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Hawaii – The Islands of Aloha

By Flamingo Transworld on Sep 8, 2015
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The only U.S state that is composed of number of islands brings you the best of beaches, nature’s pride and a true sense of ethnicity and culture. Whether it is chasing the serene dawn, parasailing in the glorious noon or the star gazing on a clear night, Hawaii will never disappoint you for sure. It can be a paradise for active adrenaline junkie singles and at the same time a dreamer’s home for laid back couples and families. In this amazing delight of God, there are a couple of things which are “a must do” for any visitor of Hawaii. Check out our USA holiday tour packages to know the itinerary.

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A guided Mule trek through “almost vertical three mile trail” is the only way to reach the final destination of allusive town of Kalaupapa which is hidden by world’s highest sea cliff at a height of 1010 meters. Approximately 2 hours of hike through the dense tropical forest and breathtaking sea cliffs takes you one step closer to understanding and appreciating culture of the simple natives of this hidden village. However once you reach the settlement, your journey does not end but it begins. A guided tour through the village will give you a chance to explore the history of the village and visit some of the important landmarks to this history like St Damien Church and St Philomena Church. And if you are really lucky, maybe you can strike up a conversation with one of the natives who are ready to give you a firsthand glimpse to their world which is a world apart in itself!


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The island of Maui boasts of tempting its visitors with World’s First and most technically advanced passenger submarine. This unique underwater experience brings its viewers close to exotic Atlantic sea life and coral reefs. What sets the whole experience apart is the journey into the sea; accompanied with professional narration and an opportunity to capture the picturesque sight through cameras. The submarine is fully air conditioned 48 passenger vessel which makes the journey comfortable even 100 feet below the water. The best part of this trip is that for the first time, the visitors get to experience an artificial coral reef constructed for the purpose of conservation and which has become home to the marine life in the Atlantic. This once in a life time experience is an enchanting experience which will lure you to this incredible island for sure.


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How would you feel if you visit Brazil and miss out on the Carnival? Well, that’s exactly how you will feel if you do not unearth some of your precious time for this mind boggling experience. The Musical Drama has captured the ancient Polynesian Stories and molded them into music, drum dancing, special effects, a fire spewing stunt and world renowned fire knife performances to exhilarate its audience into the feeling of awesomeness. The performances by Natives breathe the life of their culture in this show and the musical finale with a lavish buffet of traditional food and a peek within the indigenous community’s living quarters. Such is this experience that even after you have left the island and years have passed, you will still sit back on your patio and reminiscence that one amazing evening filled with color, passion, music and intensity.


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Whether you are a nature lover or a movie buff, this particular trip around the island of Kaui is something definitely that is going to interest you. Amongst all the islands of Hawaii, the island of Kaui is one of the most sought after by Hollywood. “The Descendants”, “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Six Days and Seven Nights” and “Fantasy Island” are few of the most popular movies that have been shot here. The striking beauty of Wailua Falls or Kiluea Lighthouse which has tempted those Hollywood directors is sure to enchant you with its serenity and unspoiled beauty. This trip will take you through the best waterfalls, serene coves and vantage cliffs to take in, the best Kauai have to offer.


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It is no secret that most of the Hawaiian Islands are result of Volcanoes at one time or another. But to visit these beautiful islands and not see an active volcano is worst kind of crime a tourist can commit. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Main Island of Hawaii County will never disappoint a traveler in this respect. It possesses not one but two massive active volcanoes: Kilauea, the world’s one of the most active volcano and Mauna Loa, the most massive sub aerial volcano in the world. It is an exquisite experience; to not only see the bubbling hot lava from an active volcano but at the same time, there exists species of flora and fauna surviving around the hot molten lava.  A volcano is a scientific phenomena but its beauty is far reaching and everlasting and one that should be captured in heart and in photographs.

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The different islands of Hawaii are like different hues in a rainbow – each one unique and splendid in its own way and if seen together forms for one of the most enthralling experiences in life. The Islands are not mere landforms surrounded by water but have deep attraction towards culture, people and the beauty that nature has endowed it which makes it a wholesome experience for every traveler to Hawaii.

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