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AVIATION 2050 – Aviation Information from Tour Operator in Gujarat

By Flamingo Transworld on Oct 7, 2013
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Next 35-40 years will completely revolutionize the Aircraft Technology. Aviation is going to change the living of the people and especially the ways they travel.

Computer and Telecom experts are saying that share of the business travel is just going to go to a negligible percentage. The reason is, that telecommunications, video conferencing is going to be so powerful that it would be no more required for anyone to go for meeting a business associates, partners, suppliers or buyers, overseas. It would be possible to have video chat on telecom. The video chat systems would be so perfect that two persons sitting across 5000 miles would chat with each other as if they are just sitting across 5 feet from each other. Then question arises, who will travel?

As per the Airbus, the travel will be more for pleasure, leisure, sightseeings, vacations, relaxations and meeting relatives and friends. In the above case Airline Companies believe that air travel has to be a great fun and experience, as luxury cruise liners or luxury trains.

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Airbus A390 Model

The future aircrafts are going following ways:

1. Fuel Effiency: Today A380 and Boeing Dreamliners consume 40% less fuel than the traditional aircrafts.

Use of electricity and solar energy will be more in coming days.

2. Lighter Aircrafts: With composites of plastics, carbon steel and many lighter aircrafts are being developed.

Boeing 787 and Airbus 350 are examples of that.

3. Higher Speed: Today we are having 0.8 x sound speed.

By 2050, aircrafts will be flying 3 x sound speeds.That will mean Paris to Tokyo in 3.5 hours.

4. Luxury Aircrafts: The aircrafts will have casinos, swimming pools and many entertainment facilities on board.

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Interiors Of The Luxurious Aircrafts
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Aircraft Cabin Of The Future . Aviation pioneers are working on concepts on how the planes of the future might look like.

Form Follows Function

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Draft Plane of the German Aerospace Center

It’s the right shape and form that helps save fuel. This draft plane of the German Aerospace Center blends cabin with wings to create a “blended-wing body.” This reduces resistance and the cabin itself becomes part of the wings

Back To The Biplane

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The “Boxwing” by Lufthansa

The “Boxwing” by Lufthansa has huge open propellers and extremely long and thin wings like a glider. As the wings of biplanes are shaped like an arrow, the plane is efficient and fast. The wings though remain short enough for the plane to dock at normal airports.

It is about speed

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The “Spaceliner” by the German Aviation Center

For those always in a hurry, there are other options. The “Spaceliner” by the German Aviation Center is a suborbital, hypersonic winged passenger plane with rocket engines. By 2050 it might be able to take you from Europe to Australia in a mere 90 minutes.

We believe that Airtravel would be a different experience in next 30 years. Airbus has projected that the cost of Air Travel will be so low and so reasonable that every common man will afford to travel.

Projections are that, total half of the world’s population will have Air Travel experience by 2050.

We want our users comment on how they would feel for this new way of travel.

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