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Our Bhutan Tour Packages from Gujarat will answer this Question: Money, Brings Happiness! A myth or reality?

By Flamingo Transworld on Sep 18, 2013
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Gangtey Monestary, Bhutan

What does todays mankind seek?

1) Money Or Happiness

2) Worries Or peace

3) Competition Or Confidence

4)Professional approach Or Service from the heart

5) Tensions Or Smiles 

Come to Bhutan to get your answer to this priceless question.

Qatar’s per capita GDP at purchasing power parity (PPP) is $106,000 (QR387,000), helping the country retain its ranking as the world’s wealthiest nation. Luxembourg comes a distant second with nearly $80,000 and Singapore third with per capita income of about $61,000 while even with a GDP of only 2060 $, Bhutan scores the highest gross national happiness index in the world.

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Buddha Statue

How to achieve and what is gross happiness index?

Gross national happiness index attempts to define an indicator that measures quality of life or social progress, in more holistic and psychological term. It is a unique index. We all have heard of GNP, GDP, Per Capita income, Per capita consumptions, and so on and so on.

Economists have tried to define the well being or conditions of people in different countries by all above factors. But, we all forget one very important thing, that we want to have money and wealth, only and only because we want to be happy, and only happy. Then in that case why not have an index which measures our happiness? Thus Bhutan, having designed the happiness index and standing number one in that index is extremely remarkable and appreciable.

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How and when Bhutan started the happiness index:

The term was coined by Bhutan’s fourth dragon king, ‘ JIGMESINGYE WANGCHUCK’. He had opened the gates of modernization to these small Buddhist Mountain Kingdom( Bhutan). He used this measure to find the impact of policy initiatives, upon the levels of happiness in Bhutan. Being a small, self sufficient, segregated by mountains and valleys, it was very important to link changes with, the delicate fabric of the society and culture of Bhutan. So this idea of gross national happiness index worked for them.

It serves as a common vision for Bhutan’s Five Year Planning Process. Proposed policies must pass review based on impact statements on the GNH. Similar to environment impact statements in other countries. They believe that society progress takes place when, material and spiritual developments occur side by side.

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Bhutanese mom & baby

The 4 pillars of GNH are

1. Sustainable development.

2. Cultural values.

3) Conservation of Natural environment.

4) Good governance.


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Flamingo passengers get a taste of the happiness in Bhutan

With the above values if followed by all countries the idea of GNH, I think the quality of lives and many countries will go up. Although GNH reflects Buddhist origins,it is a solid empirical research based upon happiness, positive psychology and wellbeing. I think it would be a fantastic idea to visit this fairy tale country in modern times Bhutan.Perfect sceneries, misty mountains, small valley towns, monasteries at strategic locations and above all it’s people happy and soulful, going about peacefully doing their daily routine, with

· No Gender Bias

· No inequality in wealth

· No aggression

· Negligible or very low or nil Crime Rate.

Let us visit Bhutan to learn, how to be happy in life…

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