6 Destinations Around The World Which Are Still Cheap Even When US Dollar Is Strong!

“If travelling was free, you would never see me again”, how often have you heard people saying this? Quite Often right! We cannot promise you free travels but if there is one thing which we can make you feel good about, it has to be certain places around the world where the US Dollar makes certain things affordable that were almost un-affordable sometime back. In these places, the exchange rate would be your greatest savior:

1. New Zealand: (1 USD= 1.47 NZD)

Until a couple of years ago, the NZ dollar and the US dollar were almost at parity. But, today one would never deny that it is the perfect time to take a New Zealand tour which is a paradise for the nature lovers. Considered to be an “insta-worthy” place, New Zealand is a mix of adventure sports which you can indulge into and at the same time find your own corner and peace for a calm and peaceful getaway. If you are a foodie, well! You might never want to leave New Zealand.

2. Argentina: (1 USD= 38.18 ARS)

It’s a matter of fact that out of all the countries, Argentina is one such country which offers most savings for dollar carriers. Some of the additional benefits for the American travellers is that the Argentine government has removed the 160$ “reciprocity fee” for all the US Citizens and the foreigners would be getting a refund for 21% value added tax on the hotel stays. The quaint and bustling cities of Argentina are surely going to swipe you off your feet.

3. Norway:  (1USD=8.57NOK)

Norway is said to be one of the most expensive countries (in terms of cost of living) that you can ever come across. Nonetheless, Norway has become relatively cheaper from the previous days. Once you have explored Oslo and all that it has to offer, there is no greater joy and lifetime accomplishment of watching the famous Norwegian fjords

4. Colombia: (1USD=3193.95COP)

The change in exchange rate has made Colombia one of the most accessible and easy going country out of all the other countries in South America. The country has been going through a renaissance of sorts in food, art and technology. The remote regions of Colombia offer some amazing eco-tourism spots which can be called as those lesser heard spots which no one generally talks about.

5. Indonesia: (1USD=14578.65IDR)

Today, Indonesia gives you a better value for money in terms of Dollar currency than it used to give you couple of years ago. The most obvious yet the best places where you can spend the rupiah include the beautiful place that Bali is and Yogyakarta. Bali Tour Packages takes you to places where you can expect to find rich amount of bio-diverse coral reefs from across the world.

6. Mexico: (1USD=20.36MXN)

Mexico is still recovering from the devastating earthquakes which occurred last year but with all it’s might, Mexico is a country which happens to be a delight for the lovers of street food and with all the cultural wonders it puts up in front of its tourists.

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World’s Tallest Statue Set To Be Inaugurated In India

The towering figure of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who was a popular political and social leader is set to be unveiled on October 31. The 597 feet tall statue of India’s freedom hero is going to stand above the Narmada river in the state of Gujarat. A total of 1850 metric tons of bronze has been spent in making the statue.

The announcement of this ambitious project was done way back in 2010 by the current prime minister Narendra Modi who was then the current chief minister of Gujarat. This new record holder would be taking over China’s Spring Temple Buddha which has held the status of tallest statue in the world since 2002.

Located 125 miles southeast of Ahmedabad, the total cost of this project has been 430 million dollar in total and 2500 laborers have worked hard for the final completion of the project. There were Chinese migrant workers as well who were assisting with the project.

The statue is expected to become a tourist destination and the viewing gallery near the chest of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel would give visitors a magnanimous view not only of the nearby lake but also of the Shool Paneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary which is a wildlife sanctuary yet to be explored by many Indians as well as locals of the state.

The Prime Minister’s project includes a museum, research and entertainment centre and a three star hotel which has been built in a nearby complex. Previously the tallest Indian statue was the Statue of Equality standing tall at 216 feet and honoring the Hindu Philosopher Ramanujan.

This global landmark might turn out as a famous tourist attraction!

Azerbaijan : An Off-Beat Destination You Have Been Missing Out On All This While

Azerbaijan finds itself safely tucked not only as a lesser known destination in Asia but also in between the Caspian and Black Seas. A vital crossroad between Asia and Europe, Azerbaijan has rich tales of history attached to its name if we happen to talk about it. So, for a fact let’s consider this, if history is something that fascinates you, this historically pleasing destination is what you might be looking for. With Baku, being its capital city, this country offers to its tourists what many UAE countries fail to. Without much anticipation, avail the Azerbaijan Tour Packages and set out on this tour to explore places which are forever going to find its place in your heart.

