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07 Reasons to Visit Europe in Winter

By Flamingo Transworld on Dec 17, 2016

The winter season of Europe is indeed a very beautiful season to enjoy the various attractions and activities. Here in Europe one can find milky white snow in many places, the beautiful lightening of streets, city squares, heritage buildings, specially decorated Christmas tree during the Christmas Time, the amazing fireworks during New Year celebration on 31st December. There are various carnivals which take place in various cities, sport activities like skiing in the various mountain ranges which also takes place during the winter season. The Europe is indeed the Paradise for people who want to taste various types of diverse cuisine as well as Exotic Wines. For information of various such incredible activities read our blog

Northern lights

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The northern lights a phenomenon is popularly called Aurora Borealis is at its best in winters. This is a phenomenon which occurs near the magnetic poles. Looking at these beautiful unearthly colours in the sky is a delight. As the days are shorter, the chances of witnessing this beautiful phenomena increase.  Some of the best countries to see the northern lights are Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, etc.

Lesser crowds

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If you are looking forwards to a peaceful trip without any hassle of standing in long lines, winter is the best time to visit. As there are lesser number of people around, this makes the bookings easy too. It becomes very convenient to see all the historical monuments and click pictures with people jumping into the frame from nowhere!

Winter festivals

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Europe celebrates several festivals in winter. Countries celebrate various festivals and carnivals in winter based on their religious and historical culture, traditions and significance. Christmas is widely celebrated across Europe. Apart from that, Venice carnival, Amsterdam light festival, Cologne Carnival, etc. is very famous.

Winter food

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If you are going to visit countries like Switzerland, France or Germany, then discovering the winter cuisine is something that needs to be on your ‘To Do’ list. In combination with the yummy cuisine, Europe is the paradise for wine lovers in winter. One perfect dish to eat would be the cheese fondue with wine in Switzerland.

Economical rates

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Broadly speaking, winter is an off season in Europe and so it very easy to get availability and bookings in hotels and for various other services like, transport, sightseeing easily. Moreover, the rates are extremely affordable. Even airfares and commutation costs gets easy on your pockets.

Winter sports

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The Skiing is a very popular sports activity in Europe that takes place in various places. The ideal time for skiing is winters. Apart from skiing, people also perform snow kiting, snowshoeing, cycling and other such sports in winter and enjoy their time in winter.

Winter markets

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In various parts of Italy, Germany, France and Austria some of the most traditional markets are located in the time of Christmas. These markets have things showcasing traditions that go back to the 1400s. It is delight to shop here!

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