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About Mauritius Honeymoon Tour Packages
If you are planning your big day and still haven’t decided on your honeymoon location, there is no need to drain your energy on this now. Go to Mauritius, it is the ultimate destination to put your hands on. There is nothing more romantic than endless sandy beaches, mesmerizing sunset, clean water isn’t it. It is known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs. Enjoy the company of your soul mate on the most astonishing island of Mauritius. No matter in which activity you both are interested, there is a lot for you two to enjoy together. You will get everything on this island to make your honeymoon exciting and entertaining. Every couple is different, few are sporty couples, few nature lovers, and others are fond of animals or history culture enthusiasts everyone has something or the other to witness. Mauritius is the paradise island among the world’s famous tourist destinations, in the Indian Ocean and attracts people from all over the world. It has iconic beaches, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking landscapes.

Flamingo Transworld provides a wide range of hotels, resorts and villas, and some world-class activities. Whether you are a serious underline junkie or dedicated beach person, Mauritius delivers. All the places that you will visit in our Mauritius Honeymoon tour package are tried and tested; hence we ensure you that it will be the most memorable time of your lifetime. Check out the hotels and flights on Flamingo’s hotel portal which offers you a wide range of options to choose from. Mauritius is worth considering as the ideal honeymoon destination, lay days on the beach, swimming in clean waters, thrilling game drives, city life at an affordable cost makes Mauritius the place to consider as you begin the rest of your lives together.

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Mauritius Honeymoon Tour Packages



All Inclusive Mauritius

6 Nights / 7 Days

Rs. 92,900 Onwards

Dream Mauritius Honeymoonners

6 Nights / 7 Days

Rs. 79,790 Onwards

Luxury Mauritius Honeymoon

6 Nights / 7 Days

Rs. 1,05,220 Onwards

How to Reach Mauritius
Traveling to Mauritius by Flight
Flights are the fastest and easiest way to reach Mauritius. From Delhi, Indira Gandhi International Airport one can reach Mauritius in approximately 3 hours. You can choose either direct flight from Delhi or you can also choose a connecting flight from Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc.

If you choose connecting flights, they go to Mauritius via other places like Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, and Saint-Denis, etc. where you have to change one or two flights.

The largest airport in Mauritius is located just 48 km from the capital city of Mauritius i.e. Port Louis.

The frequent flights flying to Mauritius from India are Air India and Air Mauritius which fly daily, other than these two major flights that fly on the same route are Emirates, Lufthansa, and Saudia. And the best part is one can easily get Mauritius Visa.

Traveling to Mauritius by Rail
There is no such option of traveling via rail from India. But if you are keen on exploring Railways then one can fly to the nearest airport and then just travel from one city to another via railway networks. This will bring you close to the environment of natural beauty.

Traveling to Mauritius by Sea
Reaching Mauritius by sea is the most luxurious and romantic option. Being an island nation, you can embark on luxury cruises from South African ports like Durban, Madagascar, Reunion Islands or Rodriguez Island. There are also cruise companies that organize cruises according to your wishes and whims.

Places to visit in Mauritius
Mauritius is full of scenic beauties therefore, don’t just visit the place, feel it!!!!

Here are few places to visit in Mauritius:

Visit Le Morne Brabant
This is the top honeymoon place for the couples trying to seek private time away from the crowded shores. Enjoy white sandy beaches and clear water. This is located at the most southern point of the island. The view from the mountaintop is the most romantic sight to look upon.

Bath In Chamarel Waterfall
It is also known as the natural pool of Mauritius. This place is a total treat to the eyes and will leave you mesmerized. Taking a dip in this pool is pure bliss. Take your partner there in the pool surrounded by the lush green trees, this will be the most wonderful experience of your life.

Private Tour of the Southwest
This is the place where you will see 7 different kinds of sands. It is just so amazing to see nature’s magic. If you try to separate the sands, you will not be able to. Eventually, these sands will form different layers. This is the only place where you can see 7 different kinds of soil which is natural. You might also be tricked by the soil as they sometimes appear to be the shadows.

Full Day Tour in Mauritius with a Chauffeur
Keep the hassle of renting a car and driving to a place away. Take a chauffeur who will guide you to all the places that one should explore especially Ganga Talao, Sugarcane fields, tea plantations, etc. one can choose their places to visit or else can also let your chauffeur guide you. As he knows the best places for you. Just enjoy the rides and listen to the stories that your chauffeur has for you behind every site you visit.

Dolphin Swim and Benitiers Island Day Trip with Lunch
Experience the magic of swimming with the dolphins. You will swim in the open sea with such a lovable creature, watch for passing pods, and enjoy lying on white sands. This is an amazing place to fill your cellphone with pictures. One should also enjoy the barbeque lunch at the beach alcoholic beverages. Then visit the iconic crystal rock and take an epic view of the Le Morne Brabant Mountain. And remember this day for the rest of your life.

