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Top Five Amazing Places to Visit When You’re in Switzerland

By Flamingo Transworld on Jan 20, 2018
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The land-locked city filled with water and blessed with impeccable picturesque locations in the world is known as Switzerland. The common choice of Honeymooners and family holiday travellers, it has much more to offer. If you are planning to choose Switzerland Holiday Tour Packages then the below article highlight the five most amazing places you should not miss during the visit.

The pristine beauty of Switzerland has won the hearts of several travelers since ages. There was a time when almost all the honeymooners would only one location and that is Switzerland. One can imagine the reason behind the entire mass choosing only one location from the endless list of beautiful places in the world is because of its impeccable beauty. It is also known as the heaven on earth and the charming city on earth.


Switzerland has astounding amount of diversity compared to its size. It is home to some of the medieval age quarters, huge outdoor space, hiking trails, world famous Alps peaks and enchantingly beautiful cities. The beautiful architecture, comfortable weather and delicious food makes Switzerland a complete package where anyone and everyone can choose. If you are planning to book a Switzerland package for your loved ones, friends or family, then below list highlights some of the most amazing places that you must not miss during your visit.

1. Zurich


This is the first location that most of the international tourists arrive where centuries old-buildings, the Limmat River, city’s artery, water taxis and river boats are available. The huge Alps is clearly visible from the city and if you are interested in hiking then take a ride to the Uetliberg mountain. There are more than 50 museums and 100 art galleries from which you can choose the ones you would like to visit. Needless to add that the exciting nightlife of Zurich is world famous, so just get spoilt!

2. Zermatt


Located at the base of the well known Matterhorn, this town is known as the car-free town of Switzerland. Almost all the residents use bikes, travel on foot or take the electric buses. The splendid beauty of Zermatt is difficult to explain in words. If you are planning to visit the Alps then this is the right base to start from. Some of the activities that you can enjoy in Zermatt are hiking, climbing, skiing, and more.

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3. Lucerne


The city of canals, castles and bridges which is built around the Lake Lucerne and it is the one of the prettiest cities of the world. In the centre of the city is located the famous Lucerne Chapel bridge which is connected since the 14th century and one of the oldest bridge in Switzerland. For the most amazing experience take ride around the city in the morning time and visit the Stanserhorn-Bahn CabriO. The first ever aerial tram in the world which was first designed and implemented in Switzerland.

4. Bern


The capital of Switzerland, Bern is known for history majorly. the destination offers a combination of palaces, parks and gardens and is truly a scenic destination. Bern is rich in culture and year round events. Also the city is full of museums, churches and historic buildings for visitors to explore at the core.

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5. Interlaken:


Interlaken is an amazing place offering incredible scenery while enjoying comfort at the lakeside resort. The destination boasts everything a tourist is looking for. Interlaken is a  perfect destination for adventure activities, scenic beauty, cultural experience, tantalizing views of the Alps, and of course tasting mouthwatering chocolates.

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These are some of the top picks of Switzerland which we have listed based on the online reviews of the travelers. If you need more information regarding Switzerland then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.

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