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Singapore in The Last 50 Years: Experience The Change with Our Singapore Tours

By Flamingo Transworld on Dec 12, 2014
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The island of Singapore was known to the sea travelers as early as the Third Century. By the seventh century, when the trade through sea developed, Singapore probably was one of the many trading outposts serving as an import-export port and served as the center attraction of trade for Malay, Thai, Javanese, and Chinese, Indian, and Arab traders.

 A fourteenth-century Javanese people referred to the island as Temasek. As per local legends, there was sighting of half lion and half beast, it was due to those events the city of Singapura or the Lion City was named. The Malayan sultans and group of regional empires were the ones controlling Singapura back then.

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In 1953 a British commission recommended partial internal self-government for Singapore. The very next year, Labour Front led by David Marshall, called for immediate independence and merger with Malaya. The same year, the People’s Action Party (PAP) was established under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew, the future hero and legendary prime minister.

In 1957 Malaya was granted independence, and the next year the British Parliament elevated the status of Singapore from colony to state and provided for new local elections.

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The small island country with limited source of income and without any natural resources was not the same Singapore that we know today.

 Singapore today is riding high on the Financial and Tourism wave the per capita income has increased to $78,744. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is considered to be the longest serving prime minister in the history. Mr. Lee’s contribution to the transformation has been phenomenal.

Small manufacturing base and little industrial know-how and domestic capital contributed much to the rapid rise of the unemployment. Today the unemployment rate stands low at 1.9%.

The Infant mortality rate was 82 per 1000 live births which now stand at 2. The average life expectancy rate back then was 62 which is increased to 82 mainly due to vast improvement in the health care and better quality of life that the government has worked to provide the citizens.

The early time was a violent period characterized by constant anti-colonial agitation, communist subversion and unrest leading to self-government and culminating independence. Post its separation from Malaysia, Singapore has grown at an average of 8% a year. The successful implementations into housing, water, sanitation, clean environment, nutrition, and education – all important determinants of health. Health care has always been placed high on the national agenda.

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Singapore‘s land filling program has provided excellent results as the 581.5 km2 land has grown to an impressive 718.3 km2. The future land filling program has plans to grow the land size by another 100 km till 2030 that will double the size of the country from its original size. The Marina Bay area is an excellent example of the land filling program. The construction of the hotel Marina Bay Sands on Marina Bay is the most expensive building in the world costing $4.7 Billion.

After Monaco, Singapore is the second most populated or densest sovereign state. The 20th smallest country in the world stands 6th in the list of wealthiest nations.

Some of the famous brands of Singapore include Singapore Airlines, Tiger Palm and Tiger Beer. Over a period of time Singapore has evolved into a global meeting and events venue for big companies. The port has been one of the main pillars of Singapore’s economy for nearly 200 years and has played a key role in Singapore’s transformation into a global trading power for re-export. Much of this success is given to its strategic geographical location, stable government, and reliable workforce, pro-business environment, transparent legal system and sound infrastructure. Singapore has been and remains the busiest port in the world in terms of shipping tonnage.

Annually it receives an average of 140000 vessel calls at their port. The housing system is well planned and implemented to avoid any land wastage. The tourism sector has contributed a lot as over 15.6 million of visitors/tourists (with 7% Growth) in 2013.

Today Singapore has one of the best infrastructures, safe for tourists, pro-business approach and health care system with booming economy.

This Lion City has traveled from being a third world country to the first world, Are we ready to venture onto this journey?

Visit Singapore today and get mesmerized!!!

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