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Vegetarian Restaurants To Try When In The Land of Smiles – Thailand

By Gopi Solia on Oct 18, 2017
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Good food means good life. Thailand has always brought happiness in all its aspects. Tourists are never disappointed with Thailand and it’s never dying beauty. Thailand adds to the happiness of people by adding the happiness of food. In Thailand, indeed good food means good life. So, before you book your Thailand Holiday Tour Packages, here are some awesome cuisines that you must try in Thailand.

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Thai Food is famous around the world. We get to eat Thai food quite often. But no one can be as authentic as the natives. Here are some places where you can eat Thai Food and other lip smacking cuisines:

1.Broccoli Revolution:

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The Broccoli Revolution is a vegan restaurant that you will find in the streets of Bangkok. The place looks extremely beautiful and the best part is that the menu overtakes the looks. You will get various cuisines here like Thai, pan-Asian, Middle Eastern and European. To add to the menu, they have got some amazing fruit dishes and juices as well. Make sure you visit Broccoli Revolution while enjoying the frolic of the streets of Bangkok.

3. Bonita Cafe and Social Club:

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Bonita Cafe is a reminder of your grandmother’s kitchen. The cafe has a vegan menu but you will not have to compromise with taste even for a bit. Apart from the appearance, the cutlery will also remind you of your grandmother’s kitchen. It is a very unique place and the food is awesome! The raw zucchini pasta is really famous here.

4. May Veggie Home:

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May Veggie Home is a great place to have vegan bakery items. Not only bakery, you will find some of the best South Asian vegan food. You will get some amazing Thai Food along with Japanese, Vietnamese and Burmese food at May Veggie Home. The ambiance is also great and homey. It would be a great experience to visit this place on your Thailand Tour.

5. Ethos:

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Ethos is a place in Thailand that serves multi-cuisine dishes. They have some amazing pro-biotic dishes. This is the place for health freaks visiting Thailand. The best part about this restaurant having multi-cuisine food is that it also has some fusion Indian food. You will find Aloo Gobi in the menu! Not only that, they also have papaya lassi! The Indian-ness gets accentuated with the vegan ingredients here at Ethos. Make sure this one is on your bucket list on your Thailand Trip.

6. Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant:

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Thailand is a place that will not let you miss Indian food. The Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant is a place where you will find an Indian menu. The place is especially famous for the lip smacking kadhai panner and some other north Indian recipes. Apart from the Indian food, you get to eat Italian dishes and that too gluten free.

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