Is It Advisable To Go To Bali After The Volcanic Eruption?

By Gopi Solia on Feb 28, 2018
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We all know Bali as a serene and beautiful island that is gifted with some rarities. One such rarity is a live volcano that dwells in the lap of this Indonesian Island. In recent times, Bali has been in news because of this very volcano. Mount Agung which is a live volcano in the lap of Bali erupted very recently in 2017. The volcano spewed volcanic ash in the air and that affected the villages that were in close vicinity of the crater. There were no causalities and the villagers were relocated in advance. This incident created havoc in the minds of tourists around the world.


Safety of visiting the island was under speculations. The rumors were not over yet while Mount Agung has been spewing ash and a huge cloud was reportedly formed in the sky due to the same ash. While Mount Agung had not rested, another volcano named Mount Sinabung oozed red lave making it extremely dramatic.

So, is it advisable to visit Bali at this point of time?


It is very humane to be scared, but you have nothing to worry about. According to the reports of the National Agency for Disaster Management, the volcanoes are of medium density and it is safe to go to Bali. Along with this information, it is said that the danger remains limited to the radius of 8 to 10 kilometers near the craters. The spokesperson of the National Agency of Disaster Management, Mr. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho assured that it is safe to visit Bali and the volcanic activities are restrained to one corner of the island.

It is certainly safe to visit the island, but it is always advisable to make sure you that you get your travel insurance. This will make ensure the safety of your trip.

So, what are you still afraid of? Nothing to be worried about.
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Happy Travelling!

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