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About Europe Honeymoon Tour Packages

Many Couples dream of Europe as a Honeymoon destination, and for a reason since European destinations offer spectacular scenery, Sunny beaches, fun and adventurous activities, amazing food. You can relive your fairy tale and can make all your dreams come true. Europe is an exotic place for all romantic couples. Europe is world-famous for its snowy winters and equally blissful summer. Europe has incredible architecture, places, Charming festivals, and many more delights that will make your honeymoon a very memorable time.

Whether you are planning to visit the whole country or planning a trip keeping in mind only famous spots, Flamingo has different packages to fulfill all your wishes. Flamingo Transworld provides a wide range of hotels, resorts and villas, and some world-class activities. Whether you are a serious underline junkie or dedicated beach person, Europe delivers. All the places that you will visit in our Europe Honeymoon tour package are tried and tested; hence we ensure you that it will be the most memorable time of your lifetime. Check out the hotels and flights on Flamingo’s hotel portal which offers you a wide range of options to choose from. Europe is worth considering as the ideal honeymoon destination, lay days on the beach, swimming in the pristine waters on sandy beaches, thrilling game drives, city life and expansive vineyards at an affordable cost makes Europe a place to consider as you begin the rest of your lives together.

Check out Europe Packages from different Indian destinations: Europe tour packages from Ahmedabad, Europe tour packages from Mumbai, Europe tour packages from Delhi. Flamingo Transworld also offers a range of theme packages to Europe like Honeymoon tours to Europe.

Europe Honeymoon Tour Packages



Charming Croatia

7 Nights / 8 Days

Rs. 56,860 Onwards

Scintilating Swiss Paris With Rail Pass

10 Nights /

Rs. 98,430 Onwards

 11 Days

Highlights of Brussels - Amsterdam - Paris by Rail

9 Nights /

Rs. 98,670 Onwards

How to Reach Europe

Traveling to Europe by flight: A flight from India to Europe takes anywhere between 8 to 12 hours depending on which destination one has to reach. Vienna International Airport in Austria is about 8 hours 20 minutes away approximately while it takes 9 hours 40 minutes to reach London Heathrow Airport from Delhi. Many flights fly from India to Europe such as Air France, Emirates, Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, KLM, Air India, etc. you can take a direct flight from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai to several popular destinations such as London, Rome, Amsterdam and Paris.

Traveling to Europe by Rail
Europe is best known for its railways, and several international train services can transport you from one country to another in Europe. Trains are very well connected and the best way to see the continent is by reaching it through the air.

Traveling to Europe by Road
Europe has extensive road networks, traveling across Europe by roads can be a viable option. You can take your car and travel wherever you want to travel to Europe. Reaching Europe from India via road is not possible.

Traveling to Europe by sea
Traveling to Europe by sea is only possible if you’re traveling from the United States. There are freighter cruises from where people can board a cruise but this is not the best way. One can take luxury cruises, this will be an amazing experience for those who wish to enjoy every moment of the trip. There is no way to reach Europe from India via sea.

Places to visit in Europe

From England to France to Italy and Germany, European countries are full of vibrant cities, which are known for their nightlife, culture, museums and restaurants. Use the list of places to visit in Europe to plan your next destination.

Florence is famous for its gorgeous sunsets, its Italian cooking and its romantic charm. This little city has a very bulky history. Many famous artists have come from this place. The best way to enjoy this place is by walking around the city. One can walk from one end to the other in about 30 mins, passing many recognizable sites along the way.

Barcelona contains both authentic history and bizarre as well. From the scenic trail to romantic narrow alleys; from the beachside nightclubs to the city’s dozens of sacred churches and architectural marvels, this city has it all. Barcelona seems to attract all types: the adventurer, the couple, the partier, and the culture lover as well. It is the most visited city in Europe. No matter which part of the year you visit this city, it will always be crowded. One should not miss the shopping scenes and the region’s exquisite food and wine.

Visit this Greek island, and you will be astonished by the beautiful beaches it has. You will find red sands at the red beach and black sand at Kamari beach. Next, you can indulge in watching archeological sites which will take you to the old Greek culture and sometimes to understand the core of a place, you must know the culture, the history, and the way people live there. All this will let you enjoy more and you will feel more attached and involved with the place.

