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About Greece Honeymoon Tour Packages
Greece is the star of romance and its magical landscape promises an ideal setting for your romantic gateway. It is the leading romantic destination in the world. Greece is located in south-eastern Europe, on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula; it lies at the meeting point of the three continents- Europe, Asia, and Africa. In Greece, it is believed that turquoise blue color keeps evil away. Every year almost 100000 birds from Asia and northern Europe spend their winters in Greece’s wetlands. The roots of western culture are in Greece. One would encounter bold modern art and artisans creating new work from traditional techniques. Greece has endless cultural pursuits and a calendar full of festivals and holidays. It is observed that there are more than 250 days of sunshine in a year in Greece. Days melt from one to the next under wide-open skies with islands fringed with the white sand, pine tree shades.

Flamingo Transworld provides a wide range of hotels, resorts and villas, and some world-class activities. Whether you are a serious underline junkie or dedicated beach person, Greece delivers. Thrill-seekers will discover world-class kite surfing, wreck diving, and rock climbing locations with mesmerizing views. Flamingo Transworld knows exactly what our customers want and therefore we cater to our customer needs accordingly. All the places that you will visit in our Greece Honeymoon tour package are tried and tested; hence we ensure you that it will be the most memorable time of your lifetime. Check out the hotels and flights on Flamingo’s hotel portal which offers you a wide range of options to choose from.

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How to Reach Greece
Traveling to Greece by flight
Athens’ ElefthériosVenizélos international airport is the leading airport that handles international flights. Not only does it enjoy good connectivity with Europe, USA, and the Far East, but it also has direct and regular flights from Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. It takes approximately 10-12 hours through a direct flight to reach Greece. Also, flying is the fastest way to reach Greece from India.

Once you reach Athens, one can easily travel to other islands. The airport has excellent connectivity with Athens’ city center. One can choose from buses Taxis, metro or suburban trains to reach the city.

Traveling to Greece by Rail
There are no train options from Mumbai or Delhi to Greece, but you have many options from neighboring countries like Turkey, Croatia, Netherlands, and Italy. Raveling via train is old fashioned and also time-consuming but the experience is magical. With a lot of sceneries to soak in, you might just not want to get off when you reach your destination. Also, rail is a cheap option and the rail tickets can be purchased on discounts, especially if you are a student.

Traveling to Greece by Road
A road trip to Greece is not impossible but one has to cross a lot of borders of countries like Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey to get to Greece. It makes for a long, hassle-filled journey of approximately 15 days and not of much worth if you are not passionate about that. A road trip is a great option from Turkey, Bulgaria, or Romania into Greece. The roads on these routes are very well maintained and the sceneries are worth watching. For nature lovers, it is a superb option.

Traveling to Greece by Sea
Greece cruises are in Vogue. If one is not planning to sail to Greece from India, one must consider a tour of the obscure Greek Islands by signing up for one of the Greek or Mediterranean cruises. Most of the Greek islands are connected by these cruises. Some of the best small ships sail across including Classical Greece, jewels of the Cyclades, vogue of antiquity, sea cloud.

Places to visit in Greece
Greece is known for its plethora of ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, friendly atmosphere, it is no wonder Greece ranks among Europe’s top travel destinations. But the reason that tourism exists here is that it’s just so beautiful here. Each scattered island here offers its share of stunning beauty and every island has its charm.

  • Cape Sounion : Cape Sounion is best known as the site of ruins of the ancient Greek temple Poseidon, the god of the sea. It is the southernmost tip of the Attica Peninsula. The site is a popular day-excursion, with a sunset over the sea.

  • Thessaloniki : Thessaloniki is the second-largest city of northern Greece. Lively festivals, social events, and the scuttle nightlife make this city the cultural capital of Greece. Thessaloniki offers both old and new attractions to visit from its Byzantine walls, white tower and Turkish baths to colorful food markets, galleries and museums. Thessaloniki’s nightlife is unmatchable. From small pubs to nightclubs and other entertaining places, Thessaloniki offers it all.

  • Athens city tour : Athens is the historical capital of Europe. Over a while, many conquerors occupied Athens and made unique and splendid monuments- a rare historical composition. Thanks to its rich morphology Athens has plenty of places where you can admire the stunning panoramic view of the city.

  • Acropolis small guided tour : From competition between gods to theater festivals, early medicine and epic monuments, the tour brings the acropolis to life and to introduce youngsters to the myths and wonder of ancient Athens. This tour is approximate 2 hrs, which starts from Acropolis metro station then it goes to the south slope of the acropolis. Acropolis is the must - visit site if going to Greece. Then one will visit the theater of Dionysus, it is the most significant and earliest preserved open-air theatre in Athens. The third stop is a sanctuary of Asclepius, here priests served as healers, using herbs to soothe and cure patients and sometimes even operating. Fourth stop will be the archaic Spring House, here our young guest will discover the similarities between the Greek and Latin scripts and will learn about the importance of freshwater and springs and antiquity. Fifth stop Propylaea, the monumental gateway to the acropolis. Sixth stop Erechtheion is the temple jointly dedicated to Poseidon and Athens, here you will hear the myth behind the city name. Last stop The Parthenon, through stories and anecdotes, the group will learn about the multitude of artists and craftsmen, skill-sets and materials that came together to create the iconic monument and will be offered a glimpse into the Parthenon's colorful past.

