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Deciding Europe Group Tour from India ?

By Flamingo Transworld on Aug 18, 2014
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Europe tour packages

For any common passenger, finalizing & deciding Europe Tour from India is a very confusing  job.

There are many Tour Operators who give catchy advertisements about wife free, child free or similar. There are many who advertise like, Book an Europe vacation & get Singapore or India vacation for free.

Every Tour operator will try to argue for their Itinerary & say ours is the best.

Its so confusing for customers, that he is going from one Tour operator to another comparing Itinerary, Price, Inclusions & we find that everyday his confusions go up.

Followings are the Tips , which can help him decide better & faster.

A)    Nothing is Free in this world:-

Free word is a gimmick used by the Tour operators & customer should sincerely ask questions & go in depth about the free aspects.

In fact , one should give negative marks  to the operator who does the gimmicks of free offers.

B)    Understand the problems of Europe Group Tours :-

There is around 4000 – 5000 kms of travel in Europe Group Tours in about 14-18 days. So we should go for tours which is having less Travel. Per day travel should not be more than 300 kms / per day .

This is the most Important.

C)    Understand the Hotels : –

In normal case in Europe all Tour Operators give hotels, which are around 30 kms from the city centre. Plus the rooms are smaller & no Porter is available. Many operators give exact hotel names and addresses on the last minute.

We believe that ,It is absolutely must to know the names & addresses of Hotels before you are booking the Tour.

D)    Know Restaurants & Food in Detail:-

Breakfasts served in hotels are very basic & practically no Indian items are served in Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner are in Indian Restaurants.

It is imperative for the Traveler to discuss the Meals, Restaurants, Menu Items etc before finalizing the Tour.

E)     Understand what is Caravan :-

In Europe , some local Tour Operators are serving the food in Caravans. Caravan is minivan , in which moving Kitchen is there . This Caravan moves with the Tour & serves Food to passengers . In places like London, Paris, Switzerland Caravan is illegal , so Caravan is not possible. Most important is when using Caravan, lunch is served on the petrol pumps or some parking area. People have to eat food in the paper plates standing on the Petrol pumps. In Europe, Climate is very uncertain, sometimes very cold, Rainy & sometimes hot. It is very difficult to eat outside standing on the road or Petrol pump.

So we definitely believe , Caravan should be avoided. 

F)     Knowing the Sightseeing:-

Understand what sightseeing are included in the Tour. Europe is the center of History, culture & Modern wonders. Make sure that the Tour Operator includes the must & the most important sightseeing of your choice.

We believe that one should focus more on what the tour operator is going to show than anything else.

Above are some Tips which will be very useful to you for finalizing your Europe Tour.

Have a Happy Tour to Europe ! 

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