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The First Taste of Spain – Fascinating Experiences on Spain Tour

By Flamingo Transworld on Dec 9, 2014
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Top five fascinating things to do while in Spain

Talking about Spain, the first thing that clicks my mind is celebrations, enjoyment, dancing, tasting variety of foods & drinks, awesome beaches to relax and lots and lots of fun.

Thanks to the Spanish culture, its people and its fiestas; Spain has its hands wide open to welcome all types of tourists from all over the planet. The magnificent leisure and hospitality facilities along with the splendid climate, historic sites, yummy food and many more things that make Spain one of the attractive destinations to enjoy the vacation.

Spain is a modern country perfectly integrated in the European continent located half way between Africa and Europe. It spreads out like a boost height in one corner of the European continent bordered by the Atlantic. The country has its most defining crowd with the silent solitude. Spain is a place where everyone has loved to come and who have stayed for long.

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Festivals – Running with the Bulls & La tomatino

As Spaniards, their fiestas are also exciting. Running with the bulls takes place in Pamplona (Navarra city) on mornings of 6th to 14th of July every year, the running starts from their corrals to the bullring for the afternoon bull fight. Participants need to enter the course before 7:30 am from plaza de santo domingo. Two rockets are fired: one will announces that the bulls have been released, and second lets you know they are all out and running.

La tomatina is a tomato throwing orgy that attracts around 30000 visitors to a town. The last Wednesday in august makes one of Spain’s messiest and most bizarre festivals. Held in the town of bunol. Truck loads of ripe, squishy tomatoes are tipped out to the waiting crowd. At 1PM an explosion signals the end and the drenched participants don their stash of fresh clothes.

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Adventure – Skydiving and Scuba Diving

Skydiving is one of the good adventures to experience while on Spain tour. This is breathtaking when you will fall from 15000 ft from plane. It gives almost of one minute free fall before parachute opens. Once parachute open you will be gliding on air with beautiful view of earth without any barrier in between. As we are not professional diver they give us training before flying also one of diver accompany us while jumping out of aircraft. There are many sites in spain from where they perform skydiving like near Seville, Barcelona, Madrid.

With Spain’s 4000 km of shoreline you will find great scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities year round. A good starting point is the coral reefs along the costa brava, the costa del sol outfits of Malaga.

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Food – Tapas and Wine 

Dinner usually served between 9 to 12 midnight. And there is always time for pre dinner verity called tapa (food) with glass of wine.

Tapas are a wide variety of appetizer in Spanish cuisine. A tradition of putting a lid (Tapa) atop a glass of wine or beer. Their purpose was partly to keep the bugs out, but to encourage people not to drink empty stomach.

Being gujarati I tried to find veg tapas option to try. And without a doubt I found many options available in almost all the restaurant and bars of Spain, to try i ordered Spanish cheese and tomato Pie and marinated carrots with olive. And proud to say it was just awesome in taste. To share more few available dishes which you can try while on tour: fried pepper with garlic, roasted pepper in oil, vinegar and garlic, cheese in olive oil.

Wine accompanies almost every meal in Spain, where people drink often but rarely to excess. Probably the most common premium red table wine you will encounter will be from La Rioja.

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Happening evening – Ibiza

Ibiza is the most extreme of the islands, in landscape and visitors. A rugged coastline is interspersed with dozens of sandy beaches.

In summer from May to October every year usually the islands is a continuous party from sunset to sunrise and back again. Each clubs has something different to offer, theme nights, fancy dress parties and foam parties are regular features.

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Music & Dance – The Flamenco

Music is everywhere and the country’s intense musicality will be one of your abiding memories. Meanwhile flamenco the music most readily associated with Spain is enjoying a golden age and its influence is felt through almost all Spanish musical germs. Flamenco song can sound like someone suffering from excruciating toothache. But love it or hate it, a flamenco performer who successfully communicates their passion will have you unwittingly on the edge of your seat, oblivious to all else.

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Without a doubt, Spain is an outstanding destination in the world. There are many reasons to consider it as a best due to its warm climate, good communication, and great infrastructures, considerable to offer in quality tourism, and of course the friendly & hospitable Spanish people.

It feels like; would have missed the best experience of my life, If not traveled to Spain.

Also, we have tailor made Spain Tour Packages for you, in which you will experience all these activities. For more information you can contact our Spain Tour Specialist from here : www.FlamingoTravels.co.in/Spain.

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