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Adventures that should be on your bucket list

By Flamingo Transworld on Aug 19, 2015

What’s life without Adventure? Explore the other side of this beautiful earth by going to the mountain biking, hike rough terrains, towering peaks, kayak through the fascinating rivers and be with natural in the outdoors. The world offers the desired adrenaline kicks to the adventure junkies. If your ideal holiday is less strolling around a new place taking in the sights and more dangling four hundred feet above them, then this is for you. From coming face to face with sharks to extreme sports that get your heart racing, these adventure activities around the world will be definitely appeal to the adrenaline junky in you. The following list represents the most popular adventure activities offered around the world, with tips on where you can do each one both near and far from home. Don’t just watch the adventure on TV; go out to experience it first’s hand.

1)      Everest Base Camp

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Everest Base camp is like living a dream even higher than the clouds for adventurous and mountain climbers to climb up the highest point exist on Earth. It is divided into two parts, South Base camp in Nepal and North Base Camp in Tibet. Far from the conveniences and daily luxury routine, the trip to the camp saturate the spirit and provide a strength and peace. The supplies which are used during the base camp can be carried with the help of animals, mostly on yaks. The Everest Base camp route is one of the most popular trekking routes in the world with thousand of trekkers visited every year.

2)    Khardung La : World’s Highest Motorable Road

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Khardung La is the highest mountain pass in the Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. The elevation of the pass is 5359 meter and a gateway to Nubra valley and shyok in Ladakh. Khardung La offers amazing views of the Nubra valley and roads winding up the mountain. The fresh air, scenic locations and the feeling of being on top of the earth have made this pass one of the popular tourist attraction. Traffic on Khardung La is regulated to ensure smooth flow of vehicles. Traffic from Leh towards Khardung La are allowed only from the morning to the afternoon. During the month from May to October is the best time to visit the pass.

3)      Cycling on Brooklyn Bridge

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The Brooklyn Bridge is a cable stayed bridge and one of the oldest bridge in New York City. This impressive bridge connects the Brooklyn and Manhattan city by spanning the East River, which made it world’s largest suspension bridge. It has a separate elevated walkway for bicycle and walk along the centerline. The main road or centerline has six lanes for automobiles, while the other heavy vehicles are prohibited. The sideway has been open for the cyclists and walkers. It also have a wide pedestrian walkway and city’s first dedicated bike lanes with more than thirty one hundred cyclists and four thousand pedestrians every day.

4)      White Shark Cage Diving

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White shark cage diving is one of the most adventurous activity, which can be done in South Africa. The diving is hundred percent safe that can be done under most experienced crew. The custom made shark cages are well protected with a capacity of twenty passengers. White shark cage diving is breath taking experience, getting into the cage which is surrounded by great white shark that are roaming around face to face. The sharks are brush their teeth and tails against the cage but never attacks so strong towards the cage, as much as we afraid. Personal thought about one to one eye contact to the world dangerous animals is guaranteed exciting and adventurous.

5)      Mount Fuji Climbing

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Mount Fuji is the highest and most prominent mountain peak in Japan. The mountain itself has the most attractive view and climbing through it, is the most rewarding experience for the hikers. The month of September is the favorable for such an adventure when trails and mountain facilities are available. During this period, the weather is mild, mountain free from snow and huts are open. Mount Fuji is very popular among the local and foreign tourists, from which one third are hikers. Everyday large number of hikers climbs the mountain.

6)      Skydive over lake Wanaka

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Looking up to the mountain is easy, but looking down from the height of 15,000 ft above the land is most thrilling and memorable experience. Skydive over Lake Wanaka is most spectacular, intense clarity of sky, high altitude skydive and free fall from the fifteen thousand feet at two hundred km above the Southern alps of New Zealand. The scenic 360 degree view of mount aspiring and mount cook during the flight is breathtaking where glacier feed lakes and rivers. The New Zealand is the main hotspot for the airborne adventure.

7)      Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

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The ultimate bridge adventure starts from exploring and climbing the climb base of Sydney Harbor Bridge. The best experienced crew equipped with all outdoor gear based for the weather conditions, health and safety essentials. The climb leader will guide and entertain by telling the interesting stories about the history of bridge. On each step enjoy the most iconic and scenic view of Sydney, counted as a most beautiful harbor in the world. Right in the heart of Sydney, the top of the bridge is 134 m above the sea level. For the safety reasons, no need to carry the camera and phone because climb leader have all the necessary items and they also click the photos.

8)      Surf at Surfers Paradise

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Surfers Paradise is a suburb with a wide surf beach which is very popular among the tourists. At Surfer paradise, it’s obvious to grab swim gear kit and head straight to the water to experience the surfing at one of the best beach on Gold Coast. The most vigilant and experienced lifeguards who are keep watching every activity going on the beach and guide everyone who need any help. There are lots of luxury accommodations with some amazing sight seen. Surfer paradise has lot to offer like visit skypoint deck on Q1, duck tour, cruise the waterways, Jet boating and much more.

9)      Cycling through Bordeaux Vineyards

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Bordeaux Vineyards is stretch over a Dordogne river and wine produced near in the fertile valley with a huge area where biking vacation. While roaming around the vineyard with cycle one can enjoy the fields of sunflower, notable cave paintings along the river, architecture of churches and monasteries. Biking through the wineries while enjoying the weather truly one of the memorable adventure that not to be missed!

10)      Gorilla Trekking

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When we thought about Gorilla instantly our mind takes us to the Tarzan and King Kong movies. Now it’s time to watch them live. Gorilla Trekking in the impenetrable forest watching gorilla closely feels amazing, thrilling and a lifetime experience. Tracking gorillas only done in South African mountain’s all year around in the city Uganda and Rwanda. There are only seven hundred eighty six mountain gorillas remaining in the world and all are found in South Africa.

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