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Precious Species of The Rainbow Nation Getting Endangered

By Gopi Solia on Aug 18, 2017
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The African continent has a rich and varied wildlife. South Africa is home to about 299 species of mammals and 858 species of birds. The country is a beautiful habitat to the wildlife. Of course it is a beautiful experience to be one with the natural flora and fauna in South Africa, it is also important to understand the severity of the fact that many species of animals are endangered.


Science is striving towards preservation of such vulnerable species and it is an achievable task. Here is a list of Endangered Species You Can Spot on your South Africa tour packages from Ahmedabad:

The beauty of South Africa and its wild habitants is facing the wrath of endangerment. There are some species of animals and birds that are endangered.


The International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is a body that authorizes the status of the natural resources and the habitants prone to endangerment. According to the reports of IUCN, the following South African habitants feature in the list of the endangered species:

1.The Black Rhino:


Popularly known as the hook lipped rhino, this species of rhinoceros is critically endangered. Sadly, it is the human race that is responsible for the doomed life status of the black rhinos. These animals were hunted extensively in the African provinces in the early 20th century. Various organizations are working towards the conservation of this beauty and fortunately the efforts have been paying off, yet, the rhinos aren’t entirely out of danger. You’d be really lucky if you get to see one of these in the wild.

2. Giraffe:


The Cape Giraffe which is found in South Africa has recently featured in the red list of threatened species report published by IUCN. The animal has shifted from the ‘least concern” category to “vulnerable status”. This means that if the right measures aren’t taken, the giraffes face threats of extinction in medium-term future. The otherwise very calm and loving giraffe can get violent if it senses danger. They use their sturdy legs for self defense and one kick can be enough to kill a lion! It is a delight to see this beauty in its natural habitat!

3. Blue Crane:


The blue crane is the national bird of South Africa. It is also known as “Stanley Crane” or “Paradise Crane”. This bird species is listed “vulnerable” by IUCN. The blue crane prefers living in dry grasslands and pastured hills. Unfortunately, due to the unseemly expanding human inhibition, the grasslands are being converted into commercial places. Thus, there is decline in the population of the national bird.  It is a majestic beauty and it is our duty to preserve it!

4. Cape vultures:


Out of the nine species of Vultures that reside in South Africa, Seven of them are “endangered” of “vulnerable”. Organizations like “VulPro’ have been extensively towards the conservation of this royal looking beauty. Hopefully, the work of conservation will pay off and the bird will be out of the doom.

5. The Wild Dog:


The wild dog of Africa is one of the most endangered mammals in the whole world. The largest population of the Wild Dog is found in South Africa. They are not ones who entertain captivity easily. That’s why it is difficult to keep these creatures in reserves and parks. You can find them in the Kruger National park, though. Go say hi to this beauty!

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Conservation of wildlife is our responsibility and destruction is certainly not an option. Let’s make the world a better place to live!

Happy traveling.


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