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Celebrate Life By Attending These Four Vibrant Thai Festivals!!!

By Vishal Pandey on Oct 28, 2017
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Experience these Thai festivals to the fullest which will teach you to lead a happy life.

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Thailand is a country wherein there is some or the other festival taking place with full zeal and enthusiasm. Right from traditional to the most coolest and bizarre festivals, Thailand has got it all. Your tour to Thailand is definitely going to remain incomplete if you do not enjoy these four Thai festivals which are celebrated with all the enthusiasm:

1. Water Festival:

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Water Festival is said to be the biggest, longest and the most fun filled festival in Thailand and Thais believe probably in the entire world. Songkran is a water festival  celebrated in the month of April which no one would ever love escaping from wherein you have to fight and enjoy with each other with water. This festival is celebrated like a crazy festival wherein people have all kinds of water gun, buckets, hose pipes etc. People are drenched from head to toe and splash water on each other. Music, dance and good food add colors to this festival.

2. Ghost Festival:

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Ghost Festival in Thailand is also referred to as Phi Ta Khon wherein religious traditions are combined with local handicrafts and a fun loving party atmosphere. The events take place over three days and the actual date is chosen by the town’s mystics according to the lunar calendar. This festival which goes on for three days is mostly renowned for the colorful masks that are worn by the locals. The masks are of various forms and sizes which are decorated in bright and gaudy colors. The origin of this festival is from Buddhist and animist beliefs.

3. Lantern Festival:

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Lantern Festival takes place every November and is indeed one of the most remarkable sights which you would see with lanterns all over the sky which gives it a perfect beauty. On the banks of the Peng River, there are thousands of paper lanterns which are released into the sky which float away in the evening breeze. It is considered to be a rather gentle affair than most of the other Thai festivals. Releasing lanterns is indeed one of the most photogenic parts of this festival. This festival is not only about lanterns but also about parades and religious ceremonies.

4. Rocket Festival:

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Rocket Festival or Boon Bang Fai celebrated in the month of May is an important festival or an event which is attended by the villages before the planting season. The belief is that the rockets are meant to encourage the gods to send and pour a considerable amount of rain to help the crops grow. Live folk music, drinking local wine and a party atmosphere always surrounds around this festival. You can always visit one of the villages in North –East Thailand to experience Boon Bang Fai.

Attend these festivals to make your Singapore Malaysia Thailand Tour as one of the most exciting tour. Flamingo Transworld wishes you a sparkling and exciting holiday!

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