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HUB ZERO – LIVE THE GAME Place where all feel young & energetic

By Flamingo Transworld on Aug 9, 2016
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A visit to one of the most amazing place on the earth. Recently I had visited a theme park named “HUB ZERO – LIVE THE GAME” during our Dubai tour. Now let me tell you from the beginning. It was our summer vacation, I and my friends were planning to do something thrilling and adventurous, so we came up to this new place in Dubai named HUB ZERO – LIVE THE GAME. As the title states that it has a totally different zone where you can actually live what you normally see in game. We went to the venue; it is located at City Walk in Dubai.

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We bought the passes and entered the virtual zone of the gaming world. It has different categories of games whether it is for a kid or an adult. Mainly there were games based on Warfare and some action movies like Resident Evil etc.

Starting from the very first game called the “VIRTUAL ARENA” which was a totally new experience where they give 3D glasses and a Gun to kill the zombies. Yes you heard it right KILLING THE ZOMBIES, it’s like once the game starts you felt the horror of the zombies and once they start coming out of the house you start shooting them with the virtual gun. You actually feel the scratch on your face when they hit you. Awesome sound effects and 3D experience where you live the actual experience of the game during dubai tour packages.

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Then moving to another game, we were now even more excited to play new stuff. Moving on to the new zone called “HERO ZONE VERTICAL ADVENTURE”. In this zone they have all the practical games, basically all the adventure games like Rock climbing, rope way and many more. At first we felt like it’s not that hard or scary as the name states. But trust me once we begin to play we had a totally different opinion about the stuff they had. Rock climbing was quite fun. Then we went to the pole climbing where you are given a harness and they tie you with a rope and then you start climbing on the poles one by one till you reach the highest pole.

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Then we moved on to another game named “BATMAN Experience”. Initially it looked very easy but once I reached the top and then when I had to jump to catch the hanger. But then somehow I gathered the courage ( thanks to my friends who were cheering me up and also the staff of that zone even they started cheering me ) and I jumped.Trust me it was truly a BATMAN JUMP when he tries to get away from the prison in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

This place has definitely a lot to offer with numerous games for all the adventure lovers. A must visit from my side if you ever visit Dubai tours from Mumbai.

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