Amalfi Coast
Travel to this coastal region in Italy for at least one in a lifetime and watch the Mediterranean Sea from a cliff of this town. You can spend your day hiking and wandering off the streets of this town. It is a very beautiful place with sandy beaches and crystal clear water on the shores. Take a boat tour from the Amalfi coast and soak yourself in the sun, you can take your boat to the waterfall of Marmorata. Enjoy the natural beauty there.

This place will take you to inner peace. When you enter this place, you will automatically start feeling it, life moves slowly here. It seems people here are on a big holiday or retirement. This place has a huge page in the history book. Indulge in that roam around in the city; visit the historical and archeological sites. Fall in love with the place, calm and peace is in the air. Experience the sunset on the beach. Europe is about beaches and wine.

Swiss Alps
This location is in the south of Zurich, Bern, and Basel. This place is majorly famous for winter adventures like snowboarding, skiing, and hiking. You will find many options for luxurious resorts here all over the place. No trip to the Swiss Alps would be complete without having a bite of gooey cheese fondue, this is a mandatory thing that one must try.

This city is best known for its music monarchs. This place is total bliss for art lovers. One would fall in love with the beauty that this place possesses. One must head to Museum Quartier Wein to tour the Museum of modern art. You can also watch the opera show, go to the amusement park and a top-notch Zoo. And the nightlife of this place is amazing, although Viennese retire early in the night that doesn’t mean you have to rush. If it is the culture you seek, you will find it here.

Thisis the lush green paradise with waterfalls, a variety of flora, and the numberof lakes. The churches here should be explored. For the Azores just pack yourswimwear, sunglasses and walking shoes, you are never more than a few minutesfrom a drastic seashore and alluring grassy pathway. An amazing place forpeople who just want to roam freely without any time hurdles.

Lake Como
Lake Como is situated in northern Italy, this place is like a heaven for artists, Celebrities, and travelers who wish to disconnect from the world and only relax for some time. You can wander in the streets, explore palatial villas and lounging alongside the. Chase the chirping noise from the sea waves. Moreover, the stay here is quite a costly affair so plan accordingly.

Things to do inEurope

There are so many things that one can do if visiting Europe. Of all the amazing activities that one can do, we have shortlisted things to do in Europe that one must have in their bucket list.

Sail around the Greek Isles
This is not a very famous island as there are hardly any nightclubs, boisterous restaurants or high-end shops and yet there seems to be no end of whitewashed hillside town and hidden swimming caves to discover and explore. The pace of life is a little slow here but very blissful and calm. You can relax here with your better half after having such a hectic schedule of the wedding preparation for months.

Take a canal tour in Amsterdam
When it comes to Amsterdam, there are so many things one can do you but among all, one must take a canal tour in Amsterdam just grab a can of Heineken. The Dutch don’t usually prefer putting curtains in their houses, therefore while having a tour you can very easily peep in the townhouses with coffered painted ceilings and gorgeous interiors.

Sip a cocktail glancing at Eiffel Tower
Paris, this place has its share of luxury hotels with magnificent views, but the feeling you get sitting on the rooftop of some hotel and just sipping a cocktail watch Eiffel tower is incomparable. This experience you will never forget in your entire existence on Earth.

Relax on the uncrowded beaches of Montenegro
It is a small town that gained independence from Serbia in 2006. The population of this town is very less. Over the years the country’s steep shorelines, uncrowded beaches, and picture-perfect historic villages have drawn everyone’s attention of people looking for a quiet and fewer crowd.

Enjoy a pilsner at the "highest beer garden in Germany"
The so-called “highest beer garden in Germany” sits in the highest mountain in Germany. Although it takes efforts to reach there, it is worth putting efforts. The place is only accessible by cable car or foot. Just take a cold beer in your hand and enjoy the view of the Alps.

Stand on the end of the continent
Sagres is a windswept outpost set on a thin peninsula at the southern edge of Portugal. It is long associated with the age of history. Surfers can have an amazing time here. The view from the top of this place is very mesmerizing.

