World’s First Underwater Villa Has Officially Opened In Maldives

If you have been staying in villas all this while on your vacation, then your Maldives tour is definitely going to be an amazing affair, because your villa experience would just get a majestic turn-around. Maldives is now home to the first underwater villa which is definitely more than a dream come true. All you need to do is, avail the Maldives tour packages from Ahmedabad and set out on this beautiful journey.

The villa has been named as “Muraka” which means coral and is a two level structure. The upper level which is above water is the living area while the main bedroom is under the water. The suites provide you crystal clear panoramic views of the ocean and the marine wildlife. The king size bed allows you to live a king size life where you can be in the company of various differently colored fishes.

The upper level is equally luxurious and is connected by a spiral staircase and you can also find your comfort in two other bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, kitchen, bar and a relaxation deck which gives you the best views of the sunrise. As dreamy as it might sound, the Conrad has gone an extra mile by adding a Butler’s Corner which promises as a perfect fit for the family where up to nine people can fit into the Muraka.

The total cost of this project was $15 million and although the rates might be fairly high at the time of booking, if you are looking for an experience, there is no better stay-cation experience than checking in at Muraka. Their in-house restaurant is also a thing for all the foodies out there and if you are a party lover or someone who enjoys serenity, Muraka has you covered with all kinds of amenities.

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Popular Denmark Festivals To Experience The Warmth Of Europe

Denmark is one of the liveliest country you would come across in Europe. The festivals in Denmark range from religious rituals to royal celebrations, sports events and much more. In Denmark, music is one of those things which connects everybody hence the music festivals in Denmark are also something that one needs to attend. All you need to do is choose your Scandinavia Holiday Tour Package. Here we tell you about the popular Denmark festivals which you should make yourself a part of our Europe Holiday Tour Packages

1. The Rock Festival

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The Rock Festival is regarded as the country’s biggest public event where more than 80,000 people come together to celebrate joy and music. More than 170 domestic and global bands head to the rock festival which takes part in Rosklide which lies at a distance of 35 kms from Copenhagen. All the money that is collected in this festival goes into the charity.

2. Copenhagen Jazz Festival

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival is one of the most stunning and inspirational time in Europe which takes place in the month of July. This capital of Denmark is very scenic and there are special performances which you can see on the streets which make Denmark look even more beautiful.

3. Smukest Festival

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Smukfest Festival is one of the major rock events in Denmark and the concerts here are held by the lake in thick forests and near the town of Skanderborg. Smukfest Festival too, attracts many fans from round the world but apart from the big brands, there are local musicians too, who get a chance to showcase their skills.

4. Aarhus Festuge

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Aarhus is home to the biggest yearly festival in the world where visitors enjoy the best of wide attractions and various other cultural shows such as local bands, dance, documentaries, cultural workshops and delicious cuisines which go on from a period of August to September. In this fest, the festivities include parks, civil halls, churches and various other community buildings which are throughout the city of Aarhus.

These are some of the best Denmark festivals which you can be a part of with the International Tour Packages.

Why Prague Is Most Visited City In Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe should be in your bucket-list if you are planning a Europe Tour anytime soon. Europe Holiday Tour Packages make your trip to the beautiful places of Eastern Europe a dreamy affair to say the least. Prague is one of the most beautiful places which you would visit on your trip to Eastern Europe. If you have always wanted to visit Prague and check off the best tourist attractions from your bucket-list then here are the reasons that would tempt you to visit Prague right now.

1. Architectural Masterpieces

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Prague boasts of finest architectural masterpieces you would surely love to witness. Major part of the city wasn’t damaged during the World War and that is a prime reason why the impressive historical buildings of Prague are still seen today in full might. If you are a fond lover of history and architecture, you would very well notice the mix of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture which is hard to find in any other part of Europe.

2. Oldest Bridges

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Prague boasts of amazing bridges which go back into the rich history of time. Walking on the bridges of Prague is like walking amidst rich history which you would have loved to be a part of. One of the most popular attraction of the bridge, the only pedestrian bridge that survived floods and the world war is decorated with 30 statues that represent saints and is a very popular tourist destination.

3. Cheapest capital city in Europe

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Prague is undoubtedly one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe where you get an unlimited monthly transport ticket for any public transport that you wish to avail. Since Prague has amazing museums, you would find some really beautiful museums that are free of cost. Even dining in Prague is not much of a big expense as you get the best food at reasonable rates.

4. Prague’s amazing festivals

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The festivals at Prague are a reason why there are a large number of tourists that come to visit Prague during the summer months which attracts a large number of festivals, live music, floating beer gardens and many other larger than life events which give you the best experience on a holiday. During winters, you would come across the Christmas markets which make your Christmas in Prague truly memorable with our East Europe Tours.



