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From Director’s Desk: My Experience of South Africa Tour

By Flamingo Transworld on Feb 10, 2015
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My holiday to South Africa was very different and eye opening then my expectation. The country was bubbling with modern ideas construction of modern buildings and optimism in the air.

The father of the nation Sir Nelson Mandela had seen the dream of a united rainbow nation. A rainbow nation of co existence between its white and black people was the lesson learnt by seeing its neighboring country Zimbabwe where the set up of A native government and driving away of white population had taken away with it the knowledge, the resources, the administrative discipline, and financial power of Zimbabwe. Leaving the country in chaos and many years behind in progress.

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Learning from this Mr. Mandela had thrown a challenge to its people for accepting racial co existence for growth, well being and prosperity and future development of one of the biggest racial discriminated nation of the world. And when we visited it in 2013 the dreamer had gone. But the people had taken up the challenge of seeing this new dream of coexistence. People in all walks of life whether white black or colored were making adjustments to accept this new form of society. The next two decades will show us the outcome of this biggest step towards progress not only of the Africans but mankind as a whole.

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I am very positive that this nation has a chance and can make this happen.

I am with you South Africa.

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This heart of the country in transit was what impressed me most. Of course the other attractions of scenic beauty in and around cape town, garden route was mesmerizing. The Tsitsikamma National Park has some of the best views on its trekking routes. The adventure activities are varied and many to suit all age groups and risk taking abilities. My group tour to South Africa covered all major attractions at a most reasonable cost and was great value for money.

We saw many individual travelers also on self drive options and met them in our hotels. On conversing with them we found they were also very comfortably travelling and enjoying very much like us. But considering my family priority of vegetarian Indian and Jain food our opting for group tour was a better option for us.

This country is a must see on your list before you retire from travelling.

Good luck South Africa.

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