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Up Close and Personal With Ferrari Legacy On Dubai Tour Package

By Prashant Jha on Jan 11, 2018
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One of the best recreating options for humans comes from holidays. Truly, an expedition gives some of the most remarkable moments of life. Not only for wanderlust, but a vacation also refreshes, rejuvenates and rejoices even to those who are not so travel savvy. There are many destinations which are especially designated for tourism. You would find every aspect at such places that could keep you engrossed all the day long.


One such holiday destination in this regards is Dubai, which has ever entertained tourists through its varied facets. Even, neighboring locations of this city too have some major list of attractions to astonish the visitors. Consider Ferrari Legacy for instance in this case. No doubt, Ferrari is known for its world class sports and super cars (many of which could be seen on Dubai roads too), but very few know that the same brand also hosts an electrifying theme park with adventurous rides.

Opting for Dubai packages one could also visit to get some fun and adventure at Ferrari World which include arrays of rides and other activities such as-

1. Formula Rossa


Bet, you would have never been to any other roller coaster like this one. The factor that makes it distinct from other roller coaster rides is that this one’s the fastest in the world. Hop inside the ride that gives the same resemblance like sitting inside a Formula One car cockpit and get ready for a thrilled ride, attaining a thunderous speed of 150 kmph!

2. Flying Aces


Even if you feel incomplete and unsatisfied from the previous roller coaster ride and are longing for some more thumping action then this one could serve you the purpose. If previous roller coaster was being fastest in the world then with Flying Aces ride you could head your way for highest roller coaster loop of the world. So, be prepared for some adrenaline pumping action.

3. Galleria Ferrari


There are very rare among the people who have not been smitten by the super engineering of Ferrari for its sports and super-cars. Certainly, the brand speaks for itself. Well, with this theme park, you get an excellent opportunity to explore the complete development of a Ferrari car and also, you can view some classic collections of cars designed by this brand. A paradise for car enthusiasts!

4. Fine Dine and Shopping


 After trying some handful of rides and exploring the galleries, in case if you feel for an appetite, then this theme park also includes arrangements to feed your tummy. Retreat your taste buds with scrumptious cuisines through wide range of restaurants which also give you ultimate ambiance. Apart from that you could also visit to Ferrari Past Present store to get some interesting collectibles.

Over the last 7 decades, Ferrari has been a renowned name in sports car and super car segment. With such a grand theme park, it has now also entered into the world of tourism with its well appreciated inputs.

So, now you know what difference you can get opting for Dubai packages for your next holiday isn’t it? Book your thrilling holiday with Flamingo Transworld now.

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