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7 Most Beautiful Undiscovered Secret Town in Europe

By Flamingo Transworld on Mar 12, 2016

Europe is home to various themes from culture, history, and lot of mysteries. Visitors gravitate toward larger cities like Paris, Switzerland, London, but the best kept undiscovered European destinations are worth to give extra effort and often found in the small unknown towns. However, Europe is rich with many wonderful and beautiful towns that still need to explore and tend to away from the radar of average tourist attraction but is delight to the true travelers. Traveling to these unexplored colorful towns can be as wonderful experience as hitting the capitals and popular cities.

1)   Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

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Cesky Krumlov is located in southern Bohemia. There is no other town in the world that is more charming, fairytale-like town than Cesky Krumlov. The town has small cobblestone roads and beautiful bridges. It is a wonderful short day trip from Prague. Visit Krumlov in the summer season is one of the best experiences and also one can raft down the Vltavy River.

2)   Manarola, Italy

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Manarola is the oldest town in Cinque Terre, famous for fishing and wine making. The image of this town says it all, it would have to be Italy’s most charming town on the coast. There are lot of tourist attractions activities like walking trail, hiking trail in hill, vineyard above the town and much more.

3)   Colmar, France

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Colmar is a small town in the Alsace, northeastern France near the border of Germany. The town is lies between the Strasbourg and Basel. It is a unique blend of culture, architecture and spirit. It is as colorful in real life as it looks to be in the photos. It is stunningly beautiful well preserved and one of France’s undiscovered hidden gem.

4)   Marsaxlokk, Malta

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Marsaxlokk is the main fishing village in southeastern region for the entire country. It is one of the charming colorful village. There is lot to explore here from green water to tasty traditional restaurant. The town also has a pristine beach on the east side with some water activities like diving, snorkeling and also hiking. Don’t miss the saltpans when you visit this village.

5)   Hallstatt, Austria

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Hallstatt is situated in Salzkammergut, Austria. It is the most beautiful & prettiest lakeside town & one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The real beauty of this village is that one can visit this place any time of the year. This place is lot to offer for the visitors like Ferry ride across the lake, scenic beauty between the mountains, world’s oldest salt mines & most photographed town in the world. One can surely fall in love with this Europe’s most charming small town.

6)   Pucisca, Croatia

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Pucisca is suited in the middle of Brac Island and Makarska. The paved white roofs of the beautiful stone houses in this town are creating the true ambient environment.  Croatia has well opened for tourism in recent years so it may not be that much a secret place now days as it once was, however Dalmation coast must be visited once in your life. One can also do many activities like cycling, water skiing, scuba diving and much more.

7)   Arosa, Switzerland

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Arosa is situated at Plessur in canton. Because of its perfect location near wide valley, the place is very sunny and sheltered from strong winds. One can enjoy the tennis, horse riding, beach volleyball, fishing and swimming.

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