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10 European Tour Stops to Add to your Selfie Collection

By Harsh Joshi on Apr 11, 2018
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Are you fond of clicking pictures on your holiday? Read this article to know the top 10 European tour stops where you can click an amazing selfie on your Europe Holiday Tour Packages 

A traveler is sure to have some dream destinations on the mind and at the same time a traveler would love to capture these precious moments on camera. Well if not too many pictures at least one selfie at some beautiful travel spot. In a world full of picture perfect locations, here are 10 European tour stops where you could click an amazing selfie and add it to your selfie collection with the perfect hashtag.

1. Zurich Lake, Zurich:


Just imagine how beautiful this could get? It’s the Zurich Lake in Switzerland. Yes Switzerland, heaven on Earth! A selfie here is sure to be one the most beautiful selfies in your collection.

2. The Eiffel Tower, Paris:


Who’s not wanted a picture over here right? The Eiffel tower is one of the most clicked and posted Tour stop. Travelers love posing for a picture right in front of this beautiful structure. So whether with your loved one or with yourself click a good picture with the Eiffel tower!

3. The Big Ben, London:


One of the most famous landmarks in London and an iconic clock tower, the Big Ben is amongst the popular selfie spots. A picture here can be a great addition to your collection of selfies.

4. The Tower Bridge, London:


Another of London’s top tourist attractions is the iconic Tower Bridge crossing over the River Thames. The architecture of this bridge is indeed remarkable and makes the bridge one of the most attractive tourist landmarks in the world. You would love a selfie taken here.

5. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy:


Heard so much about this tilt right? Italy’s leaning tower is a photo opportunity you don’t want to miss. The famous 183 ft tall tower is already creative to help you add a unique selfie to your collection.

6. The Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris:


One of the best showcases of French architecture, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has been a popular landmark for pictures. This historic cathedral can be a wonderful background in your selfie.

7. The Louvre, Paris:


The Louvre is the largest Museum in the world and is also among-st the top landmarks in the city of Paris. This place has great heritage and is home to some of the best and most precious art works from around the world. Having visited the museum would be a great experience and that makes it an ideal selfie spot.

8. Villa Borghese, Rome:


The Villa Borghese Park in Rome offers an excellent panoramic view of the eternal city. Capturing a picture here is something you may enjoy.

9. Nymphenburg Palace, Munich:


Munich is a lovely destination and also happens to be the inspiration behind Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. This Palace has great history and is a serene backdrop for the perfect selfie.

10. Groenburgwal, Amsterdam:


Groenburgwal, home to River Amstel in Amsterdam is one of those landmarks where you get the colorful European feel and a selfie here can have the best of the river view, the view of a 17th Century Church and the old buildings on both sides of the river.

Wishing you the best on your trips and while you’re sure to click the best selfies, do take care and be safe while you capture the precious memories, because the world is full of opportunities and a lot more destinations await you and your camera with Flamingo Transworld!

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