Beach Paradise Krabi: A Handy Travel Guide

By Gopi Solia on Sep 15, 2017
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Krabi is the one of the most beautiful provinces in Thailand. It has breathtaking islands with beautiful beaches and some stunning coastlines. It’s not just the sea that makes Krabi so beautiful, you will also find a beautiful jungle in Krabi. The limestone rock formations and cliffs are just a cherry on the top of the cake. Here are some things you should do on your trip to krabi with our Thailand Holiday Tour Packages. 


Krabi is one of those idyllic places where the azure waters meet the verdant lands and limestone cliffs. The beaches in Krabi are nothing short of stunning views. It is the perfect place for you to have a relaxed and leisurely holiday, away from all the stress of your routine life. Let’s take a look at things you can do at the beach paradise Krabi:

1.Relax in the Klong Thom Hot Springs:


Sometimes the perfect definition of relaxation is a long Jacuzzi bath and Krabi has a very similar supplement for you. In the south of Krabi you will find the Klong Thom district, you will find hot water spring waterfalls. Here, you can just relax and let yourself de-stress! The water in these springs emerges from the Thermal Springs that are formed because of the underground volcanic activities. It is believed that bathing in the water of such Hot Springs proves to be very good for your body. If you wish then, you can move to the emerald pool that’s located in the vicinity of the Hot Springs. It is also known as the crystal pool in the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. So, what are you waiting for? Have you booked your Krabi Tour yet?

2. Be one with god in the Wat Tham Sua:


Krabi lets you the chance to get in touch with your spiritual side as well. In Krabi you will find the Tiger Cave Temple or the Wat Tham Sua temple. These caves have been a holy step towards mysticism for many people and especially monks. It is believed that when Lord Buddha lived in these caves, a tiger used to live around and thus, it is known as the Tiger Cave Temple. Go! Partake in Spirituality.

3. Take the Four Island Tour:


You can go Island hopping in Krabi! This is a very convenient way of visiting multiple islands in one day in a speed boat. It is very comfortable and you must take the tour. The four islands would include Koh Gai, Koh Tup, Koh Mawr and Koh Poda. Interestingly, Koh Gai is also known as the Chicken Island because it looks like a chicken! All these islands are rich with greenery and the mixture of the hues and the greens looks beautiful. Ready? Get, Set, GO!

4. Go Scuba Diving:


If you are looking forward to get the adrenaline rush and explore the marine life, you can try your hand at Scuba diving. You will thoroughly enjoy the underwater world and the chance of exploring the tranquility. Ready for the dive?

5. Get lost in the Ao Luk Mangroves:


Nature lovers would love to visit the Ao Luk Mangrove and Caves. You can visit two national parks here namely, Than Bok Khorani and Khao Phanom Bencha National Parks. If you are feeling adventurous, then you can also take a Kayak in the waters around the mangroves. It would always be advisable to have the company of guide while you are going into the wilderness. It is a delight to be here and the greenery around you will leave you bewildered! Enjoy the trip thoroughly with Flamingo Transworld!

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Happy Travelling!

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