Countryside Day Trip with Port Louis Sightseeing
Take a close look at the history, culture and natural beauty of this place. Visit Blue Penny Museum and central market, treat yourself with traditional Creole Lunch, visit the Pamplemousses botanical garden and see the giant water lilies, take yourself to the core of Mauritius in the countryside of this place. Drive by yourself there, explore the core of Mauritius.

Authentic Tea Toute and the Wonders of the South
Visit the La Vanille natural reserve, where one can see crocodiles and giant tortoise and then continue to the Saint Aubin Sugar Estate and rum tasting is another thing that one must not miss. This reserve is a lush green setting where giant bamboo and palm trees provide shade to the hundreds of crocodiles that are raised in the park. One can also see monkeys, lemurs, deer, wild boar, Japanese carp, bats, freshwater turtles and a variety of wildlife.

Casela World of Adventures
It doesn’t matter with whom you are visiting Mauritius, your family friends or your better half. One should visit Casela. It is the most expensive park in Mauritius. This place offers a variety of adventure sports. One can enjoy Ziplining, Canyon Swing, Mountain climbing, etc. Here you can also take a walk with the lions; interact with big cats and Rhinos. One can also take a ride on E-Bike and explore this park by yourself. Feed Zebras enjoy the camel ride.This place has a lot to offer. This place has everything for everyone.This place also has a petting farm where you can feed different animals and have a pony ride. This should be on the priority list and this place is best for having animal lovers. Casela also has its restaurant; it has Mauritian, European and Asian specialties as well as a kids menu. You can also buy gifts for your loved ones from here as a souvenir and a mark of having such a memorable trip.

Things to Do in Mauritius
Mauritius is full of adventure and excitement.  There are many things that one can do in Mauritius. Here is the brief list of things to do in Mauritius

Try Street Food
Street food of Mauritius is considered epic food to fill your tummy with. It has a special flavor of different species, the color and the different kind of variety of food they have to offer is mouthwatering. This place will compel you to fall in love with the food.

Discover the Caramel Colored Earth
It is noted in the most visited attractions in the world. This place is spread over 8.5 hectares of land. This is the seven-colored earth and it is a natural phenomena. It is a relatively small area of dunes of seen color which is made out of the conversion of basaltic lava to clay minerals. And what the most interesting part of this site is, if you mix all the color soils, they will eventually form different layers. And you might also be puzzled as the colors might play tricks with you and may appear to be shadows.

Try Casela Nature Park Segway Tour
It is the scenic natural park situated in the middle of the sugarcane field in the western region of this island. The natural park has an incredible range of activities and a fun experience to offer. One can enjoy Zip lining, quad biking trails,cannoning and many more things that would bring adrenaline rush in your veins. One can also pay a visit to a variety of species of animals via African safari. One can also have a walk with lions. It isn’t amazing!!!! This is one of the most visited sites.

Go Hiking to Black River Peak
The black river peak is part of the black river range and is the highest mountain of Mauritius at 828 m and yet one can easily submit the peak to have an astonishing view of the surroundings. There are different routes that one can take to reach the summit. According to the requisites one can choose the way. From the top, you will experience the most mesmerizing view of the site.

Scuba Diving in Blue Bay Marine Park
Marine Park is known for its coral greenery enclosure and also for inexhaustible flora and fauna. This place provides a great opportunity to swim with different biodiversity. You will experience peace in the shallow waters and can discover the other side that you have never seen or something that was untouched by you.

Relish Mauritian Spas
Mauritius is very well known for its spa services and that we all know. Take your better half with you and have to take a spa at the famous centers with soothing romantic music. There are endless romantic things that you can do in Mauritius.

Enjoy the Coastline on a Leisurely Yacht Cruise

Cruises are always a romantic option to spend your days. You can have a VIP cruising journey with your partner and just feel the air on the water and experience the amazing view of the sunset in the evening. Enjoy the dinner on the cruise with the wine and what can be more romantic than this.

Best Time to Visit Mauritius
The best time to visit Mauritius is from May to December, although the tropical climate of Mauritius. The beaches are beautiful and sunny, and the water is crystal clear. It is not recommended to go on the east coast during July and August as the winds are strong. In January and March, this region is prone to cyclones. February is the warmest month in Mauritius and July is the coldest month of the year.

Hiking and other outdoor activities are perfect during this part of the year. For the people who are fond of spending their days lying on the beaches and enjoying water sports, the months of May till October are the best time to travel to Mauritius.

Since Mauritius is situated in the southeast of the Indian Ocean therefore it is continuously affected by the southeast trade winds. The weather of Mauritius however remains warm and pleasant throughout the year. One can comfortably swim in crystal clear water of the ocean. In short, it is equally good to sit Mauritius in any part of the year.