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Plan Russia Tour Package From Gujarat to see People’s Palaces: The Moscow Metro

By Flamingo Transworld on Oct 3, 2013
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Moscow tour packages
Moscow Metro Station

When Soviet Union was formed in 1920, there was total destruction of the Capitalists, Industrialist and Landlords. There were no Kings, No Lords, No Industrialists, but the society was full of common people, workers, farmers and professionals. Russia (Former Soviet Union), was becoming a very powerful nation in the world, and the President Stalin wanted to show to the world what Russia has achieved. The best way to show was to build remarkable architectural monuments, structures or Places. But the biggest question was in whose name or memory the Palaces should be built? And they came out with the idea to build, “People’s Palaces “. That includes Metros, Hospitals, Colleges, Libraries and all the public places.

Moscow Metro:

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Various Moscow Metro Stations
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Stalin and his team of architects who created the Moscow Metro Station

Moscow Metro, Created by Joseph Stalin ( President of USSR, from 1924-1953) and his architects Kaganovich and Duskin , is one of the wonders of the modern world , more than a public transport , the deepest in the world. It also served as a shelter during aerial bombardment.Today it used by seven million people every day. It was built in 1935, as a step in the direction of the Russian socialism, to raise the confidence and the prestige of the working classes. It is unique in its own way, combining grandeur and functionality.

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Mayakovskaya Metro station

The walls of each station are curved and covered with marble slabs.And the ceilings are curved and covered with mosaics. Stainless steel columns add to its beauty. The gigantic elevator tunnel is guided by elegant lanterns. The artist Denika designed the artistic view of walls, columns and flooring, entitling it A Day in the land of Soviets. The Moscow Metro became known as the People’s Palaces and there was much discourse about what it meant to represent.

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Komsomolskaya Metro Station

Though the story of a peasant and his daughter it is suggested that the doors of a rich life were opened for the working classes. When the peasant’s daughter laughs and replies “It is not the Tsars who live a rich life, it is we the common people of Russia“, thus it changes common man’s thinking. The working class people saw in it the possibilities of a better future. Stalin’s legacy may be questionable, but the Moscow metro is undoubtedly his profound achievement.


Today’s picture of Moscow is different with luxury cars, but for the working classes Moscow metro are Palaces to roam in. In the beginning in 1935, it operated in Moscow with a single Icon line connection just thirteen stations, and now at present it spans more than 300 km and offer 188 stops along the way.

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