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A Complete Guide to Philadelphia

By Harsh Joshi on Dec 18, 2017
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Planning for a holiday to the United States? Read this article for a complete guide to Philadelphia, one of the best attractions in the USA Tour Packages.

Philadelphia, one of the largest cities in Pennsylvania is known for its rich culture and art. This city is considered to be the ‘Birth place of America’ and until around 1790, it was the capital of the United States of America. Philadelphia has grown to become the modern city bustling with economic growth, great schools, shopping districts and entertainment hubs but with all this modernization, this city has still managed to preserve its history.


Philadelphia has retained its colonial architecture, historic buildings and the charm of a small town so beautifully that it makes this city a major tourist attraction. With good Philadelphia Packages, you can experience a wonderful holiday.

Philadelphia or ‘Philly’ as many call it with love is a city full of excitement and surprises. It has a lot in store for you.

So what does Philly have, to offer?

Here is a brief insight into the kinds of attractions that you would find in this city.  From Lively surroundings, beautiful display of out door art, amazing restaurants and shopping centers to nice parks, buzzing nightlife, sports centers and well the list goes on!

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Exciting enough right? Exploring Philadelphia is easy, simple and rewarding. Here is a complete guide to this city.

Places to visit:

1. Independence National Historic Park:


This is possible one of the most historic squares in America. Popular places like the Congress Hall, the Independence Hall and the liberty Bell along with some other attractions are all situated in this area. A visitor must first start with the Visitor Center for important information and maps. You may need an entire day for this park. It is an important part of the city and if it interests you to learn through the city’s history then you’d love this place.

2. Philadelphia Zoo:


One of America’s best Zoos, this is a charming, well laid out zoo across an area of 42 acres. Apart from the animals, the Zoo is also known for its unique Zoo360 feature, collection of around 500 types of plants and its historical architecture. A visit here would be pretty entertaining for adults as well as kids.

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3. Reading Terminal Market:


Established in they 1892, it is the country’s oldest farmer’s market. It has now emerged as one of the greatest markets. The market has a thrilling and vibrant feel to it. You can enjoy a wide range of cuisines from across the world. The Philly Cheesesteaks is a local favorite. You may have been to many markets but this one is sure to feel different.

Other attractions you can plan for are places like the Benjamin Franklin Park Way, One Liberty Observation deck, Adventure Aquarium and Love Park. This though is not even close to the end of the list. There is a lot more Philly has to offer.

Food Adventures:

Philadelphia is a heaven for foodies. Even if you aren’t a foodie, this place is such that it makes you fall in love with food. For the very fact that this city is full of amazing restaurants and cafes, food stalls anyone who comes here is sure to have good food adventures. Here are some recommendations on what you could try over here.

1. Breakfast at High Street on Market:


Save your cheat days for a good breakfast because High Streets breakfast is something you shouldn’t miss. One thing you must try is their freshly baked bread.

2. American Meals:


The city is full of high rated restaurants as well as smaller but very popular food joints that are known for their traditional American dishes. Explore these food joints, restaurants and enjoy good American food.

Philadelphia is easy and fun to experience on foot. The efficient design of the city makes it easy for travelers to navigate and enjoy Philadelphia PackagesFor more details regarding Philadelphia or USA tour packages get updates from Flamingo Transworld.

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