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Brussels – A Foodie’s Paradise

By Vishal Pandey on Apr 27, 2018
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If you are a foodie and travelling to Brussels, there is no greater joy than being in Brussels and relishing the food that this place has to offer. Avail the Europe Tour Packages and make your journey to Brussels even more interesting. Here is a list of must eat delicacies and places where you can eat these delicacies when you are in Brussels:

1. Belgian Chocolates


 If you are travelling to Brussels, do not miss out on the opportunity to have the perfect Belgian Chocolates. Produced in Belgium, it also forms an important part of the nation’s economy and culture.  Brussels is the nirvana for any chocolate aficionado, but try not to be tempted by the creamy chocolate fountains in the city center’s candy stores.

2. Belgian Waffles


Similarly like the chocolates, even the waffles in Brussels are famous and are as divine unlike any other waffle you would have tasted.  Eating Belgian Waffles in Brussels is one of the most important things you should not miss out on. From the roadside waffle stores to the popular eateries like Maison Dandoy, this treat attracts even the no-sugar fans. Simply have it with some dusted sugar or with the toppings you like for some real indulgence.

3. Belgian Beer


 There are approximately 180 breweries in the country producing the finest quality of the beer you would be looking for and more than 1500 different beers to choose from. In 2016, UNESCO had inscribed Belgian Beer Culture as on their cultural list. It is said that on an average a Belgian drinks 84 litres of beer every year. From the ales to the lagers or the Trappist beers, visit the many brewpubs in Brussels for your choice of drink.

4. Belgian Fries


Belgian Fries are regarded as one of the national dish of Belgium. So if you are here make sure you head down to one of the top places to get a taste of the national dish. A few places where you can get the best of Belgium fries include Frit Flagey, Friterie de la Barrièr, Friterie du Café Georgette.

Being a foodie’s paradise, here is a list of the famous food festivals in Brussels which you would definitely regret missing out on:

1. Brussels Food Truck Festival


 In just three editions, Brussels Food Truck Festival has turned out to be as one of the most important food truck festival. In early May an army of food trucks strikes down in the Belgian capital to transform the Mont des Arts and its adjacent boulevards into the beating foodie heart of Europe for a weekend. Strolling through the pop-up village of over a 120 trucks is an overwhelming sensory experience, and something close to what we think foodie heaven must look like.

2. Barrio Cantina


When spring arrives the Barrio Cantina festival sets out to spread summery vibes across Flanders. In April and May, Ostend, Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges and Kortrijk all get a visit from the colorful flock of food trucks that brings along international street food, live DJ sessions and the first cocktails of the season.

3. Vegan Summer Fest


The Vegan Summer Fest is one of the most amazing festivals wherein one gets to discover new delights and embrace the veggie lifestyle like no other place. The Vegan Summer Fest usually takes place around August.

Here is a list of vegetarian delight restaurants and cafes which you can find in Brussels :

1. Les 4 Jeudis


Located at 36A rue du Marteau, Brussels, Belgium, Les 4 Jeudis is a vegan, organic and a gluten free restaurant which is opened from Tuesday to Friday from 12:00- 3:00 pm and is famous for its lunch. Regarded as the best vegan place in Brussels it is famous for its salads and delightful, fresh and balanced meals which they provide.

2. The Judgy Vegan


The Judgy Vegan is located in Rue des Capucins 55, Brussels, Belgium and apart from its vegan delicacies it is also quite famous for its desserts which people love to throng when they are in this part of the country. It is best advisable to call for hours before you go to this place.

3. TICH Healthy Living


Located in Rue de Namur, 25, Brussels, Belgium, 1000, TICH Healthy Living is a vegan café with a juice bar established in 2017. Along with a beautiful atmosphere this place has some lovely food and is famous for its smoothies.

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