  • Classical tour Athens : Discover the major attractions of ancient Greece in just 3 days tour. Leave the modern world behind and embark on your tour into classical Greece. On the very first day, one can visit Athens - Epidaurus - Mycenae; the tour will start with the stop Corinth Canal before you make your way to Epidaurus. This small village is home to a UNSECO-listed ancient theater, which is famous for its outstanding acoustics and it is one of the most well-preserved buildings from classical Greece. Explore Mycenae, a major military hub of the ancient hub. Begin the second day with a visit to an archaeological site of ancient Olympia, where you can see the temples Zeus, embark on a scenic drive through the countryside and visit Arachnoid.

  • Santorini shore excursion : Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the sea. Take a boat trip and learn about the past volcanic eruptions from your private guide. Then after you can visit the active volcano of Thira. You will have the free time to take pictures before heading for the hot spring and reviving bath. These natural springs are created because of the volcanic activities happened in the past and it is said that these springs have medical powers against skin and bone diseases.

  • Mykonos old tower Walting : One would get a chance to explore the Mykonos Island on a 3 hrs. walking tour accompanied by the tourist guide. You will also see the archeological museum near the entrance of Mykonos' old town. Then you will see the monument of the heroin of the Greek war of independence. Wandering in the whitewashed streets with flowers on the walls are another thing that you will experience. Take a break at the famous Gioras bakery to have a bite of freshly made treat from their warm wooden store. Explore the Scarpa area also known as Little Venice.
Things to do in Greece
The land of Greece is in spired by ancient mythology and if you are interested in archeology, history, art, and philosophy then a holiday to this fascinating country is not worth missing.

  • Admire the architecture in Santorini : Santorini is the small island in the Aegean Sea. It is one of those places that one must pay a visit to. This place was destroyed by the volcanic eruption in the past but it is also the reason for its recreation. The beaches in Santorini Island are full of black, red and white lava pebbles which makes the place so astonishing and extremely picture-perfect. Architectural monuments of this island are like a cherry on the cake and add to its beauty and charm which one should never miss.

  • Discover the Acropolis Museum :  The Acropolis Museum of which is happen to be in Athens has a lot of historical value. This museum will provide all the possible information on the history of Greece and its civilization which will leave you spellbound. It is very important to gather all the information on a place to take a better feel while traveling in that city. The purpose behind building this museum was to exhibit every rock discover at this site.

  • Visit with an oracle : Greece has mesmerizing natural beauty this we all know but Greece is also very rich in the heritage that it possesses. The Oracle Shrine of Delphi is one of them. This place is considered the most important kind of art among the ancient Greeks. The location where this monument is built is so astonishing that one must pay a visit to it.

  • Party in Athens : Athens is the capital and the largest city in Greece. It is also the heart of ancient Greece. Athens is one of those places which are known for their nightlife. Athens possess one of the best clubs in the country and also beaches that this place has added on to the nightlife. This place lets you forget all the troubles of your life and provides an enjoyable atmosphere, which one is looking for during a vacation.

  • Indulge in water sports : There is always a plus point when visiting a place which is situated near a water body, you get to enjoy the water sports and spent a day or two doing adventurous activities. Greece provides many activities to choose from and the best part of water sports in Greece is that here one will get activities for all the age groups from kids to old age people. Therefore, one must put aside a few days for this purpose.

  • Pay a visit to Meteora :  Meteora is the rock formation in central Greece. It is the UNESCO world heritage listed place which means suspended in the air. It is the eroded rock which the monks have built their monasteries on. The rock pillars were formed around 60 million years ago by earthquakes and weathering. Meteora is a popular rock-climbing site, where people come from around the world to reach the top.

  • Stock your bags with Souvenir :  It has become a ritual to buy gifts for our loved ones when traveling to other countries. That’s why it is important and mostly mandatory to go out for shipping and buy some pieces of stuff for you as well as for your dear ones as a souvenir. Take back memories which will always remind you of the amazing trip that you had in Greece and which will always bring a special smile on your face.

Best Time to Visit Greece
The best time to visit Greece is divided into 2 seasons. One is from April until Mid - June which is spring season and second is Mid - September through October which is autumn season. During these two seasons the weather is quite mild not too hot not too cold, and also the crowd is usually less as compared to the other times of the year. In August, most Greek people take their annual leave and localities are on holiday, therefore popular attractions of Greece are crowded with local people.

From December to March, these months are extremely cold with some rain and snow. But during this time hotels and other services will be cheaper.