Best Wine Tasting Estates In South Africa

If you are planning a South Africa Tour anytime soon then don’t forget to visit some of the most touristic locations that this country has to offer. But if you are a wine lover, do ensure that you take out some time from your schedule and visit the winery estates that would add even more glory to your vacation. Avail the South Africa Packages and make your way down to these wine tasting estates:

1. Lanzerac Wine Estate:

The best reason why you would love to visit Lanzerac Wine Estate is because it makes wine amateurs feel as if they are proper connoisseurs. Considered to be one of the nicest wine estates in Stellenbosch, this wine estate finds itself amidst a very beautiful setting as it offers you with some mind-blowing views of the mountains and valley. Founded in 1692, this wine estate also includes a fantastic deli where you can enjoy some lip-smacking meals.

2. Middelvlei:

Ten minutes’ drive from the town centre, you would come across Middelvlei, where the Momberg family have been crafting their own wine for more than 100 years. This estate offers you with loads of other interesting activities but being a wine lover you would surely not like the idea of missing the wine tasting sessions. Here, you get proper sessions wherein you are instructed on how you can get the perfect blend of wine. The meals after the wine tasting are one of the best things that would make your day complete.

3. Spier Wine Farm:

Spier Wine Farm is regarded as one of the best wine estates in Stellenbosch for it’s involved with giving back to the community and being environment friendly as well. Being cent percent responsible as well as sustainable, Spier Wine Farm is one of the oldest wine farms in South Africa. One of the most note-worthy thing you would see here is that this wine farm recycles its waste water which after cleaning is used for irrigation and other purposes. Spier is more than farm, as it’s an interesting place where you can spend your days trying to pamper yourself with traditional wine tasting sessions, amazing meals etc.

4. Muratie Estate:

Muratie Estate is a vintage estate that promises you with everything old school, right from their restaurant decors to the wine tasting rooms. Founding in the 1600’s, this is one of the oldest farm in South Africa and the old couches and the vintage feel of this estate makes your wine-tasting experience, an amazing affair to say the least. Their restaurant is also where you should head to for a tasty meal and if you are in a mood to have some wine.

All in all, these wine estates are exactly what you need to make the most of an off-beat experience on South Africa Tour.

5 Fun Things to do in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most amazing destinations you can ever make your way down to, to make your vacation one of the most exciting affairs ever. Avail the South Africa Packages as we tell you about a list of things which do not demand to be missed in South Africa.

1. Check In At Cape Point

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Doing a Facebook Check-in at Cape Point is surely one of the most unique and unusual check-ins’ you would ever do in your entire lifetime. Considered to be Africa’s most south-westerly point, it has presided over a shipwreck. If you are in search of ostriches, you can always hike up to the Cape of Good Hope for some excellent views!

2. Capture the perfect sunset

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If you are a fan of sunsets, you would surely love to see the sunsets in South Africa. Some of the most amazing places where you would love to view the sunsets are Twelve Apostles Mountain, the pink streaked skies which can be viewed at most of the parts in South Africa and Camps Bay which is one of the most iconic place for capturing a perfect sunset. All you need to do is grab a gelato by the beach and mesmerize yourself with the beautiful sunsets.

3. Learn surfing in Durban

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The coastline of South Africa boasts some of the best surfs in the world. Durban is considered to be the most happening surf city, so if you intend to make the most of your surfing plans, Durban is where you need to head to. This city offers you with the best of golden beaches and warm waters. If you are a beginner, it is always advisable to head to Addington beach as it prevents you from larger swells.

4. Take a selfie with a penguin at Boulders Beach

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Head to Boulders Beach to capture the most perfect selfie with the African penguins who are in very large numbers. Even though getting too close to these penguins is restricted, you can always make the most of your selfie stick and catch those penguins in your frame and make it look like an insta-worthy picture.

5. Explore Johannesburg

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South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg is indeed one of those pretty places that offers anything and everything to it’s tourists. Right from offering an amazing nightlife to its tourists to showcasing you the culture of South Africa, Johannesburg is the city which has got several things in store for you.

Choose your tour package with Flamingo Transworld to make your South Africa Tour hassle free.

Facts About Bali Every Traveler Must Know!

Bali is indeed one of the most beautiful tourist destinations you would ever love to be at. But before you plan a Bali trip, there are a list of facts that you need to take a note of before you set out on one of the most amazing holidays of your life. Avail the Bali Holiday Tour Packages to make your holidays a lovely affair!

