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5 Reasons why South Africa is your Perfect “Hum Saath Saath Hai” destination

By Shachi Solia on Mar 7, 2017

We Indians have always had the “maza to sab keh saath aata hai” notion. Even when we travel, we love to do it with all three generations of family: the Grandparents, parents & the kids. And this is what we call the “Hum Saath Saath Hain” holiday, which we simply relish.

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But, as much as a family holiday is fun, planning one is quite the challenge. Balancing the needs, likes, dislikes, comforts and luxuries of all the people in the family is a task that has puzzled us & most importantly, the million dollar question of it all: where do we find the place that can serve an amazing experience to all our family members? South Africa happens to be one place that can serve the purpose.

The jungle safari & theme parks are a delight for kids, the beautiful beaches and nature as a whole is a pleasure to experience for youngsters and the history and the culture of the place has always fascinated adults and elders. All of this combined with comfortable tourist infrastructure to help you accomplish the most important objective of your holiday: Relax!!!

Now let’s see why South Africa is the perfect place for your Joint family trip, shall we.

1. Luxury at an affordable cost

South Africa is a destination that makes the money worth spending. All components of the holiday like flights, hotels, transport etc. can be found to match your budget. You can find amazing flight deals with convenient connections on various airlines like Air Seychelles, Air Mauritius, Ethopian Air etc.

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Hotel service & quality standards are good & you can always find a satisfying hotel to match your budget. Most importantly when you travel with kids & grandparents you would prefer the flexibility of having a chauffeur driven car to your family. The best part about the country is that Private Van tours are cost effective.

2. The Rainbow Nation offers Diverse Experiences

South Africa is often known as “The Rainbow Nation”, due to the country’s multicultural diversity. This blend of different cultures drastically ads to your experience.It has something for all age groups to enjoy and to create memories about. History lovers will be spellbound by the tales & museums based on apartheid heroes like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

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The country is certainly the nature & adventure lover’s paradise as it offers numerous options for sky diving, hiking etc. It offers beautiful scenic sites where the whole family can adore a picnic surrounded by the amazing landscape.

Also there are many adventurous activities for kids to experience the unique jungle book of South Africa.

3. World Class Tourist Infrastructure

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Tourism is an integral part of the South African economy & so they have paid special attention to the road infrastructure, tourist facilities, law & order etc. The best part is that they have made the natural resources like forests, wildlife etc. accessible to tourists without compromising on the conservation of the prevalent biodiversity.

4. Local & Indian Vegetarian food is easily available

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Indians have their reasons to eat Indian food in any corner of the world. Not to worry! Here you will find a wide variety of vegetarian Indian foods. Owing to the large Indian population in South Africa, many Indian food joints are available. So grandparents will definitely be satisfied with the food services in the country.

For youngsters, looking at trying something different, continental vegetarian food is also easily available. If anybody wants to try local African Vegetarian dishes than they will certainly not be disappointed.Following are few dishes that they can try:

  • Malva Pudding: A sweet and sticky baked sponge pudding,
  • Chakalaka and pap:A vegetable dish made of different vegetables and pap is porridge made fromwhite corn maize,
  • Cape Malay curry made by local produce including the aromatic spices and many such interesting dishes.

5. Good Weather

As South Africa is located in the Southern Hemisphere, it follows a climate opposite to India. While there is winter here, it is summer there & vice versa. So it is ideal for people looking to escape the extreme heat during May or the extreme cold during January. Most importantly, as it is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean & Indian ocean on all three sides the overall climate is temperate & mild.

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The 2 best periods to travel to South Africa are:

  • April to June: Avg. Temp. is 15 – 20 °C
  • October to March: Avg Temp. is 20 – 25 °C

Therefore, South Africa is a family-friendly destination, so book your tickets and enjoy a happy “Hum Saath Saath Hai” family trip to South Africa.

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