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5 Top Rated Vacation Spots In USA

By Gopi Solia on Jul 8, 2017
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The United States of America is known to be one of the most happening countries in the world. The country has got some amazing architectural gems, some picturesque natural lands, lip-smacking cuisine and so much more! USA is a diverse land and in this diversity, we have some places that you must visit on your USA holiday tour packages.

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Some of the best destinations to visit in USA:

USA is a varied land with different cultures, people, food, terrain and the list doesn’t end there. Any trip to USA is full of fun and excitement. In this extremely varied and huge land, it is important for you to know where to go. So, here are some places you must visit:

1.Grand Canyon:

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No USA tour is complete without visiting the region enriched by the Colorado River in Arizona.  You can take a chance to jump in the Canyon by performing Skydiving. Apart from Skydiving, you can also perform Rafting, Hiking and Running. Many people visit the South Rim for casual sightseeing. And if you want to take a glance of the entire region, you can take a ride in a helicopter or plane and enjoy the scene. The Grand Canyon is a place that you must visit because it is one of those rare gems that the world has witnessed.

2. Yellowstone National Park:

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Yellowstone National Park is one of those dramatic places, which is colour costumed with various lakes, dense forests, geysers and hot springs.  It is a sheer delight to visit the Yellowstone National Park. Hiking trips in this National park are going to prove to be one of the bests of your life. The world’s most famous and the largest geyser is in located in the Yellowstone National Park. Also, make a point to visit the Grand Prismatic Spring. You will certainly not regret visiting this particular National Park.

3. San Francisco:

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San Francisco is agreeably one of the most cultural cities in America. San Francisco is famous for being home to the Golden Gate Bridge and it is a must visit. Moreover, you have to travel in the Cable Car in the city. And who can forget the famous Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz? There is no doubt that San Francisco is a city that you must visit once in a lifetime.

4. New York:

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How can you miss the visiting one of the most happening cities in the entire world? The Big Apple is famous for the diversity that blends in the most beautiful ways. New York has an amazing infrastructure. You will find some very aesthetic buildings like the Chrysler, Empire state building and of course the very famous Statue of Liberty in the New York skyline. You must visit New York at least once in a lifetime!

5. Orlando:

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Who doesn’t like the Disney? The world of Walt Disney in Orlando is a place that people of all ages will enjoy. But, Orlando doesn’t stop at the Disney world only! It is full of fun and frolic. You must also visit the Universal studios and the Sea world Orlando. Happiness and fun come hand in hand, here in Orlando!

Happy Travelling.

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