Attend the Grand Prix in Monaco
The Monaco Grand Prix is a race and all pilots dream to win on the circuit. This is the slowest and most difficult of all the circuits in the Formula 1 world championship. If you are looking for little more action then make a road trip of it and drive a Ferrari by yourself on the run to Monaco.

Live like royalty in the Scottish Highlands
Scotland has no shortage of castles, but nothing makes a traveler feel overwhelmed than actually staying in a castle. Feel the royalty in lavishly decorated rooms and historic grounds and remember this experience or the rest of your life.

Dine at the oldest restaurant in London
London’s oldest restaurant is an old school and a must for visitors to visit. Apart from food, there are plenty of things that will leave you astonished like the portraits of guests from centuries past, lush drapes, and old waiters in white aprons. One must at least experience this once.

Go on a pub crawl in Dublin
Follow the crowds on Friday evening jumping from one water hole to another, even if you are visiting this place alone you will find a best friend here. This is a fun place to visit. Just chill out here, feel the environment, the air here is filled with excitement. Stay here for one evening and you would want to visit it again. You will again be attracted to this place.

Best Time to Visit Europe

Although Europe is the year-round destination to visit, one must visit Europe from June to September. These are the summer months in Europe and the sun is high, the beaches are warm and sunny. This is also the time when most of the countries enjoy their cultural events, galas and even at the end of the season fashion sales. This is also a good time for hiking, road trips, and other adventure activities. However, before you book your holiday you must know that all the countries will not have the same weather at the same time. Therefore finding the right time to visit Europe depends on which place you are planning to visit.


Happy Travellers

It Was A Demonstration Of True Flamingo Spirit!

I would like to share my experience of 'Eureka Europe' - Flamingo Travels! This travel story of mine happened at approx 3200 meters on Mt Titlis, Switzerland. By narrating this story I am trying to introduce you to the true Flamingo spirit! Our trip was indeed memorable because it was our honeymoon! Flamingo is the best in business because they know to touch hearts and being our honeymoon, they made sure that we get an extra night in Paris. We arrived a day early to Paris and got time to explore the city of love! We couldn't ask for more! After Paris and a few other wonderful destinations, we arrived in Switzerland. Our third day at Switzerland was planned for Mt Titles. Being a very beautiful place, Mt. Titlis experiences a heavy rush of tourist every day. Mr. Kiran Patel being our guide was very supportive of his approach and guiding us throughout the trip! Kiran Bhai instructed us really well about the situations in advance, so we all members were ready on time in the morning. We reached on the mountain earlier than other tours and we enjoyed the great weather and exciting snow activities without any rush. Our lunch was scheduled for 12:30 pm at the first base of Mt. Titlis, at the restaurant named as Trubsee. All members were supposed to reach there by the time. Now comes the tricky part! On the top of the mountain, there is a very popular PhotoStudio( which dresses up the tourists in a traditional way and clicks a very beautiful photo for a souvenir. As it was our honeymoon, we thought to have a memorable photo for ourselves as well. It was already 11:30 so I told Kiran Bhai to leave for the lunch as we will come down ourselves after photo shoot to join everyone by the lunchtime. He agreed and all our tour members started leaving by 360° ropeway. But there was a trouble! It was almost 12:30 and we still were in a que. I called Kiran Bhai and make him aware of the situation. He told me to be calm and continue with the shoot as lunch is not yet started. It's about 12:50 and still, we were in a queue. Lunch was about to finish downstairs. There were other tourists in the queue with us. As the time passes by, many of their respective tour guides started internal arguments regarding time issues with the passengers. Their tour guides were blaming the passengers for being late and literally forcing them to leave the queue and skip the photo shoot, or else no one will be responsible if they miss the tour. It was surprising and strange for us. We were feeling fortunate as our tour guide was being very supportive. It was about 1:00 now, we were getting panic and thought of leaving the queue as it was a time to leave for a bus. I called Kiran Bhai again to start leaving or the ground as we will skip the lunch and join all directly on the bus. Now is the beautiful part. Kiran Bhai literally convinced us that it is absolutely fine that we would be late, as all other passengers were aware of the situation and they told Kiran Bhai that they would wait for us. It was so overwhelming for us! We finished shoot around 1:30 pm, one hour late! We rushed to the ropeway and reached Trubsee at 1:45. Everyone along with Kiran Bhai was happily waiting for us. They all made sure that we do not skip the delicious Pavbhaji of Trubsee. As we started having lunch, co-passengers started leaving for the ground. Mr. Kiran Bhai was waiting especially for us and he came down with us. We had a very good photo memory which we shared with everyone. It was family like feeling which words can't describe. We were truly blessed to have such family-like co-passengers and a guide! It was a demonstration of true Flamingo spirit!
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Jun
Region: Central Europe,East Europe   |   Tour Type: GIT   |   Theme: Group Tour   |   Read All

