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Future Tours From India

By Flamingo Transworld on Aug 18, 2014
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From ancient days , from the time of Egyptian civilization about 4000 years back , man was Travelling.

Those days , man used to travel to find new land , food, resources & Trade.

In the Greeks & Roman times upto the middle ages , man travelled for Trade .

In Asia, especially in India, China & Malaysia coast , Trade & exchange of knowledge were the prime reasons for man to Travel.

In modern times, with the advent of Aeroplane, Automobiles & Infrastructure , people started travelling for seeing the world , Leisure & knowing new things.

That is why many people focus on sightseeing & comfort when they are travelling.

Today, elderly & middle aged generation want to see the world.

Also there is a huge business traffic wherein businessman travel throughout the world , for trade & business.

Thus today’s travel is leisure, sightseeing and business.

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How do we travel in the next 20,30 ,50 years?

Following points will be the future trends.

1)     Reduction of Business Traffic:-

With Internet communication becoming so strong, with webcam, internet phones & web conferences, Businessman would do most of their Business, without travelling & they will be talking on web.

We believe that with the powerful internet overall the business traffic is going to go down in the next 20 – 30 years.

2)     Experience will be the Key:-

Today’s youngsters are so good at internet surfing that they probably have no mystery.

They have seen Youtube , Videos, Wikipedia & websites for many places.

Once upon a time, National History Museums of New York or London used to be a big attraction.

Today’s youngsters just laugh at them, because on Wikipedia & Google,

they have seen & studied most of the objects of their own interests.

What the youngsters want, is not sightseeing , but they want Experience.

Future of the traveled world would be to Experience , to Feel & to do.

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They  would love to be in Theme parks, They would love to play Sports, Horse riding, Camping, Biking, Hiking, Trekking, Shopping, Self Drive, Camper vans & so on.

People would love to experience the activities they like.

Just sightseeing would go out of place.

3)     Leisure & Luxury would be up:-

Leisure , Luxury, Hotels , Fine Dines, Cruises ,Good Apartment stays would all go up.

People would like to have an Airplane which is comfortable .

Airbus did a survey & understood this fact, Please refer to our blog on Aviation 2050,

Luxury cruise Liners , with comforts , views & activities would be in demand.

4)     Theme Travels would go up :-

People would travel to attend music festivals, see sports events, & would go for a particular theme.

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This travel would go up in a big way.

5)     Travelling to meet Friends & know new people.

Facebook & other social medias are bringing people closer to each other.

People would travel to meet their new friends, At the same time people are getting interested

In knowing different lifestyles, cultures , social systems of people from different regions & different countries.

The Travel would be to know the different people.

Thus , We believe that Travel would take a completely new direction in the next 20-30 years.

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