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About America Honeymoon Tour Packages
The USA is an amazing destination for Honeymoon. The USA is known as the melting point of culture. No wonder people from all creeds and walks of life come here to fulfill all their dreams and aspirations, and it is a very famous place for spending vacations and honeymoon. People here are very warm and welcoming and can strike a conversation with just like anybody. The USA is a perfect blend of the things that nature has to offer. Sunbathing in Hawaii, soaking in the astonishing beauty of the California beaches, experiencing trekking in Glacier National park, a heavenly ski trip in Utah or taking a long road trip in deserts of Vegas, one can count on the USA to deliver unique experiences like never before. People say many things about the USA, but it can truly be felt only when one experiences the environment, breathes the air over there, it's just different and amazing. The USA is a mix of terrains; therefore, you can get the best of all worlds. There is so much more to the US than coffee, movies, baseball, and its huge architectural buildings. Give a treat to yourself in the bliss of the authentic aura of New York, become a party animal in LA or try your lady luck in Vegas. Being a tourist in this country is an amazing experience. Treat yourself and your soul with a trip to the USA now with Flamingo Transworld.

Let us plan the most memorable trip of your life. We know exactly what our customers like. Flamingo Transworld provides a wide range of hotels, resorts and villas, and some world-class activities. Whether you are a serious underline junkie or dedicated beach person, the USA delivers. All the places that you will visit in our USA Honeymoon tour package are tried and tested; hence we ensure you that it will be the most memorable time of your lifetime. Check out the hotels and flights on Flamingo’s hotel portal which offers you a wide range of options to choose from. The USA is worth considering as the ideal honeymoon destination, lay days on the beach, swimming in clean waters, thrilling game drives, city life at an affordable cost makes the USA the place to consider as you begin the rest of your lives together.

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USA Honeymoon Tour Packages



Hawaiian Honeymoon

9 Nights
/ 10 Days

Rs. 1,10,870 Onwards

Hawaii Wonder Self Drive

14 Nights / 15 Days

Rs. 1,57,250 Onwards

Honeymoon In Mexico

9 Nights
/ 10 Days

Rs. 2,90,580 Onwards

How to Reach USA
Traveling to the USA by flight
All the metropolis cities of the USA like New York, Boston, Chicago, etc have their international airports and operate hundreds of flights every single day. Flying to the USA is, therefore, one of the best and fastest options. Almost all the major airlines such as British airlines, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Etihad and Air India are few carriers that fly to the USA regularly.

One can easily take a flight from Mumbai to reach Chicago. The flight has a stopover at Newark Liberty and then San Francisco and finally, it arrives at Chico municipal airport. If one is boarding a flight from Bangalore, one can board a flight up to Atlanta with a single connecting flight from Dubai to reach Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. People who are looking to take a flight from Delhi can board a flight from Delhi international airport to Canada and then go to whatever destination you have decided either by boarding another flight or by road.

Traveling to the USA by Sea
Traveling to the USA from India by sea will take a minimum of 20 days. Because of seasickness, it will not be a comfortable journey. But if someone is very keen on traveling by cruise to the USA then it is advisable to board one from Europe or can also take a private boat. The two main ports for such private boats are in Los Angeles and Florida. This mode of transportation is rarely used by people nowadays, but it is still an option.

Places to visit in the USA
Thinking from where to begin? Here are the places to visit in the USA

The Grand Canyon, Arizona
Even the teenagers are impressed by Mother Nature’s handwork. 18 mile wide, 1 mile deep and 277 miles long. Stay on the Grand Canyon rim and watch the sunset, Flyover Rainbow Bridge National Monument, ride in the Bryce canyon with the cowboys. This is one of the most attractive places in the USA and should be there on your bucket list.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
You must have volcanoes erupting in movies, see in live here. Molten lava spilling down the mountainside, ash, and steam when it hits the sea, the smell of Sulphur and the special effects in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park onto any movie. You can see all of these things here on the big island of Hawaii with Trail finders. One can drive around the crater, look down from a helicopter. But there is so much more here than this tropical rain forest; coffee plantation; white, green and even black beaches. Pay a visit to Hawaii and you will never experience anything more exciting than this.

Yellow Stone National Park
The world’s first national park deserves more than just a drive through it. So, indulge yourself in the wilderness of Grand USA Adventures. On this extremely bizarre trip do camping, hike and track wolves, spot bison and moose, see the old natural geyser and hot springs, and one thing that everyone on this planet should do here is sleep under the sky full of stars.