The Only Trouble Is I Want To Go Back For More

It wasn’t meant to be but it turned out to be a solo trip to Norway, Paris and Bruges…and what a trip it was…Excellent. Flamingo Travels is so far my best tour operator yet.The itinerary was carefully thought through and well balanced. The trip represented great travel for the cost. My booking was easy, the pre-information packet was timely and thorough. Interim questions were handled promptly and thoroughly, including going out of their way to help me with some hard to get reservations. The organization of the tour and the accommodations were excellent. The transfers were perfect and done with a high class Mercedes vehicle. Everything worked like clockwork. However, it was the genius of the itinerary, coupled with  two professionals, Nirali and Hiren, that put this trip into the A plus category.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting a fun, relaxed, enjoyable holiday with fine cultural food - they will deliver!

The only trouble is "I want to go back for more"! A wonderful trip.

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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Jul
Region: Central Europe   |   Tour Type: GIT   |   Theme:   |   Read All

Flamingo Managed To Coordinate Every Aspect!

Few things command more respect than hard work, integrity, dedication and the ability to follow through. These are among the many attributes we experienced from start to finish when organizing our trip to Scandinavian countries with Flamingo. 
Although our itinerary took us to more than 10 cities and one off the beaten path village of locals,especially when you're not with a group Flamingo managed to coordinate every aspect of our transport, taxis, tours, Ferries planes (also including the flights to/from home in India), boats & trains that are necessary to experience the highlights of Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark & Finland in a short amount of time.They customized the tour to our preferences and all arrangements made were correct and well-effective.  Safety was never a concern.
Recommendations for hotels and accommodations were extraordinary. I am a big believer in managing expectations and I must say that thanks to this flamingo, their years of experience was well crafted in our three-week journey through all five countries significantly exceeded all of our expectations, even the weather cooperated.
While I suppose most people are interested in the large cities, we generally prefer smaller towns like FLAM & BALESTRAND. I am not sure you could fashion a "small town," or "country" tour, but after Stockholm we much preferred the smaller towns. This was our first trip with Flamingo. 
Breakfast was included every day. Our only other expenses were for lunch & dinner, so we had a good handle upfront on what the total cost of our trip would be.
Thank you very much for all that you did to make this part of our holiday so enjoyable - Highly recommend this way to tour Scandinavia, and especially with Flamingo.
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   May
Region: Central Europe,East Europe   |   Tour Type: FIT   |   Theme: History   |   Read All

Flamingo Team Was Very Helpful

Travelling to Turkey was fun especially in this pandemic situation. Hotel & travel arrangements were very good. The Indian restaurants where our meals were arranged in Istanbul & Cappadocia had delicious food. The property Titanic Mardaan Palace in Antalya was the highlight of our trip. With Palacial rooms & more than 10 restaurants to choose from for our meals, we had a splendid time over there. Our local assistant was very welcoming, cooperative and knowledgeable. The entire Flamingo team was very helpful and they took updates at regular intervals.
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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Nov
Region: East Europe   |   Tour Type: FIT   |   Theme: Family Tour   |   Read All

Everything Was Managed Perfectly

We loved the Gujarati driver provided by flamingo. The hotels given by flamingo was amazing. Everything was managed perfectly. The itinerary and the intricate details explained by the team was also very good and we can say this trip was memorable for us. Right from our pre departure presentation to filling out the declaration forms, things were taken care by Flamingo travels.

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Ahmedabad   Travelled in   Nov
Region: Central Europe   |   Tour Type: FIT   |   Theme: Family Tour   |   Read All

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