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5 Scenic Places in Croatia that Deserves All Your Attention

By Smit Katira on Sep 25, 2017
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If you’ve been seeing dreams lately about yourself laying somewhere near the Mediterranean, having a few balmy days by the turquoise waters, under the shade of ancient walls of the town, Croatia is the place where you can turn them true.

Croatia has so many things that could lure any traveler in: summertime sun, great swimming, breathtaking natural beauty, interesting architecture, oodles of history and so much to fit in a list. The first thing that strikes any first time visitor is the clarity of the water. When these waters are set against a bright pebbly beach, it shines with intensity as that of a jewel. Below are a few beautiful places in Croatia that would surely change your definition of what “scenic” is.

1. Dubrovnik:


Regardless of whether a person is visiting Dubrovnik for the first time or the tenth, the sense of awe that one gets here does not ever descend when you admire the beauty of the old town. It is almost impossible to imagine someone becoming deadened by the city’s baroque buildings, white limestone streets and the endless sparkle of the Adriatic. Take a plunge into the Azure Sea ride in a cable car up to the Mt. Srđ and what not.

2. Plitvice Lakes National Park:


Within the area of this densely forested national park, 16 shimmering lakes collapse into each other all the time via a series of cascades and waterfalls. The mineral filled waters cut through the rock, depositing tufa in constantly changing formations. A huge blanket of butterflies floats above the 18 km long pathways and wooden footbridges that snake across the rumbling waters and around the edges. They even have transportation options like boats and buses for transit within the national park.

3. Mljet Island:


This is one of the most fascinating among-st all the islands of Adriatic. Most of this island is covered in forests and the rest is dotted with vineyards, fields and small villages. The westernmost part of the island contains Mljet National Park, where the pine forests, lush vegetation and dazzling salt water lakes are exceptionally scenic. This place is totally an un-spoilt oasis of peacefulness, which you sure won’t regret visiting to on your East Europe Tours from Mumbai.

4. Vis Island:


Vis Island had served to be the military base for the Yugoslav army from the year somewhere in the 1950’s to 1989. This fact helped the island to stay untouched, unadulterated by the modern, not so sustainable and selfish development. This is what makes this island so special among-st all the Central Dalmatian Islands. All the visitors, be it locals or international flock here seeking nature, authenticity, gourmet delights and some peace.

5. Zlatni Rat, Bol:


This is a must to end up on the itinerary of your East Europe tours if you happen to be a Beach baby yourself. This is the Croatia’s most photographed beach and it extends into the sea like a tongue for about 500m. Despite all constant crowds and the hype, the “golden cape” is a lovely place to be at. Covered in smooth white pebbles while the pine trees provide ample of shade and the rocky cliffs make up for a perfect backdrop, this setting is one of the best you could see in Dalmatia.

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