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Southeast Asia : Abode For Cruise Lovers

By Vishal Pandey on Aug 23, 2017
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Experiencing South East Asia on a cruise is definitely going to be one of the most fascinating experiences of your life. South East Tour Packages are indeed the best packages if you are planning to see the beauty that South East is on a cruise. While there are a couple of number of cruise journeys which you can usually go ahead with it but you would always love to be on the best ones so that the entire experience turns out to be more than what you expect on your cruise tour.

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So here is a list of five cruises which are going to give you a beautiful experience when you set out to visit South East:

1. Genting Dream Cruise:


Genting dream cruise is regarded to be as a dream cruise ship which has been especially designed keeping in mind the Asian market which boasts of a large number of restaurants, casinos and some cabins which have been designed beautifully and artistically. The length of a Genting Dream Cuisine is 335 meters and operates on the route of Hong Kong, China and Vietnam. This magnificent cruise is indeed a treat for all the ones who would be boarding this cruise since it provides them with a lot of facilities.

2. Superstar Gemini:

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Superstar Gemini is a cruise which is owned and operated at the same time by Star Cruises. This refurbished cruise is a bright and cheerful looking spaceship which makes her way across the high seas. When you are on board you are surely going to experience a different level of pampering in this 190 meters long cruise. The more time you spend on board here the more you would realize that you are in the mood to completely enjoy and party as the aura of the cruise is just amazing. There are all kinds of facilities that are available here, all that you can imagine.

3. Costa Cruise:

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Costa Cruise is an Italian Cruise Line which boasts of a wide range of destinations right from right from the Mediterranean to the Fjords. Here, there are options which are many and all you need to do is plan your preferred place of holiday and let the rest be taken care by the Costa Cruise and you would surely return back with a content heart after having all the fun on the cruise. This cruise ship is regarded as one of the best cruise ships in the entire Europe.

4. Royal Caribbean Cruise:

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is an US base cruise line which has been controlling 21.9% of the cruise market worldwide. Once you are on board you are surely going to experience a delectable experience which cannot be experienced elsewhere. There are some really brag worthy moments for you while you are travelling on a Royal Caribbean Cruise. Right from some special performances to high class amenities and an enchanting culinary experience, the experience at Royal Caribbean is surely going to be etched in your memory.

5. Libra Cruise:

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Libra cruise ship is owned by the Star Cruises and offers some really best deals and packages for your vacation. This cruise ship has been winning a number of awards for its services over the years. You are going to find duty free shops here and apart from that there are up to 8 bars and restaurants to soothe your taste buds and enjoy a drink with some lovely upfront views. The show lounge and various sports arenas are enough to ensure that you indeed have the best time on the cruise.

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