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Crazy Singapore Facts We Bet You Never Knew!

By Gopi Solia on Oct 26, 2017
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Singapore is known to be the Lion City. It welcomes innumerable tourists every year from across the globe. The city-state is famous for its hustle-bustle that is accompanied by fun and frolic.

It’s a unique and diverse city-state that not only has a stellar geographical location but also a splendid culture that dates back to the 13th century. One of the best things about Singapore has to be the delicious food that encompasses four different religions. The iconic areas of Chinatown and Little India are one of the best places in Singapore to explore diversity.

There are several amazing funny facts about Singapore such as their cleanliness, efficiency, and safety. In this article, you’ll find some amazing things to know about Singapore.

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So, before you book your Singapore Holiday Tour Packages. Let’s take a look at the top 10 amazing facts about Singapore.

1.Singaporeans are the fastest walkers on the planet:

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Weird, right? Yeah, well with all the absurdity, Singaporeans are the “fastest walkers” on earth! Probably because of the hustle-bustle people are habituated to walking fast. The British Council did a research on this topic and found that Singaporeans walk at the speed of 6.15 kilometers per hour making them the fastest walkers in the world. So, when you are walking on the streets of Singapore, RUN!

2. It is the only city-state in the world:

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There are just three city-states in the world – Monaco, the Vatican City, and Singapore, of which Singapore is the only island city-state.

3. The 1000$ note of Singapore has the national anthem on it:

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If you happen to have a 1000$ note in Singapore then make sure you flip it. You will find their National Anthem written in micro text on the back of the note. Seems like the Singaporeans want to keep reminding themselves about the spirit of unity that is exhibited in the national anthem.

3. There was no Lion in the “Lion City”:

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Singapore comes from “Singa Pura” which means “Lion City” in Sanskrit. It is believed that a Sumatran prince Sang Nila Utama came to the then Singapore and saw a Lion. So, he named the island Singapore. But, surprisingly, the island had no Lions. There are just three city-states in the world – Monaco, the Vatican City, and Singapore, of which Singapore is the only island city-state. The only Lions that are found in Singapore are brought to the Zoos from different countries. No Lions in the “Lion City”, that’s weird!

The lion head is a symbol of Singapore too. In fact, the symbol is actually that of a Merlion, a mythical creature which is half lion and half mermaid. The Merlion was first used by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to promote their tourism. While the logo can be used for promotional items, the image can’t be used without the approval of STB. Finally, there are seven approved Merlion statues, with the famous ones being at Merlion Park and Sentosa.

4. It is 20th smallest country in the world:

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The Lion City also happens to be one of the smallest countries in the world on the basis of size. The total area of the land is only around 700 square kilometers making it 15 times smaller than USA. The Singapore land area is 721.5 km square, meaning that if you drive for about half an hour, you can reach Malaysia. Not only that, the total area of Singapore is inclusive of the mainland and 63 islands surrounding the main island. Some of the most famous islands are Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, and Lazarus Island.

5. The flag gives out the country’s beliefs and values:

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The flag of Singapore consists of the colors red and white with a crescent moon and five stars. The red color symbolizes brotherhood and equality and the white colors signify purity and virtue. The crescent moon is a symbol of the growth of the youth. The five stars have the meaning of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality attached to them. The country is said to function on these beliefs and the flag denotes the meaning quite well.

6. World’s first night zoo is located in Singapore:

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Night Safari in Singapore was the first night zoo that gave a chance to the visitors to see wild animals live in their natural habitat at night! Yes! You must visit this nocturnal zoo to find more than 130 species of animals. Sadly, 38 species from these animals are threatened. Don’t miss to find these nocturnal beings on your Singapore Tour! There are several experiences you can have at the night zoo such as see the tigers, ride the tram, take a river cruise, or even have dinner with the monkeys next to you.

8. Chewing gum is banned:

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Another one of the amazing funny facts about Singapore is that chewing gum is banned since 1992. But the funny part is that chewing gum doesn’t carry a penalty but importing it does. So if you bring gum from outside Singapore, you can get a fine of up to S$100,000 and 2 years imprisonment. This is an attempt to maintain the cleanliness of the city-state. Some other acts such as spitting are also banned.

9. Singapore has one of the famous hotels in South East Asia:

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If you too have the same question about Singapore that most travellers have: What is Singapore famous for, then you must know about Marina Bay Sands. It’s one of the most famous hotels not only in Singapore but the entire ASEAN.

The most attractive feature of the hotel is the infinity pool on top which is considered to be the best in the world. It also always have some or the other exciting events happening.

10. Singaporeans speak Singlish:

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If you’re interested in knowing all about Singapore, then you should definitely know about Singlish. Also known as Singaporean English, Singlish contains words from several languages such as Malay, Chinese, and English. It’s one of the most unique facts about Singapore and an integral part of its integrity.

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Happy Travelling!

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