While you are on your Baku Tour, these places don’t deserve to be missed:

1. Highland Park:

Highland Park is one of those points which boast a panoramic view of the entire Baku City and will surely leave you mesmerized. And while you have finished appreciating what you came for, take out sometime to visit Alley of Martyrs, Milli Majlis, and Flame Towers which are at a stone throwaway distance from Highland Park.

2. Flame Towers:

Talk about brilliance in architecture and you would fall short of compliments while gazing at Flame Towers which happens to be the 620ft long and consists of apartments, office blocks and a hotel. Numbers don’t lie; hence it took a total of dedicated 5 years (2007-2012) to complete these towers which are divided into three buildings – South, East and West. The facades of these Flame Towers are turned into gigantic display screens with the use of more than 10,000 high power LED luminaries. Explore this famous attraction with our Azerbaijan Holiday Packages promising an unforgettable vacation.

3. Baku Boulevard:

Baku Boulevard stretches along a south facing bay on the Caspian Sea and if you love going on long walks, this place makes for one of the most scenic walking destination you can treat yourself with if you do not wish to be a part of the mad rush of life. If you are on a honeymoon or visiting Azerbaijan with your special someone, Baku Boulevard gives you a lovely backdrop to share some memorable moments. Baku Boulevard starts from the Freedom Square and continues to Old City and beyond towards the New Boulevard which is almost double the length.

4. Old City:

Old City is one of the most ancient gems of Baku and is surrounded by walls which speak in volumes about the rich history of the place revived in time. Boasting of historical and architectural monuments, the vibe of the old city goes unmatched. The Palace of Shirvanshahs and Maiden Tower also became the first location in Azerbaijan that was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Nizami Street:

Nizami Street’s total length is 3538 mts and calls for some serious shopping if you are in the mood for it. The popular street begins from Abdulla Shaig Street which is a mountainous part of the city and ends at a railroad bed on Sabit Orujov Street. You can easily trace the history of this street by the town planning which was done way back in 1864.

6. Gobustan National Park:

Gobustan National Park is the place which takes you back in time and transports you a different time zone with the multitudes of things which it has to offer. Archaeological monuments; more than 6000 rock carvings depicting primitive people, ritual dances, bullfights, camel caravans; mud volcanoes and gas-stones are some major highlights of this National Park which still stands the test of time after being declared as a National Historical Landmark in 1966.

7. Fire Mountain:

Approximately 25kms towards the north of Baku, you would come across Fire Mountain which has blazing bodies of flame dance on stone and floor. A natural gas fire called Yanar Dag blazes continuously on a hillside on the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea. Visit this Fire Mountain to make yourself go awe-struck by this natural wonder.

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You Know What? Sweden Lists Entire Country On Airbnb!

If Sweden has been on your travel plans for a long time, here is some hot news which you probably would not like to miss out on. The famous accommodation website AirBnb has listed Sweden on it’s website for FREE! Book a Scandinavian Tour Package so that you don’t have to face the minor hassles and confusions while you are on your trip, appreciating the beauty that Sweden is!

The free listing has come as a nod to Sweden’s long time law of “Right to roam” which gives any tourist the freedom to experience the Swedish nature without having to book an accommodation to visit the country or go to places you have always dreamed of.

In much simpler words, you can pitch your tent in any of the publicly owned land as long as you follow the decorum and discipline of not harming the nature and preserving the environment that is around you.

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According to President of Sweden,” You can camp or pick berries or hike everywhere, as long as you do not come too close to houses or disturb fields or animals that are grazing.”

Here is a list of things which you are allowed to do under “Freedom to Roam”

  • You are allowed to access any land apart from private residences.
  • You are allowed to collect flowers, mushrooms and berries.
  • You can take a swim in the lakes.
  • You are allowed to put up a tent.
  • You are allowed to drive on private roads unless there is a sign saying otherwise.
  • Fishing is allowed in any of the big five lakes and along the entire coastline.
  • You are allowed to access any beach as long as you are away from private residences.