USA’s Giant Alaska
Alaska is twice as big as France. Alaska is home to just 750000 people. During summer’s day are long, visit Katmai National Park and see brown and grizzly bears gorging. Take a trip to remote villages, the Arctic Circle and Wrangell St Elias, the US’s largest national park. Try new things like go rafting, canoeing, and climbing. If you are visiting Alaska in winters, go for northern lights, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

The Statue of Liberty
Since 1886, this copper statue at New York harbor’s entrance has welcomed affluent cruise passengers and immigrants. This statue is 150 feet tall. Get there with Statue Cruises, the official ferry. Book everything in advance and climb up the crown. Then one can also see the Immigration Museum and Ellis Island.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Finished 75 years ago, this colossal sculpture features four presidents, who shaped USA’s History those are Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. It took approximately 14 years to carve this mountain in South Dakota’s Black hill by Sculptor Gutzon Borglum and 400 workers. Get up close on a ranger-led walk; return for the evening lighting ceremony. One can also do camping here.

Walt Disney World: Florida
One can visit numerous times in this place but every time there would be something that you didn’t see earlier. Visit The world of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as well as a seven-hour Star Wars guided tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Explore both the park's entertainment and districts, relax at all-star Music resorts. Have an amazing time.

Things to do in the USA
There are so many things that one could do in this vast continent to entertain themselves. But here are a few things to do in the USA and which should be your priority.

Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston
If you want to feel like an USA, take a walk on the 2.5-mile path (just follow the red brick line) that passes 16 historical landmasses from Paul Revere’s house and old north church to Bunker Hill and the USS constitution. Just don’t forget to stop at the Union Oyster House, which is one of Boston’s oldest restaurants, along the way.

Catch a Broadway in the New York City
If you can’t score Hamilton Tickets (don’t worry, pretty much no one can), hit up the TKTS booth in Times Square. Trying to keep up to all of New York’s greatness is like keeping up with every dating app coming up in the market, which is not possible. Concentrate on a bigger picture, eat a pastrami sandwich at Katz's Delhi, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and stroll through SoHo and Greenwich Village.

Eat Buffalo Wings in Buffalo
If someone is visiting the USA, one must try this thing out. One sort of have to go to Anchor Bar, the very famous “birthplace” of Buffalo Wings. And when you are done with enjoying Buffalo wings with live music, walk it all off on an architecture tour of seven Frank Lloyd Wright structures.

Bike the National Mall in DC
The best way to do cruises in DC is via two-wheeler. Start your ride from Rock Creek Park, head along the Potomac and finish on the National Mall, peddling past the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. Stop in between and explore the Smithsonian Museums. End of the capital and union station. Technically do all of this in spring when you can also appreciate about a million cherry Blossoms.

Feel the Mist of Niagara Falls
Yes, it can be said that it is the huge tourist trap in the whole world, but it’s the one where you would love to get caught. Just buy a ticket, put off your costumes and directly hop abroad Maid of the mist.

Peep the Fall Foliage in New England
The best way to enjoy this is via taking a car during the peak foliage season which is usually in October and cruise Vermont’s byways. It is a collection of 10 roads that wind through the state’s farmland s, forests, and the glorious Green Mountains. Then drive up through a new hemisphere, maybe hit a bar in between the trip and stop only for syrups and cheese. A road trip in a USA style.

Drive from Miami to Key West
This is one of the coolest drives in the USA, the oversea highways which stretches 113 miles and over 42 bridges, including Seven Mile bridges across all of the Florida Keys. Once to reach the southernmost point in Key West, snag a slice of Key lime pie at Blue Heaven and drink your way down Duval St. This is all after you have partied fully in the South beach.

Visit the Alamo in San Antonio
Do you remember how much longer this chapter was in our social science class? It is just a building for us but holds a lot of value in the history of Texas and the USA. This is worth paying a visit, and after this one can head over to the pedestrian-only River walk and enjoy the bars and restaurants. Spend a night at the Cowboys Dance hall. This Cowboys Dance hall is a blend of dance hall, a rodeo, a concert hall, a boxing venue. Yes, all of that.

Best Time to Visit USA
The USA is a vast continent with different time zones affecting different parts and countries. Therefore, there is not a particular season which is best or suitable for your visit. It depends on the place that one wishes to visit and the country in which one is interested to explore.

So, depending on the country here is the list of the best time to visit that country

For Alaska, the best time to visit is generally between mid-may until mid-September. The wildflowers are extremely wonderful in May. If you want to see the northern lights In Canada, visit that place in February, March, and April.

For Serious hiking in the famous US canyons, visit it in winter, when they are dusted with snow. As summers could be extremely hot especially July and August. 

If one wishes to watch whales in a drove, the best time for this is between February and April with dolphins, blue, sperm whales and orcas coming to play along this 3000 km coastline of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.

To see Polar Bears in Churchill, the best time is autumn when they move from land to sea in search of seals. A special time in March when baby polar bears emerge from their dens. This is a treat to watch, therefore, book in advance.