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Explore Bhutan with some Adventure activities you must do there

By Gopi Solia on Mar 29, 2017
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The country that is known for its Gross Domestic Happiness is quite a symbol of peace and serenity. Bhutan is not only for the people looking for the peace but also for those who are looking for some adrenaline rush. Here are some adventurous activities that you can perform during Bhutan tour .

Bhutan tour

Bhutan is a perfect balance of peace and adventure. It gives you the opportunity to meditate in the realms of Buddhism and at the same point of time, lets you jump around the mountains and swim in the rivers. No wonder, the Gross National Happiness index is so high. Try your hand at these activities in Bhutan to get the adrenaline rush in the midst of the serenity.


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Bhutan has a rich landscape. It has got snow-clad mountains, dense forests, freshwater lakes and beautiful pastures. Just the idea of a nice walk through these lands is an awesome idea in itself. The land is untouched and rich with cultural and traditional values.  It is a stunning experience and you won’t regret it even a single bit and you are certainly going to get indulged in the happiness.

2. Cycling:

Bhutan tourism

Bhutan also gives a chance for you to go cycling around the cities and at a higher level, mountain biking.  You can also visit different passes on your bikes. Cycles are available for rent in Thimpu and Paro.

3. Kayaking or Rafting:

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Bhutan has various places with rapid currents to serve the right thrill. You can perform sports activities like rafting and kayaking here. It is just moderately difficult. The difficulty increases with the rapid current. For starters, you can try your hand at the timid waters. It is a beautiful experience.

4. Archery:

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Archery is Bhutan’s national sport and has a long back dated history. Tourist can try their hand at the sport at various places. The most visited place for tourists to try a hand at the bow and arrow is in Paro sports ground. It is an exquisite sport and Bhutan adds to the authenticity of the same. Enjoy the bow and arrow!

5. Bird watching:

Bhutan holidays

For a comparatively relaxing activity, you can go bird watching in the happy land. The country is blessed with wide and varied flora and fauna and it efficiently boasts about it. You can find some of the very exotic birds here like the Blyth’s kingfisher, Baer’s Pochard, Beautiful Nuthatch and many more.

It is going to be thrilling! Go book your tickets.

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