Most of the countries consider taking tax from tourists on certain iconic sites but in Sweden you can very much make your way down to lakes and mountains as a responsible tourist.

Click here to check out some serene fjords in Scandinavia.

For those, who still don’t know the beauty of Sweden, Sweden is one of those Scandinavian Nation which boasts of coastal islands, inland lakes, boreal forests and glaciated mountains. With a mix of tourist attractions, Sweden has a medieval town, 50 bridges, a city like Stockholm which has been built on 14 islands (Yes, You read that right!) and royal palaces and museums. If you haven’t made  your travel plans, Scandinavian Package gives you the amazing opportunity to visit Sweden like never before with Flamingo Transworld.

All About Bollywood Park In Dubai : Dubai Parks And Resorts

Bollywood Park in Dubai is indeed the first theme park in the world which has been dedicated to Bollywood. Right from action, adventure, romance to music and dance-if there is anything that interests you as a Bollywood fan, you are going to find it right here. Dubai Packages are surely going to ensure that you do not miss out any of the key highlights that are present in Bollywood Park.

However, we too tell you about the list of attractions in this park:

1. Jaan-E-Jigar Musical Nights:

This thirty minute musical night gives you a mesmerizing experience wherein you get to see a world class execution of some live action, dance performances, drama and state of the art visuals in such a way that it shall keep you and your family amazed right from the very beginning to the end. The Raj Mahal Theater where these performances take place looks nothing less than a dreamy Bollywood set.

2. Cinemagic featuring Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:

Based on the famous film, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara you get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes from a Bollywood set. This is a family friendly show which gives its guests a chance to see the magic of film-making, post-production and some of them can even be a part of the action. The total duration of the show is for 30 minutes. Fulfill your movie fantasies on your Dubai Tour.

3. Dabbang- Stunt Spectacular Show:

This explosive spectacle is a thing to remember as one gets to see Chulbul Pandey fighting for his life amidst explosions and bullets to rescue his love. Apart from the action packed adventure, you can also brace yourselves for some one-liners, Bollywood dance and music. The shows are not available on Mondays

4. Sholay-The Hunt for Gabbar Singh:

In this rustic 3D zone you have to fight against Gabbar Singh and his fellow dacoits while you are armed with laser guns in your hand. Compete with your friends to score the higher number of hits and treat yourself to some mangoes when you aim for the fruits on the tree.

5. Raj Mahal Theatre:

Raj Mahal Theatre is an amusing Bollywood Theater Set that has a capacity of more than 800 seats and consists of all the grandeur and poise of the ancient Indian cinema with new age technology. This set draws its inspiration from the royal palaces of India and creates a perfect backdrop for live shows. This theater also plays host to private weddings and other events.

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Five Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka At-least Once In Your Lifetime!

Sri-Lanka is supposedly one of the most alluring destinations you would ever visit in Asia. Consider it a synonym for leisure holidays, Sri Lanka has got everything under its sleeve that makes tourists fall in love with it. Therefore, avail Sri Lanka Holiday Tour Packages to make your vacation free from the buzz of daily mundane, because we give reasons to visit Sri Lanka you simply cannot ignore:

Immerse yourself in the splendid vibes of Sri Lanka and you would come back to this country for more. Check out reasons why you should take off to Sri Lanka for your upcoming holiday.

1. Friendly and Easy Going People:

If you think Sri-Lanka is only about stunning landscapes, impressive temples and wanderlust beaches then you need to know about the amazing people which make Sri Lanka a tourist friendly place. People are ready to welcome you with their ever-smiling faces and you can sense a warm welcome in their gestures. Being a multi-cultural country, Sri Lankans take pride in inviting guests to their house and being hospitable them. Unlike any other country, you can always say a hello to Sri Lankans walking down the street and they would consider it as an appreciable gesture.

