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How to plan a trip to Europe with family ?

By Shachi Solia on Feb 3, 2017
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Planning a vacation can be a tedious task especially when you are travelling with your family. There is so much to plan for a family trip. Here’s a guide to plan a family trip to Europe.

Planning a family trip to Europe:


Europe is rich in culture and history. There is so much art around you that it becomes difficult to short list the places you want to visit. There are so many options to opt for a trip in Europe that it becomes very difficult to stick to a plan. If after a lot of collective brainstorming with the family, you come down to a list of places to visit, it is difficult to find places to stay. In short, there is so much to plan and so much to note down on a paper to plan a full proof trip.

Let’s go through a few things that you need to keep in mind while planning a trip to Europe with family:

 Decide the top notch places you want to visit:


Europe is huge and there are so many beautiful places to explore. It is extremely difficult to add and subtract some of the major attractions to visit or not. The easier way is to pick a cluster at a time. So if you are planning to travel with your family and kids you might want to visit Disneyland and hence Paris. Decide what type of city tour you and your family is looking for, panoramic city tour that will be a brief tour of the city which is mostly done by sitting in a coach, or orientation tour which will give you a good coverage of the city by stopping at the main landmarks of the city. If you are travelling with young adults in your family you might want to explore Scandinavian countries. So, the first step would be picking the list of places you want to visit as per your priority.

Establishing a budget:


If your trip is not planned systematically, then there are chances that your trip can be really expensive. So, you need to set a budget and be really sure about it. With your family around you will have to consider aspects like shopping, food and other sundry expenses as well. Considering everybody’s needs and choices, you need to decide a budget. You also need to look after the accommodation expense, flight expense etc. and then start saving prior to the trip.

 Decide if you want a free individual tour or escorted group tour:


Free individual tour is to plan your trip exclusively with your family. Here you can have liberty to choose your own hotels and tastes. You can also take your call to decide the budget and number of days you want to travel. The few drawbacks with this plan are the price might be higher in comparison to group tours, and also you might not find Indian food easily available in restaurants nearby.

Escorted group tour is to travel with a group of people which will make you feel secured and carefree. The group tour will be planned in advance including as much as sightseeing possible. It is considered as value for money as everything is arranged as per the tour package. The disadvantages will be that you will have to be on time keeping co-passengers in mind as per the itinerary. Also pace of the tour is decided by keeping general interest in mind. Fluency of the tour will be very fast and fixed as many places are to be covered in specific span of time.

So, before preparing the itinerary you need to decide how you want to travel to Europe, exclusively or with an interesting group of people

Sketching the itinerary:


With perfect budget and list of your favorite places, you need to sketch out an itinerary. Here you need to decide the way you want to commute in the city and make the itinerary revolving around it. There are various ways to travel and commute in the city like a seat on coach or hiring a private vehicle or may be hop-on hop-off buses. Do keep your budget in mind while designing the itinerary.



While travelling to a fresh destination, you cannot go hopping around to hotels with your family along with you. So, you need to book your hotel in advance. Start applying for visas and book a carrier affordable to you. You definitely need to book hotels in advance because delaying it will disturb your budget. One tip: the earliest the better!

Cashing up:


While cashing up, you need to start saving and exchanging currency before you leave. Also, you need to carry your credit/debit card that charges lesser fees and works in Europe. Make sure you inform your credit/debit card companies that you are going to be travelling abroad and also make sure that your cards work there which will be beneficial to you and efficient as well.



Prepare a list of the things you need and packing will be totally easy. Assign everybody in the family the task of making their lists so that nobody forgets anything. You can start packing a couple of days before you leave and then don’t forget to tally with the list. Also, check the weight of your luggage so that no unwanted issues happen at the airport. Keep an eye on the kid’s packing as well.

Get set go!


You are all set to go now! Pass on you temporary international number to the people you want to stay in touch with. Lock your houses, keep the keys safe and off you go!

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Have an exciting and happy trip to Europe!

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