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Amazing Facts and Things to know before you travel Bali

By Flamingo Transworld on Aug 29, 2016
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Bali is one of the most popular & exotic island of Indonesia. Balinese people are well known for their warm hospitality. Apart from pristine beaches, white water rafting, volcanoes etc, the island has much more to discover on bali tour. Let’s once have a glimpse at some of the undiscovered facts of the island:

1. The Bamboo Chocolate Factory:

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Bamboo Chocolate factory was opened in November 2011 is world’s largest Bamboo commercial building. It is just located near to Ubud area & offers tours to tourists where they can taste & buy varieties of chocolates.

2. Nyepi Day:

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Nyepi Day is celebrated as Bali’s New Year which falls in March (between 5th March- 15th March). On this day no one is allowed on street- i.e. no traveling, no working or so from morning 6 am to next morning 6am. So on that particular day the whole island is silent & this rule is applicable to each & every person on the island even the tourists.

3. Babies:

The infants at the island are considered as Angels & so they are not allowed to touch the ground or crawl on the ground for few months of their month. When they are cross that particular no of months, a grand ceremony is held for the same.

4. Bali’s Coffee- Kopi Luwak:

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Kopi Luwak is world’s most expensive coffee- 1 cup of coffee can go up to 60 dollars. You can taste this coffee during your Bali Holidays. This coffee is produced mainly on the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumatra & Sulawesi.

How is this coffee produced?

The coffee is produced from the excretion of Asian civets. They excrete the beans, which the farmers collect, wash it & brew it & process it into fine Kopi Luwak Coffee.

5. Economic Dependence on Tourism:

More than 80% of the economy depends on the Tourism as the island has everything to offer from leisure to restaurants to adventurous activities to nightlife which lures the young crowd.

6. Black Sand:

There are few beaches in Bali with Black Sands for egLovina Beach- the black sand comes from the cool lava of the MT Ayung Volcano.

7. Four Names:

The Balinese people only give 4 names to the born bay be it a girl or a boy- Ketut, Wayan, Made &Nyoman.

8. A Hindu Island:

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Even though the island being located in Indonesia & Indonesia being a Muslim country, Balinese people practice Hinduism to the core. Like India they also have caste system, they also offer flowers & sweets during their prayers.

9. Island has Dolphins:

In the northern part of the island, that is in Lovina you will find plenty of Dolphins.

10. 210 Calendar days:

The Balinese Calendar follows 210 days. It consists of 10 weeks with 10 days each week. The calendar got its origin from the Hindu religion.

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