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Magical Melbourne with our Australia Tour Packages

By Flamingo Transworld on Jan 17, 2015
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There are 7 continents, 196 countries and so many cities in the world not to mention… Melbourne is just one of those many cities… And yet it is winning most livable city award over and over the years… Why? I knew exactly why. And that’s why you should visit Melbourne when you are on Australia holiday tour packages.

I have lived in Melbourne for 12 years. So who knows Melbourne weather more than I. It is cold most of the year (Apr to Oct). But, not that cold whereby you have to pick up snow from your car and drive way. It snows where it belongs, up on the mountains. Winter is a wonderful time for snow activities such as skiing, tobogganing and many others. You are looking at 2 to 15 degrees through these months.

Then come my favorite time Summer Nov to Mar. We are looking at about 20 to 40 degrees in these months. Best time to enjoy beaches. Melbourne has some of the best beaches like St. Kilda beach. We can enjoy a simple walk on the safe sandy beach with a long palm-lined broad walk, surfing, swimming, Beach volley ball, beach cricket or picnicking with family.

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Separating Summer and winter won’t help. Melbourne can have 4 seasons in a day. One must carry a jacket and an umbrella most of the year. Cause you never know what you may need. 🙂

Melbourne has best cafes in the world. You would get world class coffee and best bakery items. They have it all, with and without eggs.  Melbourne crowd is very health conscious. There is a variety of vegetarian dishes you will get in any restaurant. I worked for a company who had meetings and training frequently. Meals were always a part of it, whether it was lunch, supper (dinner) or tea (Snack). I have tried amazing pure vegetarian food which I never imagined. And believe it or not, I don’t even know some of the dish’s names.

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I found people to be very friendly and organised. If you are looking for directions for your destination in America, first thing you will hear is ‘I don’t know’. And on the other hand, in the whole Australia, they will always be happy to help even if they have to go out of their way. They work limited hours, but work is always done. They finish their tasks and ask for more work if working hours are still left. Once their working hours are finished, they won’t stop for anything.

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Melbourne is famous for its architects too. Beautiful buildings and structures are found here. They are inspired by European designs a lot of the time. Best example for contemporary design is Federation square, Crown casino and Eureka Tower.

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Melbourne is also famous for its night life. In the city centre and in surroundings, there are hundreds of night clubs and pubs available.

This is a city where you spend as much as you want and you can get around it. There are options like backpacking to 7 star lavish hotels. There are run of the mill pizza shop to eateries on 33rd floor of Sofitel hotel or even enjoying outdoors on south bank in winters.

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English is the main language here. Having said that you will also hear a lot of Chinese, Greek, Italian, Indian and many more languages when sitting in public transport as there are people from all over the world living here. Talking about public transport, Melbourne has a vast range of options starting from Trams, buses, trains (underground in the city center) and taxis. All options are reasonable.

Melbourne has zone system. City Center and surroundings are in zone 1, few kilometers in outer layer is zone 2 and further out is zone 3. You can buy a day pass for any zone; can be used for Train, tram or bus for that particular zone.

Melbourne is known to have best universities across the world. Students come from overseas to study and make career. Every year thousands of students get graduated in Melbourne. Subjects from Arts to Aviation, Geology to I.T., Sea life to hospitality all is taught here in Melbourne.

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We have the best sports grounds, pools and clubs to promote sports. Government spends huge amount of money in coaching for a number of sports here.

Talking about sports ground we must mention MCG. So many cricket matches played there by our Indian players. I have visited MCG few times. Each time I go to cricketer’s changing room, I can hear and feel them there. Guide shows us where Sachin might have set and his picture is hanging on the wall along with other renowned cricketers. It is a magical experience indeed.

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On the final note: It is not only best livable city, It is best to visit city also. If you have never been to Melbourne, grab the first opportunity. Melbourne has it all, look at it from my eyes.

So, Want to visit Melbourne ? Yeah… But How ? Well, Come to us we have unforgettable Australia HolidayTour Packages for you. Also if you want to design your own itinerary, we can do that. Contact us today, our Australia Tour Expert will help you to make your Australia Trip memorable. Click Here: FlamingoTravels.co.in/Australia

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