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7 Oscar Movies which will inspire you to Travel even more

By Gopi Solia on Mar 1, 2017
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Oscar awards have made hype around the globe with some amazing artists and mind-blowing movies winning the top notch awards of the film industry. As we saw Jimmy Kimmel made us laugh through the journey of the academy awards, we saw stories transcending the medium of film making and touching millions of hearts around the world. This year movies left mesmerized and enable the world to contemplate various issues around the world and the academy awards left us in a feet of confusion, eventually announcing ‘Moonlight’ as the best picture.


Be it Indian movies or Hollywood movies, drama has always inspired us to travel. Let’s see which movies this year infused the travel bug across the globe:

1. La La Land, Los Angeles:


The musical masterpiece is more than just a love story between two individuals struggling to make a name in Hollywood. It is obvious the Hollywood is synonymous to Los Angeles. The film beautifully portrays the glamour and shimmer Los Angeles.  Apart from of the beauty of the film making and Jazz, the movie also acknowledges the beauty of Los Angeles. You can see glimpses of places like the Griffith Observatory, Lighthouse cafe and many other places where our beloved Hollywood movies have been shot. La La Land truly inspired the world to visit the land of Hollywood; Los Angeles.

2. Lion, India and Australia:


The thrilling story inspired from a man who got separated from his family when he was a kid. The struggle to find his roots have been beautifully portrayed by adorable Indian kid ‘Sunny Pawar’ and ‘Dev Patel’. The movie was shot in India and Australia. Both places played their own roles in the movie. Kolkata is portrayed in its own essence with the beautiful colors of spirituality and the Howrah Bridge blended with the despair of the little estranged kid. As the story develops, Saroo the protagonist is adopted by a family in Tasmania in Australia where Saroo grew up amidst the azure sea meeting the green forest. India and Australia are shown in its own beautiful ways.


Here is one of the location where Lion shot few of those incredible scenes in Australia.

3. Hackshaw Ridge, Australia:


The movie is based on the true story of Desmond T. Doss, a U.S. soldier who was awarded for saving the lives of men during World War II. The movie portrays the Battle of Okinawa where the protagonist saved lives of his fellow soldiers. It is a place where the history of blood feud meets the beautiful coral reefs, some of which are considered as the best in the East China Sea. This particular movie was shot in New South Wales in Australia. The beautiful glimpses of the land contrasting with the war makes the movie inspire us to travel to both Okinawa and New South Wales.


Check out the location, where few of the war scenes were captured.

4. Hell or High Water, New Mexico:


The movie revolves around two brothers who resort to extreme measures in order to save their family’s farm. The movie portrays the arid beauty of New Mexico in USA. It is amazing to see the story develop around the raw nature of the land around Texas. One place that is a must visit in Texas is the Big Bend National Park which has a perfect landscape of the desert and the canyon. This place will certainly give you the adrenaline rush and inspire the travel geek in you.

5. Moonlight, Miami:


The acclaimed best picture of the year, Moonlight is shot at the very ‘mesmerizing’ Miami. The story develops around the protagonist who struggles to find meaning of his existence. Moonlight shows a very different view of the city which is usually hidden with the hustle bustle of the city. Miami is known for its awesome beaches and live nature. Liberty City is vividly shot in the movie and by the end of the movie; you will not only be baffled by the film, but also by Miami.

6. Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts:


The plot describes how a man deals with his life after the death of his brother, when he is bestowed with the responsibility of his nephew. The movie beautifully dwells around the seashore in Massachusetts. Manchester by the Sea is a place located in Cape Ann in Massachusetts. The plot and the place collaborate in making one want to go the Massachusetts. The place also had its own role along the side of Casey Affleck, so make sure you watch and visit Manchester by the Sea!

7. Hidden Figures, Georgia USA:


The inspiring story of women mathematicians who play a vital role in the US Space program against all odds posed by stereotypes is certainly inspiring. The movie is majorly shot in Georgia, USA. You can visit the Atlanta and Savannah in Georgia which have proved to be major tourist attraction here. It is an awesome movie and adds to the beauty of the place. Make sure you have Georgia on the list next time to find the Hidden Figures.


Here, is one of the shot behind the true story of ‘Hidden Figures’ in the Kennedy Space Center.

So go watch these outstanding movies and decide the destination for you next holiday trip!

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