2. Alluring Beaches:

Being an island nation, Sri Lanka takes pride in its beaches. Sri Lanka has beaches that are suitable for every mood of yours. The vivid noise that comes out of the waves crashing into small cliffs gives you a joy which is surely unmatched. Apart from enjoying the exquisite beauty of the beaches of Sri Lanka you can also partake into several activities that make the destination even more happening. Kalpitiya and Mirissa are two such beaches where you are going to come across dolphins and blue whales off the coast. Visit Unawatuna if you wish to stay in glorious hotels by the beach.

3. Ancient Temples and Ruins:

Sri Lanka is an equal delight for all the lovers of history, mythology and beyond. Many heritage and ancient temples dot the sacred city of Kandy. Sigriya Rock which is located in the central district of Sri Lanka is surely a must-see. An old rock fortress and a palace ruin encompass the remains of a cluster of gardens and other structures.

4. Varied Wildlife:

If you are a wild-life enthusiast or even if you aren’t, the 14 national parks and national reserves are going to be a treat for you to say the least. 91 mammals including leopards, sloth-bear, hog, wild-boar, civet cat etc make you encompassed to the wildlife diversity that exists in this country. Seeing the elephants is a great experience at the Pinnawela Elephant Orphange where baby elephants are hurdled in groups and many of them have patches with no skin color. The high degree of biological diversity is definitely nothing less to what you would be experiencing in Africa. Explore the Pinnawela Elephant Orphange with Flamingo’s 8 days Scenic Sri Lanka with Dambula package.

5. Unique Food:

The food that is served in Sri Lanka is a delight for all the food lovers. Dig into the local food while you are exploring the country and make sure you do not miss out on Kiribath, Lamprais. Apart from engaging varieties of food, you should also not miss out on having chai as you are going to be treated with several varieties of tea.

Sri Lanka Holiday Packages is indeed the perfect way in which you can plan your journey to Sri Lanka.

India’s First Luxury Cruise Is All Set To Sail From 1st October!

India’s first luxury cruise which would be operating from Mumbai-Goa is all set to sail from 1st October 2018. The capacity of the cruise would be 500 people. The much talked about cruise service from Mumbai To Goa has already been in recent news and cruise-lovers have been waiting in anticipation for this day.

The cruise ship is named as Angriya after the first Maratha Navy Admiral and will be operating on alternate days from either Mumbai or Goa. You can board the cruise at the Victoria Dock, Mazgaon. There shall be seven various kinds of booking categories and the minimum fare has been set for at INR 7500/- per person. The first cruise ship is going to boast of 100 cabins across various categories.

The cruise shall begin its journey at 5 pm and would take a total time of 15 hours to reach the said destination. Angriya comes with eight different kinds of restaurants on the deck alongside cafes and 24*7 coffee shops to make you feel at ease. Apart from this, a recreation room, spa, swimming pool on the deck, disco and a fancy lounge have been set up just in case you are bored (but we are sure you wouldn’t) gazing at the spell bounding views of the Western Ghats and Konkan Range.

The Union Shipping Minister of India, Nitin Gadkari said that the ministry is investing a total of 1,000 crore to build a cruise terminal in the port area of Mumbai. According to him, the country receives 80 cruise liners but the government plans to take the number of cruise liners to 950 in the next five years. As part of the cruise tourism, two floating restaurants would also be coming up in Mumbai.

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The ministry has also asked all the ports in India to set up a cruise terminal and the government shall be providing Rs 800 crore to Shipping Corporation of India to purchase the boats.

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New York City Is All Set To Get A Museum In The Form Of A Pizza Museum

New York City is all popped up to get its first Pizza Museum and that is definitely some news for the pizza lovers in town. The Pizza Museum is going to open its doors to the tourists from October 13th to October 28th. This museum which is dedicated to the cheesy, indulgent world of spices and pies isn’t a very conventional museum but boasts of being an experimental museum.

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If you are a social media crazy person and putting up stories, doing check-ins is your thing then you need to purchase a ticket for 35$ and you can immerse yourself in pizza inspired zones such as cheese cave, pizza art gallery and a pizza beach. Although, the pictures of these themed zones are yet to be revealed, we can sense something insta-worthy.  However, the ones who are not much into the social media scenes and do not love to flaunt, need not be disappointed. Apart from talking loud about your social media brands you also get an opportunity to dig into amazing range of pizza slices.


