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What Makes Bali Unique?

By Vishal Pandey on Nov 23, 2017
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Bali is definitely one of the most amazing places in Asia you need to consider for your next vacation. While there is so much to explore and so much to be done, Bali just comes with not one but endless opportunities. Apart from all the regular places to visit there are certainly a lot more things which makes Bali unique and should be your preferred destination.


Bali Holiday Tour Packages is one of the most important packages which might take you through the best of Bali trip. Here is a list of things which makes Bali unique:

1. Swim with Sharks:


If swimming with dolphins and turtles might have given you a new rush and made you feel all the more excited, Bali is certainly more than that as you get a chance to level up and swim with the sharks. As deadly as it might sound it is also one of the most happening and exciting thing which tourists make sure they do not miss out on. You are going to find black and white tip reef sharks at the Bali Shark Nursery and get close with them.

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2. Cool Down at Waterbom:


Going on a trip to Bali you just cannot miss out on this heart beating adventure which is surely going to give you the thrill of your life as it is considered to be as one of the widely acclaimed water park in the world. One of the top notch water parks in the world, Water Bom is indeed a place you can cool down from all the hustle and bustle of the city life as it a perfect place to literally chill out and make yourself really relieved.

3. Visiting some lost planes:


Out of the many out of the box things which you are going to find in Bali one of them has got to be visiting some of the lost planes which are going to pop out on the other side of the road and hence make you feel amused. The one which is accessible is Boeing 737 which is casually parked in Jim bran.  You can also spot one in Kuta which is said to be converted into a restaurant and bar and is a unique concept in its own.

4. Join a  laughing yoga session:


If laughing is the best medicine then Bali does it best with the yoga session which it organises in some of the best places in Bali which are filled with good energy and positive vibes. There are many spiritual retreat centers which makes Yoga as one of the most exciting thing even for someone who is not inclined towards yoga. Try yoga a different way while you are in Bali.

5. Set yourself free at the Balinese Mud Games:


Set your inner child free by being enjoying the mud games in Bali wherein you have to be in the mud to enjoy the game at its best. Mepantigan is a cultural game which is played in the muddy rice fields wherein you please the island of Gods. There are many traditional games which are played in the mud right from frog catching to the tug of war. Mud massage and Mud dance are other interesting events lined up.

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