now even more excited to play new stuff. Moving on to the new zone called “HERO ZONE VERTICAL ADVENTURE”. In this zone they have all the practical games, basically all the adventure games like Rock climbing, rope way and many more. At first we felt like it’s not that hard or scary as the name states. But trust me once we begin to play we had a totally different opinion about the stuff they had. Rock climbing was quite fun. Then we went to the pole climbing where you are given a harness and they tie you with a rope and then you start climbing on the poles one by one till you reach the highest pole.

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Then we moved on to another game named “BATMAN Experience”. Initially it looked very easy but once I reached the top and then when I had to jump to catch the hanger. But then somehow I gathered the courage ( thanks to my friends who were cheering me up and also the staff of that zone even they started cheering me ) and I jumped.Trust me it was truly a BATMAN JUMP when he tries to get away from the prison in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

This place has definitely a lot to offer with numerous games for all the adventure lovers. A must visit from my side if you ever visit Dubai tours from Mumbai.

TOP 5 ways to remain TROUBLE-RESISTANT during your monsoon travel!

Can you resist traveling when monsoon spins the best of its magic and makes the world look like a gorgeous miracle? Velvety green landscapes to soothe your senses; dense clouds to make the scene look fairytale-ish; rain drops to stir a moist aroma in the air; gushing waterfalls, rushing rivers and the roaring oceans – can the traveler in you really keep away from feeling awakened and wooed? Nah! “But then, a monsoon travel comes with its own tricky side.” Oh yes, we know that. And, that’s why these smart travel tips from Flamingo for your hassle-free monsoon voyage!

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1. MONSOON DRESS CODE – keep it sensible, keep it practical.

Let the common sense guide the fashion lover in you! Avoid wearing light colored clothes during international trip as they tend to look dirty a lot quicker in this typically wet and messy weather. Carry some synthetic clothes as they dry out faster in case if you happen to get drenched. They won’t stink when you pack them back in a short time. Long sleeved tops and bottoms made out of comfortable and quick-to-dry material will protect you from dirty water, mosquitoes and other insects.

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2. A small list of ‘Don’t’s to avoid health hazards

  • Don’t drink water if you aren’t confident about its quality. Go for sealed bottled mineral water. Or, boil the water before you drink if mineral water bottles are not available. You can also carry the water purifying tablets; they might make the water taste a little weird but that’s better than falling sick!
  • Don’t feel tempted to eat food that’s kept uncovered for too long in public spaces. Avoid eating sliced fruits and random cold drinks from roadside.
  • Don’t feel shy to carry a bit of your own home cooked food. You will thank yourself later!

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3. Pack what’s practical, carry the monsoon essentials.

Along with the usual stuff like umbrellas, raincoats and monsoon footwear, also carry a few zip lock bags and silica bags – always handy to keep your valuables protected from water and moisture.  Carrying a torch, first aid kit and a mosquito repellent will make you a confident traveler during rainy days. A good book, cards and a few board games are always a good idea; just in case if you get stuck somewhere and venturing out gets delayed!

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4. Stay techno savvy.

Keep your Google Maps updated, GPS fully functioning and weather apps installed.  Keep yourself informed about the weather and road conditions of the area you are travelling to. A mobile charging bank is always a street smart thing to carry especially in this season.

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5. Stay safe. Stay sensible.                      

Well, nothing wrong in dropping a text to your family or friends telling them about the details of location on everyday basis. Yes, you have weather apps and all but nothing can beat the unpredictability of nature this season. In case of land-slides, storms or heavy rains, your folks got to know where to look for you to help, just in case!

Amazing Kerala Tour Packages with Flamingo

Everyone looks for a beautiful place to spend time at isn’t it? If you agree then for sure you too are someone who loves to travel and is looking for a beautiful travel destination. In this lovely world of ours and in the very beautiful country of India, lies the amazing state of Kerala. Kerala is also known as ‘God’s own country’ and there is no doubt on that. Kerala is situated in the southern part of India and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. With Kerala packages being available easily, it is very convenient to plan a holiday here.

When you visit Kerala, you will have a lot of options on interesting places to visit. Here we have a suggestion for you on a destination you can explore on your Kerala trip.

