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Your Very Own “East Europe” Bucket List!

By Gopi Solia on Oct 31, 2017
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Europe is one of the most beautiful continents in the world. It is the perfect blend of romance, natural beauty, heritage and history and much more. The vastness of Europe might not be fathomed in one go. So, we have got you the East Europe Packages to focus on the eastern beauty of the continent.

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Everyone has a bucket list. Got one? No? Don’t worry we have made a bucket list for you. Take a look:

1.Czech Republic:


Czech Republic is a place where the moment the architectural beauty meets your eye, you will be taken aback. ‘Prague’ the capital city of Czech Republic is known for its excellent public transit system, amazing architectural beauties and national parks. You must visit the capital in Czech Republic. Prague is a must on your bucket list for East Europe. You must visit the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the bohemian paradise and the Český Krumlov Castle in Czech. If you are a book lover, then you should be excited to visit the National Library of the Czech Republic and it is one of the largest libraries in Europe.

2. Croatia:

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You can’t miss the picturesque beauty of the untouched lands of Croatia. You will be left bewildered at the sight of the azure waters meeting the orange towns of Croatia. The entire country is beautiful, but you must visit Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice National Park, Mljet National Park and Kornati National Park. The beaches in Croatia are blessed by the lords of the oceans. Game of Thrones fans, you might be delighted to visit King’s Landing. So, don’t forget to visit Dubrovnik because the popular TV show was shot there. Still thinking? Book your Europe Holiday Tour Packages now!

3. Romania:

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For your bucket list to flourish, you have to visit the charming country of Romania. The best part about Romania is that it is an untouched beauty yet. You will find comparatively lesser crowds here. The capital must be on your bucket list. Bucharest is an exciting city with churches, gardens and some awesome restaurants and bars. Apart from Bucharest, you must visit Brașov, Bran, the Danube Delta and the Bucegi Sphinx. Romania is certainly going to be a surprising delight!

4. Slovenia:

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Slovenia is just gorgeous and you must have this gorgeousness on your bucket list! This little country is a picturesque beauty and it would be sad if you miss it. Just like the country, the capital is small in size but huge in terms of beauty. Ljubljana is famous for its castles, clock tower, squares, etc. In short, the Baroque architecture of Slovenia will leave bewildered. Just taking a stroll in this city is going to be a delight for anyone. So, make sure that Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital is on your bucket list!

5. Hungary:

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The quaintness of Danube River is just the perfect way to exemplify the beauty of Hungary. You must acknowledge the beauty of the River Danube that splits the capital Budapest into two parts. You must see the sunset off the Freedom Bridge. That has to land on your bucket list. Apart from the capital, you must visit Tihany, Sopron, the Danube Bend and Lillafüred in Hungary.

Your bucket list is ready! So, when are you taking off to East Europe with our East Europe Packages

Happy Travelling!

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