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Top 6 Science Centers to visit in The United States of America

By Vishal Pandey on Apr 22, 2017
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If science is something which draws your attention then visit these top science centers when you are in USA. If you plan to visit USA soon and are looking for places which are beyond the ordinary, then your purpose is solved, as USA Tour Packages brings to you a visit to the top 6 science centers in America that you definitely need to visit.

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So, make sure that no matter where you go and what wonders you see, you also make your way down to these amazing science centers where you not only get to see a lot of things but also learn.

Here is our list of the top 6 science centers:

1. COSI – Columbus, Ohio

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COSI i.e. Center of Science and Industry is located in Columbus and one of the greatest science centers that you shall come across in the USA. There are more than 300 exhibits that are waiting to be seen, touched and explored by all the curious minds who visit this science centre. Young children can play freely here and among-st many other things there is a barn, tree house and the farmer’s market. There are daily shows that are held here and also a Planetarium. Once you are in this science centre, you surely will get to explore things in plenty.

2. EXPLORATORIUM – San Francisco, California

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Exploratorium, which is located in California, was reopened a few years ago and boasts around 600 exhibits in six main galleries. The in-house machine shop that is built here is extraordinary and unmatched from all the other things that you are going to find in and around every science centre. Kids can make bubbles which are big enough to hold their parents or look into an anti-gravity mirror which makes them feel like they are flying.

3. MUSEUM OF SCIENCE – Boston, Massachusetts

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Museum of Science is located in Boston and no matter what kind of science interests you, you are surely going to find something as the total number of exhibits that are present here are close to 700. What you would definitely love here are the butterfly garden, dinosaur pig, planetarium show and a Hall of Human Life where you would see baby chicks hatch. Make sure you wait for some time and witness the lightning show that takes place at regular intervals.

4. LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER – Jersey City, New Jersey

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Liberty Science Center is in New Jersey and apart from its sheer brilliance, this place has gained appreciation for its engineering, design and architecture which is one of the prime reasons why people love to visit this place. All you need to do here is explore the vast gallery and look up to the exhibits that are available here and you are definitely going to fall in love with this place and visit again.


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 There are not one but many things to do here in New York Hall of Science like making bubbles and seeing frozen shadows on the walls. It is advisable to go here during April to November as the big open playground opens up and then you can experiment with a lot of activities and also try your hand in all kinds of equipment’s. Kids will especially enjoy their time here.

6. CALIFORNIA SCIENCE CENTER – Los Angeles, California

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Besides being home to Space Shuttle Endeavor, California Science Center is a paradise for all science-lovers. It has galleries and discovery rooms that have plenty for people to explore and see. Sneak into the Creative World here and you would surely not feel like coming out of it.

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