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Two Million Dollar Dinner in CE LA VI” Singapore – “That’s the Life

CE LA VI is located above the Skypark Observation Deck of Marina Bay Sands. It is a restaurant and Sky Bar is perched 200 meters on pinnacle on the resort which gives a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Singapore. The world of diamond a Russian company called this restaurant – “The world’s most expensive dining.”

This is a place which creates a unique fine dining experience with 360 degree views which arouses one’s senses. It is a sky-high hangout where some super rich people can relax, and can also enjoy the luxurious lunch or dinner on the roof top with Singapore Tour Packages.

Sinagpore tour packages

The restaurant recently celebrated the completion of six years in July 2016. It provides a couple luxury package which is of 8 hours, starting from a helicopter ride of the city of Singapore for 45 minutes, than towards the luxury cruise around the city which takes the couple to the CE LA VI Restaurant, and at the entrance the couple is welcomed with 10,000 roses along with 18 meals & a 2 carat diamond ring with a classic beautiful view of the city.


Singapore tour packages from Mumbai

  • A lovely flavor of traditional Asian recipes.
  • Options for indoor and outdoor dining to relax & enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Restaurant offers presentable & hygienic meals to their customers prepared by their award winning chefs.
  • Classic modern Asian dishes.
  • Premium grade vintage wines.


Singapore tour packages from Ahmedabad

  • An oasis overlooking a 360 degree panoramic view of Singapore city.
  • Enjoy sitting relaxed at the bar with some eclectic DJ Music.
  • A variety of different & fine cocktails.
  • International & classic signature drinks.

Customized senior ladies tour to Bali, Yogyakarta & Singapore

Age is just a Number !

A group of senior ladies bitten by the travel bug and their wishes backed by Flamingo’s perfect planning, personal care and expert execution – well, age definitely remains just a number in that case! Read on to know how a bunch of 30 elderly but enthusiastic women – aging between 58-80, had a time of their lives on their recent Bali tour and Singapore tour while we took care of everything else.

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SEMINYAK : The lovely senior ladies were completely swept off their feet by Bali’s mind-blowing natural beauty, rich culture, and heritage. To add to their joy, Flamingo bestowed them with a stay at Bali Dream Villas – a leisure resort cum tropical paradise that offered Balinese villas with private pools, lush green gardens, unforgettable hospitality, and entertainment! Their age-related predicaments were well taken care of by our on-trip manager Rehana Ansari; making them feel absolutely liberated and enthusiastic to make most out of the guided sightseeing, fun-filled water sports and exploring Seminyak. Well, this was Flamingo’s way of making the ladies fall in love with life all over again!

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UBUD : Up next for these happy hearts was Ubud. No prizes for guessing that the ladies were floored yet again by the Balinese splendour! While shopping and guided sightseeing that included in their tour package ruled their schedule outside of the hotel, the perks that they got to live inside The Visesa Resort & Spa also made them smile even brighter – Flamingo’s on-trip manager Rehana managed to get them free Yoga lessons, swimming pool dance with live music, spa and a delicious Balinese lunch!

Bali Tour Packages


Bali onwards, the group split. While some of the members left for Singapore with Flamingo manager Rehana, some left for Yogyakarta (Java) and were monitored by Rehana even while she herself was in Singapore. Yogyakarta saw this bunch of charged up women travellers feeling awestruck by UNESCO heritage sites, temples, palaces, castles, monuments, sculptures, local culture and what not! The local guide made it sure that they remain safe and completely attended to for their smallest needs – like getting ‘Khichdi’ prepared at the hotel on request by one of the ladies for the dinner, or taking them to restaurants that had Indian chefs cooking lip-smacking Indian food in the middle of Java,  for example! Needless to mention that their beautiful and comfortable stay at heritage hotel The Phoenix had won their hearts in style too.

Bali tour packages


The group reunited with the rest in Singapore after Yogyakarta. After spending a beautiful time in Indonesia over culture, heritage and tropical beauty, now was the time for some modern marvels. These wonderful senior women travellers were mesmerized by Gardens by The Bay for its beauty, concept and eco-friendly aspect. The Sound & Light show and the Singapore Tour with the flyer gave them an authentic feel of Singapore in a fun way. The shopping spree in Singapore was the cherry on the cake for the ladies, goes without saying!

Singapore with Bali tour packages

This bunch of lovely senior women came back to India with memories of a life time. So, now you too know what’s waiting for you. Pack your bags, wear your enthusiasm! Let your age wonder at you while you roam around the world with Flamingo!