The great minds behind the Museum of Pizza will release a full-fledged information about the virtual experience of this museum, the guest list, the films that are going to be screened and the most awaited thing-the museum’s physical address in the first week of October.

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New York is not at all a new place where food museums have been introduced, in the recent past a Museum of Ice Cream and Color Factory have already gained much attention and popularity. So before the final details are revealed, all you need to do is book your tickets for the museum and keep yourself updated with its website.

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Places To Visit In Vietnam And Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia are two of the most beautiful South East Nations, they are a travellers delight and once you avail Vietnam Cambodia Tour Packages you are surely going to see the best of what both these nations have in store for you.

So, here is a list of places which surely doesn’t demand to be missed out on when you are in Vietnam or Cambodia


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is famous for it’s old architecture and rich culture. South East Asian, Chinese and French influences are almost visible while you roam around the city. Little temples dot Hanoi and the streets are busy with trade practices. Among the many little temples, Bach Ma is one of the most famous one as it honors a legendary horse. Dong Xuan Market is one of the most famous markets because of the household goods which it sold here and the street food.

2. Chu Chi tunnel Tour:

The tunnels of Chu Chi are a network of underground tunnels which are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. These tunnels were hiding spots of the soldiers during the Vietnam War. Being popular attractions, the visitors are told to crawl in the safer parts of the tunnels. To give a glimpse of the past, visitors can also visit the conferences rooms and eat the food which was eaten during older days.

3. Mekong Delta:

Mekong Delta greets its tourists with a multitude of things like rivers, swamps, islands and is also home to floating markets. The major means of transportation here are the boats which makes the world afloat. The top attractions which you should consider while visiting Mekong Delta are Sao Beach, Cai Rang Floating Market, and Pirate Island etc.

4. Angkor Wat Temple Tour:

Located in Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and was originally constructed as a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are tours which can be arranged here from morning till evening and provides a variety of sightseeing tour options.

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Here’s All You Need To Know About Costa Cruise

Costa Cruise takes you to the most beautiful corners of the world and provides a cruise experience which definitely cannot be missed out on. Costa Cruise experience is surely going to turn out to be a fun one if you avail the Singapore Holiday Tour Packages. Here is a list of important things which Costa Cruise offers:

1. From Where to Where?

Singapore Malaysia tour packages

If you board the Costa Cruise in Asia you would be taken to amazing places like Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

2. Shopping On Cruise:

Singapore Malaysia holiday tours

When you board the Costa Cruise, not only can you become a traveller but also a shopaholic with all the wide range of shopping options that are available right from jewelleries, watches, accessories, cosmetics and souvenirs. There are also many deals and offers that you can opt for while shopping. Costa Cruise gives you opportunities for duty free shopping as well.

3. Sports On Cruise:

Singapore Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai

Costa Cruises are designed in such a way that fitness remains a priority even when you are travelling. There are a multitude of indoors as well as outdoor sports on Costa Cruise which shall make your trip even more fun with a game or two, be it basketball or bowling.

4. Spa Facilities:

Singapore Malaysia holiday packages

The spa facilities which are offered on Costa Cruise are beyond comparison as they believe in regeneration of mind and body. Their beautiful salon gives you time to book a manicure foe a special evening and the fully equipped wellness centre offers detox with a steam bath, sauna and relax in Jacuzzi and also yoga pilates. Samsara Spa is one of the most well known spa on the costa cruise.

5. 4D Cinema:

Singapore Malaysia tour packages from Ahmedabad

Entertainment is on board when you are on Costa Cruise as it offers you with 4D cinema on Costa Diadema, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Favolasa, Costa Serena for the most amazing movie experiences you ever had. Grand Prix Stimulator is also one of the most amazing things which doesn’t demand to be missed.

6. Fun all night:

Singapore Malaysia packages

Dinner is like a grand feast when you are on Costa Cruise, with amazing spreads and Michelin starred Italian Chef, you would surely be at peace with the cuisines that are served here. After you are done dining you can partake into a multitude of other experiences like theater shows wherein magicians, artists, acrobats showcase their skills. There are casinos and theme based parties as well.

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