1. Twin Volcanoes:

Bali tour packages

Bali boasts of twin active volcanoes which are a major tourist attraction. One of the two volcanos, Mount Batur is at a height of 5600 ft and the other volcano is at Mount Agung which is at a height of 10,000 feet.  Both of these active volcanoes have attracted a fair amount of tourists over the past few years.

2. No Entrance Gate Policy:

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Since Bali welcomes everyone with open arms, they have a no –entrance gate policy and that is a prime reason why you would not see many entrance gates. It is said that earlier in the past, having an entrance gate was considered a taboo.

3. Land Of Two Seasons:

Bali honeymoon packages

Bali is said to be a land of two seasons. One season is the dry season which comes in between April to October and the other is the wet season that goes on from October to April. Since Bali enjoys a tropical climate, the overall temperature here remains moderate. So, it won’t be wrong to say that Bali is an ideal place throughout the year.

4. Black Sand:

Bali tour packages from ahmedabad

The beaches of Bali comprise of Black Sand and that is because of the hosts of volcanoes that have erupted in the past, making the sand of Bali beaches look black. These beaches look extremely beautiful during night because of the black sand as it amalgamates with the darkness creating euphoria of colors.

5. Varieties Of Dolphins:

Bali tour packages from Mumbai

As weird as it might sound but Bali has various kinds of dolphins which are located in the north of Bali Lovina. There are not one but at least five varieties of dolphins which you are going to find in Bali. So, if you are a dolphin lover and willing to get up-close with these dolphins then your purpose would be solved.

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Hong Kong All Set To Build A $79 Billion Artificial Island

The city officials declared that Hong Kong is planning to build one of the world’s largest artificial island at a mind boggling cost of $79 billion.

The authorities further stated that they hope to start working on the island by 2025 which will allow the residents to move to this island by 2032. The artificial island will be city’s most expensive infrastructure project and four times more than the total cost of building the Hong Kong International Airport.

This man-made island would be three times the size of New York’s Central Park and would provide up-to 2,60,000 flats, more than 70 percent of what will be used for public housing.

There has been a housing shortage in the city and Lantau is being seen a pressing solution for the same. More than providing a housing solution and bettering the needs of people, this artificial island would also turn out to be as a tourist attraction for the tourists who would visiting Hong Kong on their Hong Kong Tour Package.

This entire project would cost more than the famous Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, so you can imagine what sort of an amazing wonder would this artificial island turn out to be.

Wish-list For 2019 with Flamingo!

Travel with Flamingo to these amazing places which are indeed the best destinations where you would love to spend your holidays. These destinations promise you with the best of travel and adventure opportunities which you should experience to make your 2019 a special one. Plan your holiday package to a destination of your choice with Flamingo!

1. Cape Town, South Africa

This port city which lies on the southwest coast of South Africa is famous for a lot of reasons. Lying on a peninsula beneath the Table Mountain, there are many things which you would love to do here; right from the rotating cable cars to the mountain’s flat top and the busy harbor and Robben Islands, Cape Town ensures that you aren’t bored. Plan your South Africa tour right away!

2. Tokyo, Japan

If you are in search of a vacation which gives you a perfect amalgamation of ultra-modern and traditional then Tokyo, the capital city of Japan is your kind of vacation. The neon lit skyscrapers, historic temples, many museums in the city exhibiting classical theater are a pure delight for the tourists on Japan tour.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul showcases the cultural influences of the several empires which once used to rule here. This place carries with itself a very rich history in the form of the open air, Roman era hippodrome which for centuries used to be the site of chariot races. Not only that, being located on both sides of Bosphorus, the narrow strait reflects in volumes about Europe and Asia. Explore Istanbul with our Turkey Holiday packages

4. Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary, Budapest has something for everyone and boasts of a dramatic history with flamboyant architecture that offers you with a nightlife you won’t ever forget. Other things which are an absolute blessing in Budapest are hot springs and good Hungarian food which are surely going to enthral your soul. East Europe Tour Packages is something that won’t disappoint you!

5. Marrakech, Morocco

The city’s fondness for Artisan heritage, ancient artistry, contemporary art and design is surely going to be etched in your heart forever. This old imperial capital has over time developed into a vibrant caravan town which gives it’s tourists some of the best options to shop, and shop best.

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Also known as Saigon, culture and commerce are the two words which describe the vibe of this city. Wandering through the timeless alleys and incense infused temples would make you believe that you are on a different zone. However, the energy of this city would never settle you for anything less and you would be left with no other option but to explore.

7. Oaxaca City, Mexico

A city in central Mexico, Oaxaca City is well known for its colonial buildings, many of them which have been made from the green volcanic stone. The colorful murals depict the regional history while the food served here would be a gastronomically pleasing affair.

