Europe: A Quick And Handy Travel Guide

By Riddhi Shah on Dec 29, 2017
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One of the greatest trips you will ever have has to be your Europe tour, filled with endless adventures and beautiful landscapes which you can never get tired of admiring; your Europe Holiday Tour Packages will serve as an one stop destination for everything you are looking for. From the beautiful Paris streets- to the happening coffee shops in Amsterdam and the gorgeous beaches of Greece, there is so much to explore on this continent that you can make a never ending list of things to do here. Before you visit this magical place it is important to know certain things which are essential for a hassle free trip.


Here is a easy travel guide which will brief you regarding the things you will need while in Europe.

1. Accommodation


First things first, you need a good place to crash at after a long day of exploring and adventures. Hotel rooms at East are cheaper compared to rest of the Europe. The costliest rooms you will find will be at Paris. Most hotels offer free linens, free WiFi, and a lot of them also offer free breakfast but it is recommended to check specific websites of the respective hotels for exact amenities that they provide.

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2. Food


Throughout Europe you will find tons of fancy restaurants and cafes which serve delicious pizzas and other fast food. You will find these food hubs near train stations, bus stations, and main pedestrian areas. There are also various small sandwich shops which offer cheap food alternatives which will cost your around 9-15 EU per day. You can also visit any nice and cozy restaurant nearby which will cost you around 13-25 EUR for a main dish and drink. You will find that food is much cheaper in the East Europe than in the west.



You can explore around most of the European cities by – local tram, subway, or bus which is typically under 2 EUR for a one-way ticket. There are intercity trains which have different pricing which varies from country to country and depending on whether you take the slow train or a high-speed train. A high-speed train from Berlin to Munich will cost around 190 EUR, Madrid to Barcelona is about 150 EUR and Bordeaux to Paris is about 95 EUR. You can hop on a non-high speed train and various other intercity lines which are a lot cheaper and generally cost about 40-50% of the price of high-speed trains. Buses throughout Europe are fairly cheaper than trains.

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4. Activities


Wine tours will be your priciest activity at around 90 EUR per day. Going up the Eiffel Tower will cost between 7-17 EUR and visiting the Versailles Palace and Gardens will cost 25 EUR. The Tower of London is about 25 GBP. Bike tours and river cruises can cost 24-40 EUR. Most museums and tours start at around 14 EUR (it’s cheaper of course in the east). Full day tours cost between 35-100 EUR. Prices vary drastically per country so it’s hard to give a good general cost.

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