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Life Without Water: Singapore Tour Packages From Gujarat

By Flamingo Transworld on Sep 11, 2014
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Singapore: Life without Water

Many countries have oil,

Many have vast land for Agriculture,

Many have minerals and Metals,

Many Have Gold, Diamonds etc.

But Singapore Has None Of Above.

It is quite understandable that the countries having natural resources, will definitely progress thanks to the natural resources. But, can you imagine any county, which has scarce land for people to live, zero land for agriculture, zero crude petroleum, no minerals, no metals, no gold and most important very less water resources, still progressed and progressed in a big way, yes there is a country, which has achieved great progress without natural resources and that is Singapore.

Singapore has the population of 54 lacs people and total land area in just 716 Sq.km. Singapore got its independence from Briton in 1963, and in 50 years today, it has per capital income of SGD 64000 per annum per person.

The Singapore today is a developed nation or first world country, from developing or Third world country. It’s only due to the will of Singaporean to fight the circumstances and their enthusiasm to progress and live a better life for themselves, and their children, that has transformed the country from third world to first world country.

I would like to give example of water management by Singapore. For passenger travelling from Gujarat should know water management system of Singapore, because Gujarat also has scarcity of water. Singapore reservoir and Singapore river is not able to provide sufficient water for the need of Singapore. Till recently, Singapore was importing their water need from the Johor district of the neighboring country, Malaysia.

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Can you imagine a country living on imported water, and still progressing fast? Singapore started NEWater factories in 2002 for the reclamation of sewage water. Usable water is produced from treated used water that is purified further, using advanced membrane technology and ultra-violet disinfection, making it safe to drink. NEWater is mainly used in Industry and for Air-conditioning cooling towers. NEWater meets up to 30% of Singapore’s current water needs.

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A small portion of NE water is also blended with Singapore reservoir, which would be used for drinking. For the person who are opting for Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages visit to NEWater plant is must because Gujarat also has a great scarcity of water in western Gujarat region of Kutch and costal district. The processing of reclaimed water for industrial purpose and desalination of sea water can be very useful to the fight the water shortages.

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Therefore, people taking tours to Singapore from Gujarat, NEWater is must visit center.

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