Flamingo Transworld would ensure that your wish list for 2019 is nothing less than amazing.

Food Festivals In USA For All Foodies Out There!

If you are in USA and in a quest to find out what USA has in store for you in terms of a gastronomic adventure, then we have made a list of happening food festivals in USA which you might certainly wish to be a part of. USA Holiday Tour Packages ensures that tourists do not miss out having a gala time at these curated festivals:

1. Taste of Chicago:

Taste of Chicago is considered to be one of the largest food festivals in the world which takes place in the month of July. It is held in Grant Park and features some of the top-notch handpicked cuisines from the city. Apart from Chicago Pizza, hot dogs and more you can also expect some amazing musical events to keep you grooving.

2. NYC Wine And Food Festival:

This happening four day food festival which takes place in New York features individual tastings, dinners, happy hours from some of the best chefs in USA. The best that you can expect at the NYC Wine and Food Festival is the when you savour the world class cuisines and also attend educational seminars. It is organised mostly in the month of October so book you tickets in advance to not miss out on the exciting cuisines and dishes.

3. Los Angeles Food And Wine Festival:

USA tour packages

This four day event which takes place in the month of August brings together some of the best chefs, sommeliers, and wine experts to make the most of this culinary experience. After you are done tasting food and sampling wine, you can always stay back for some late night party.

4. Oyesterfest Music Festival:

USA holiday tour packages

Oysterfest Music Festival, held in the month of June is one of the best festivals for both foodies as well as the musicians. Not only are the DJ sets famous here but also the wide variety of food that is laid out for everyone who come to be a part of this fest.

5. San Diego Food And Wine Festival:

USA holiday packages

If there is one festival which you should attend only for its amazing backdrop, it has to be this one, usually executed in the month of November. Sailboats and sandy beaches serve as amazing backdrops while the front end is buzzing with loads of events, local culinary legends and food enthusiasts celebrating food and hundreds of domestic and international wineries.

7. Eat Drink San Francisco:

USA packages

This premier annual food and wine festival introduces you to the best of everything. Right from an ultimate culinary extravaganza to happening events all around, if you are in SF in the month of August, you got to make your way down to this food festival.

8. A Taste Of Colorado:

USA tour packages from Ahmedabad

Denver’s favorite restaurants and food producers come together for a lovely community celebration that is all about food, music and entertainment. While food is the most obvious thing that would make you go awe-struck, three hundred stalls which feature arts and crafts are surely going to catch your attention. Plan your trip around the month of August and September to experience the taste of Colorado.

Make yourself a part of the USA Group Tours if you wish to attend any of these food festivals.

Facts That Will Make You Crave A Holiday To South Africa

If you have a South Africa Tour in your mind with your friends and family, then you straightaway need to avail the South Africa Tour Packages which will make your tour interesting; just like these facts which are unheard of and reading this would surely tempt you to visit South Africa.

1. 11 Languages are spoken in South Africa

South Africa being a diverse region, there are eleven languages that are spoken in this country which makes it culturally very interesting. If you take a keen interest in culture and languages, getting acquainted to any one of these languages would take you back in history.

2. Country is known as the Rainbow Nation

Many might not know this, but South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation which was a term that was coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu after it’s first fully democratic election.

3. Route 62 is considered the longest wine route in the world

Route 62 is a tourist route that leads through the wine growing areas like Wellington, Tulbagh, Worcestor, Robertson making it one of the largest routes in the world. Wine tours, safari rides, tribal art, cultural tours, fishing, caving and even sky-diving are some of the famous adventures which can be enjoyed on this route.

4. Home to the highest commercial bungee jump in the world

If you are an adventure seeker then the Bloukrans Bridge Bungy which is located at a height of 709 ft above the Bloukrans river will surely make your bungee jump memorable. The location of this Bungee jump is also located in between the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape of South Africa’s Golden Route.

5. Johannesburg contains more trees than any other city in the world

According to reliable sources, Johannesburg is home to more than six million trees and looks like a rain-forest on satellite images. Without any doubt, Johannesburg can claim to be the most wooded city in the world.

6. South Africa is the only producer of Rotibos Tea

If you are a tea lover, you wouldn’t mind indulging in Rotibos tea which is a tea having excellent health benefits. Rotibos Tea is grown in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa.

7. The largest diamond in the world was found here

The largest diamond in the world that weighed nearly 3,106 carat cullinan was found near Pretoria in South Africa by Sir Thomas Cullinan in 1905. Further, the diamond was given to King Edward Seven as a gift.

Avail the South Africa Tour Packages with Flamingo Transworld now for a memorable South Africa trip.